SV constant motion Weihenstephan Anton Hirschfeld nominated for the Top Eleven of his life | the district of Freising

Anton Hirschfeld has to wait in the Freising area for the SC oberhummel, the TSV mountain and the SV constant motion-Weihenstephan kicked. In the A-class, he wa

SV constant motion Weihenstephan Anton Hirschfeld nominated for the Top Eleven of his life | the district of Freising

Anton Hirschfeld has to wait in the Freising area for the SC oberhummel, the TSV mountain and the SV constant motion-Weihenstephan kicked. In the A-class, he was one of the most feared strikers. For higher tasks than the County League, it was not enough. That is precisely why we have selected the "Done" chosen to present us his Top Eleven of life.

Short Preface: I've selected the list, the former With or against players – and thus from the Depths of Amateur football. More than the circle of the League, my Hooves have not led me anyway. And that is a good thing. To me tastes like a white beer eh better than a magnesium water...


Markus Göstl (formerly SC Oberhummel)

A beast on the line, with some sick athleticism blessed. Training lazy he was, of Bazi, but I was glad at the time: Otherwise he would not have caught up with us, Hummel. Has regularly fished for the A-class, Impossible to get out. Sometimes, though more through the air flown by the Lufthansa at peak times, but mei – Keeper san but olle somehow narrisch.


Stephan Heckel, müller (formerly SC Oberhummel)

What is the guy race. Every striker in the A-class was desperate to him. Got it regularly tunneled, am located, but then mostly. I'm pretty sure that he no longer ran away when he was one day, just after home, and has not slowed down. Until he realised that he could no longer play with us at the time, he was gone, unfortunately, to far...

Bernhard Bengtsson (SV Langenbach)

What to me is the Hundsbua went on the eggs. In each village, Derby top, Hummel against Langenbach, we have waged war on us. Fast, disgusting in combat, and was always Horny. Eventually, he is Palzing and I constant motion – there is also a knock hamma us then. But were always g’schmeidige games. And I've made‘ against him almost always. Hehe. Sorry, Berne.

Daniel Chmurycz (formerly BC Attaching, including SpVgg walls)

the following scenario: I, 17 years, first competitive game in the men's area. With solid thick eggs in the first game after I had previously taken in four test play always. Then Daniel came to meet me as the first opponent. First Dribbling from me – scores expired. Second dribble, yes, finally passing him. Boom, he mows me harder than all the farmers in their fields. Welcome to the men's. Even if he no longer remembers, most likely, to me, this first battle I will never forget.

+ The Traumelf of Anton Hirschfeld.


Jakob Herrmann (SV constant motion)

The only player in the Amateur field, complains to the Training, if too little has been done. However, even with a combat rate of 100 percent for five years. Could not remember, that to him already times a came. Excellent goal was in the long geisling, when he was shot and the rebound to score from 30 metres, landed in the box. Indicative of the Hundling. By the way: The man is blessed with an angelic voice that makes each city a pastor of competition.

Andreas Pflügler (formerly SE Freising and SV constant motion)

The best football player I've ever played. What the peace has brought to the square and the game will be made. Let all of it rum look better than they actually were. Lucky, too, such shells as the Kronthalers, his Cousins from the house of Pflügler, and not least of all, me around had to stop. Has made him even better. Red I me at least.

Thomas Zellermeyr (formerly TSV Wartenberg, today, coach SV Marzling)

Had the pleasure of being with’m cell, still a year to wait for the mountain to play together. Thing: was playing with a torn cruciate ligament, he did not realize, though. So calm he was on the Ball – verbal-it has to look different once excl’. Horny Kicker, super guy, and what I hear from the Marzlingern so, is he wrong as a coach, a ned. And harder to separate from the Ball as a rotating male from the female.

Christoph Düber (1. FC Passau)

The Brother from another Mother, with whom I was as a small Schoas encouraging football field. At the time, he was in the SV constant motion, I at SC Oberhummel. And us was clear: at some point, we play together time. When I'm then at some point the SV constant motion, he thought to himself: "Ok, slow I me after a season." Study or something. CD10, our Hero. Can kick, hot guy, only for real without dense hair growth.


Volker Lippcke (formerly including TSV Wartenberg)

I used to look him in the SE Freising train’, in Wartenberg, I was able to play with him. For the County League he was too good for that. A Pass in the lane and the Flipper makes it. Violent Striker. To play against him was less funny. The bag 90 minutes can have in the handle and in the 91. jerks it for you. Guada guy with a very loud Organ up space.

Imouroine Ouro-Agouda (BC Attaching)

two fight against Imo, as I run up against a wall. At Fupa 70 kilos, specific stand you have for the past eight years, nimma. With him, I dominate it to the dance floor in the Freisinger Nachtcafé – so in front of Corona. Then again. G’schmeidige hip and fierce Moves, you never forget how to. By the way, the Imo can kick really well. And in constant motion ma can need it. So, Imo, stay where you are wait, ge...

Manuel Give (SC Oberhummel)

My first storm partner. We have used’s always so hung, as we’s. The left striker knew exactly what the rights of. Football have led us the way sometime apart. The manuscript was then converted at some point to the Central midfielder, while I was more rumstümpern the front. Mostly, he hung up on me the things then. Stupid also: His knuckle tremble in a season more than the snapper in the sport home-door. And then it was in the back with the templates.


Georg Bichlmaier (SC Oberhummel)

Not a head coach – because I think’s unfair to call the a. Only good coaches have had in the past. But the one who made me clean sweat. Goalkeeping coach was George at the SCO, and of the D-youth up to the First. To find always on the court, even if not to have logged out again, the goalkeeper (narrisch, i sog's). Medicine balls included as part of the Repertoire-and Yes, I was also allowed to make changes, for a time, goalkeeper training. My mini-painting Thomas-Müller-memorial-muscle strands, which I still have, certainly, all of this time. And the conclusion: George is just a guy. Without Exception.

Date Of Update: 23 May 2020, 00:33

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