SpaceX and Nasa on the way in a new Era of American space travel | Multimedia

Since 2011, the US will have to depend for the Transport of astronauts to Russia. Now SpaceX will usher in a new Era of US space - the first manned rocket launc

SpaceX and Nasa on the way in a new Era of American space travel | Multimedia

Since 2011, the US will have to depend for the Transport of astronauts to Russia. Now SpaceX will usher in a new Era of US space - the first manned rocket launch from American soil since 2011.

Since 2011, Nasa in the Transport of astronaut to ISS relies on Russian space capsules to change: On 27. May 2020 starts a manned space capsule. from SpaceX with Nasa astronaut to eat It is milestone for SpaceX and the beginning of a new Era for US space

For several years, SpaceX shuffles the aerospace industry* and is now probably the most important Mission in the short history of the company: On 27. In may 2020, to carry a rocket and capsule from SpaceX first astronaut . The goal of the Mission: The International space station .

Since the end of the Space Shuttle program, the Nasa in the year 2011, there were no astronauts and more of US are started in soil to ISS , the proud spaceman nation USA and space travel Nasa since the Russian Soyuz space capsules dependent, in which they for many millions of US-Dollar seats for your astronaut need to buy. This should now be over. The new Era* in the U.S. and not Russia, is instructed to on 27. May 2020* be initiated from the private space travel company SpaceX of the eccentric billionaire Elon Musk .

Demo-Mission of the "Crew Dragon": SpaceX is the first of the astronauts to the ISS

bring On this day, the two Nasa veteran Bob Behnken and Doug Hurley to SpaceX space capsule "Crew Dragon" best self. A "Falcon 9"rocket from SpaceX is to shoot this capsule into space, where the "Crew Dragon" reach about 19 hours later, the ISS and automatically at the ISS module "Harmony" is scheduled to dock with.

As long as the two Nasa astronaut aboard ISS remain, is still to be determined. The "Crew Dragon" from SpaceX , which is used for this last Test, called Demo 2, can remain, according to the Nasa approximately 110 days in All. The exact length of the Mission should only be set, if the astronaut you are aboard ISS . The decision "is based on the availability of the next Commercial Crew launches," says the Nasa .

Demo-2 is the final Test of the "Crew Dragon"capsule from SpaceX

+ The Nasa astronauts Doug Hurley, and Bob Behnken, the "Crew Dragon view" is exactly. The two of these will be the first astronauts to be transported by SpaceX to the ISS. (Archive image)©SpaceX

At the Start of the 27. May is the final Test, in which all aspects of the Crew-transport system is once more exactly under the magnifying glass taken to be The space ship "Crew Dragon" , but also SpaceX-rocket "Falcon 9" , and the launch site 39A in Cape Canaveral , one of the original "Apollo"-missions to the moon broken up, before it was the launch site of the Space Shuttle.

a Lot is at 27. May appear for SpaceX - like Routine: The Start and the rise of the rocket is about to expire as is the case with the unmanned "Dragon" capsules, SpaceX loading since 2012, with freight to the ISS sends. The only difference is that On Board there are two astronaut are . The capsule arrived with their precious human cargo safely in orbit, to check the two astronauts, together with experts on the earth, whether the "Crew Dragon" works as planned.

astronauts in the SpaceX capsule to reach the ISS after 19 hours

Then - about 19 hours after the Start to the "Crew Dragon" with Bob Behnken and Doug Hurley the ISS reach. Also, the automatic docking process is exactly observed by both sides: By Chris Cassidy (USA), Anatoli Ivanishin and Ivan Vagner (both Russia), and the three astronaut that are already on Board the ISS, and the two astronauts in the capsule .

In the time, spend the two Test-astronauts aboard the ISS , is to be tested, the "Crew Dragon" before Behnken and Hurley get back to, to return to earth. Also, the Undocking of the ISS should automatically run. The "Crew Dragon" will remove from the ISS and re in the earth's atmosphere occur. It is planned that the SpaceX-space-ship in the Atlantic water off the coast of Florida and there, by a salvage ship and back to Cape Canaveral can be made to be collected.

SpaceX: "Crew Dragon" is part of the "Commercial Crew"program, the Nasa

The Mission of "Crew Dragon" to ISS is part of the "Commercial Crew"program, the Nasa . The US space Agency has commissioned in the framework of the company SpaceX and Boeing to develop new ships are able to astronaut in a low earth orbit and transport for International space station .

2014 signed SpaceX and Boeing in the framework of the "Commercial Crew"program, Nasa contracts with a total value of 6.8 billion dollars. The two companies were long a head-to-head race, who's transport is the first private company astronauts to the ISS may . Since the failed unmanned Test of Boeing's "Starliner" in the last Winter*, however, is clear: the "Crew Dragon" from SpaceX will make the race. Your unmanned test flight to the ISS in March 2019 succeeded*. Although a capsule* and then exploded, but in the meantime, the "Crew Dragon" passed all the Tests.

"Crew Dragon" from SpaceX to bring astronauts to the ISS

Manage the second - this Time Demo Mission to the ISS manned -, is certified by the SpaceX-space ship "Crew Dragon" from Nasa and then for other missions used. The next manned launch - the first in a series of regular, rotating flights to the ISS* is already planned: The Nasa astronaut Victor Glover, Mike Hopkins and Shannon Walker, as well as Japanese Astronaut Soichi Noguchi will be the first "regular" astronauts on Board a "Crew Dragon" .

The start date for your Mission has not yet been established, however, it should be in the year 2020. It is planned that the astronaut for about six months on the space station, because the "Crew Dragon" should be able to remain in the future, a minimum of 210 days in Orbit, a requirement of the Nasa . Everything depends, however, on whether the Start of SpaceX on the 27. May succeed.

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