Valorant Beta Keys: How do I get access to the Shooter of Riot Games? | Games

The coveted access to the Beta Version of the new Shooters "Valorant" Riot Games are few and far between. How to get this. in the beginning it was only avail

Valorant Beta Keys: How do I get access to the Shooter of Riot Games? | Games

The coveted access to the Beta Version of the new Shooters "Valorant" Riot Games are few and far between. How to get this.

in the beginning it was only available for selected streamers Keys via Twitch-Drop for " Valorant ". Developer Riot has expanded its Key program on all of the "Valorant"Streamer. Ebay should have Offered players the Finger.

developer Riot Games mixes the Genre of Multiplayer Shooter. With "Valorant*" don't bring the LoL developers a dangerous competitor for "Fortnite" on the market-even if it is a Battle - Royale-Shooter. Still, the game is in closed Beta Phase, and the additions are in hot demand.

"Valorant": these are the conditions for a Beta-access

To Start get interested players, the Beta Keys for "Valorant" only for a selected few Twitch streamers in the so-called Drops. The Chance of access was very low. This will increase Riot Games, but now and more ways to get a Key.

that's Why there are Beta Keys for all Twitch streamers in the Drop, if you "play Valorant" is active. It is not enough if the Streamer in the title "Valorant" is called, he has to actually play a game. Only then the audience will have a Chance to Drop with a Beta-access, says Riot Games, in a blog post. The number of Beta Keys, the developers have not increased, instead, there are now more opportunities to get a.

viewers need to link your Twitch Account with your Riot account and a "Valorant"Stream for a few hours* are looking to get a Drop with a "Valorant"-Key.

anyone Who thinks that it takes too long and dear Ebay is running a Beta access , buy danger of Riot Games blocked. In the past few weeks, appeared on the auction platform Keys for "Valorant on more", at a cost of several hundred Euro - the game will be to Release for free. The developer wants to take action against this illicit trade, and reserves the right to observe the buyer of Beta Keys and lock, if necessary. This Account and the money would be gone.

against hackers and Cheaters Riot Games goes about rigorously and has developed its own program: The Anti-Cheat Software Vanguard to detect Cheaters immediately and automatically out of the Game to remove. However, players practice for various reasons, criticism of Vanguard, such as* reported.

Infobox "Valorant"

publication :

2. June 2020

platforms :



Free2Play tactic Shooter

developer :

Riot Games

Publisher :

Riot Games

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What is "Valorant"?

On "Valorant" this is a tactical Multiplayer Shooter of Riot Games, . The developer is especially for "League of Legends" is known. The latest game "Valorant" - oriented Games such as "Counter Strike: Global Offense (CS:GO)" and "Overwatch".

Five players can compete together in a Team. A Match is fought in several rounds. Before the Start of each of the games can choose a class, each of which has different skills to bring. New in " Valorant " is that these skills are not automatically in the game. Before each round, players must buy the skills and weapons to choose. The latter are independent of the class choice.

"Valorant" in the Beta Phase a game mode that is very reminiscent of "CS:GO". So, for example, bombs have to be defused or detonated. In the final game there should be more modes. "Valorant" appears on the 2. June 2020* for the PC as a Free2Play title - that is to say: It is free to play and will feature micro-transactions. The tactical Shooter has an age rating of 16 years.

Here "Fortnite read:" the split screen works on PS4 and Xbox One.

The are the agents of the "Valorant"

are Currently Jett ten heroes, or agents in "Valorant" to play:

Phoenix, the fire devil from the UK, the knife fighter from South Korea Viper, the poisoner of the United States, Sova, the trackers from Russia Cypher, the Hacker from Morocco Brimstone, the Forecast Bombardier from the USA, the healer, the mysterious Teleporter Omen of the shot firer Breach, the explosive champion Raze

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