Garmisch-Partenkirchen/SC Riessersee: ice hockey-the main sponsors will pay first on | SC Riessersee

As hockey Fans have started Christian (44) and mark (41) vibrating hammer. Now they work as the main sponsors of the future of the SC Riessersee. A season you m

Garmisch-Partenkirchen/SC Riessersee: ice hockey-the main sponsors will pay first on | SC Riessersee

As hockey Fans have started Christian (44) and mark (41) vibrating hammer. Now they work as the main sponsors of the future of the SC Riessersee. A season you may pay more. Then - take a look.

Munich – 1981, when the last German championship of the SC Riessersee, was Christian schwinghammer, six years old. He urged his father, who looked like besides football ice-hockey, to see the final against Düsseldorf in the stadium. The legendary 7:4. He begged. He was not allowed to come.

Three years, the dad stood by the stadium ban. Without exception. It can happen that Christian swinging hammers flying, broken heart other sports. For example, the football, the Senior Schwinghammer and the family ladies and. For a time he trained for Wacker Munich, then a third force of the city, in the national League. That was the fourth League. Markus Schwinghammer, the younger brother, was one of the youth to the talent pool of FC Bayern Munich. Nevertheless, the brothers verschauten into hockey.

SC Riessersee: 200,000 to 250,000 Euro are likely in the Budget for new season

Christian schwinghammer don't remember much from the first game in Garmisch-Partenkirchen, 1984, with nine. The result against Kaufbeuren, he has forgotten. But he remembers the stadium with the Olympic rings, to the many places to stand and the Tormusik ("Can Can" by Offenbach). Every square meter had to contend "a lot of history". In these moments, the SC Riessersee him (and later his brother) has twisted the head. Today, the business men from Munich are among the most important patrons, the ventilation, the Profi-basketball in place artificially. With your company "Tproneth".

How long is this gonna go well, don't know you. The corona crisis hits the ice hockey industry, the lives already on-going financial ship breaks through, with a force that could crash some of the clubs. "Only those who are wise will survive", says Christian Schwinghammer. 200 000 Euro, may also 250 000 Euro, are likely to be missing in the Budget of the new season. He recommends: Wait and back rowing. But all do not see in the Advisory Board of the SCR-GmbH. "I am a person who has become damage wise," says the 44-Year-old.

ice hockey Vice-championship in the DEL 2 "unfortunately, totally difficult cheat"

He and his brother were sitting two years ago, with Udo Weisenburger at the root of the Greeks in Laim. You ordered Ouzo in large quantities. You committed a white-and-blue holiday. You came to the Vice-championship in the DEL 2. "Unfortunately, totally vibration a lie", called Markus Schwinghammer. An Ouzo on the extension of their sponsorship deal. At some point, the partner said, he could no longer afford to Jared Gomes, the Top-Center,. Markus Schwinghammer pondered, and finally said: "That's what we do." A few days later, Weisenburger announced the withdrawal from the Second League.

The Structure of lies and debt collapsed. The brothers experienced the transience of the professional business. The Udo was not a criminal, but an Idealist and a Dreamer velvet strict woman. "The said: It can't be that you got the money out," explains Christian schwinghammer. Udo Weisenburger have "meant well". Today schwinghammer know that half a Million euros was missing, although a small circle of Christian Winkler (EHC München) – was known as the Savior group – dug everywhere in the environment for money. The SCR step in the plan of bankruptcy, the brothers swing the hammer fell in a hole. "Of hockey, I wanted to know nothing more," says Christian schwinghammer.

hockey followers of the SC Riessersee: Faithful and tired of being tested

Who supports the SC Riessersee of 1923, processed exceptionally well setbacks. The white and blue supporters are a faithful flock that has experienced in the past 40 years, a lot of suffering. The unprecedented defeat of the series at the beginning of the 1990s, the case in the upper League, bankruptcy and insolvency in 1987, 2003, 2018. The vibrating hammer were there. In a game in which we once again went all or nothing, they drank Tequila in the ice stadium, which was already demolished half of it. It must have been 1994. Another Time, again an important duel, missed Christian schwinghammer the last train from Munich gene, because he wanted to see the end. The ride home ended unplanned, at 4 p.m. in the Murnauer Marylin Park, a nightclub. 17. The father caught up with him. There was Anger. The SCR still, he went out again. So incomprehensible to the sounds for the guy: All these destiny stories tie the pendant with the blue heart even more to the club.

Many SCR evenings ended in a Munich pub

the life of the hockey Fans is a single adventure – and the SCR, in turn, part of your life. Anyone who has never attended an away trip to Freiburg or Crimmitschau, and can't understand. Of course, you can rejoice in the victories. But the power to destroy the experience does not have layers. Christian schwinghammer know about travel to Freiburg in the ancient BMW of a friend, of lurched in case of snow on the country roads, 2003 at the Finale. Also from the old old man leagues, Mazda is the mom, the drove up to Heilbronn, you could but actually, not taxes. Prohibition of the mother. You didn't care. Of the parties in the Tölzer night clubs, she stormed into the SCR gear. As the games are assumed to be in front of it, you know, in the rarest of cases. Won or lost, the you have saved. Many nights ended in the Take-Off, the Munich pub. "Our living room," says Markus Schwinghammer. They sang victory songs, they drank a lot of frustration schnapps, until the farmer retired and the demolition of the shed. "As a normal Fan, it was even more beautiful. I have to admit honestly,“ says Markus Schwinghammer.

Schwinghammer persuades Partner: Since 2002, Tproneth Sponsor of the SC Riessersee

in 2002, persuaded Christian schwinghammer to join his business partner Thomas Proneth, the founder of the company for storage solutions in the IT environment, as a Sponsor of the SCR. In 2010, Markus Schwinghammer Proneths took over the shares. In the Job's corners, the two more frequently. But Friday night, "if the first goal falls, everything is forgotten," says Christian schwinghammer. In the meantime, the IT professionals from Großhadern include the principal donors. You have seen the page, which is the least see, and scared, of how much a professional team of a company is different. To many variables to success, spectators, community, economic environment – have you no influence.

After 18 years, Christian schwinghammer dares to say: "If the club would be in Murnau, he would have more popularity. The Association is not in place not relevant, not important.“ With Wodan Candlemas he wanted to talk about the stadium and the rising Rents. The chief of the community stations but didn't want to talk to him. "This shows me, what is the significance of the Association." On the trail in Garmisch-Partenkirchen he was "scorched earth" and an Image, "which has hardly improved at all". From the Chaos club of robbers and villains. The process of cleaning should be at least 10, 15 years, estimates that the 44-Year-old.

Corona-Virus takes the SC Riessersee Chance of financial cushion

The key question is whether the SC Riessersee by this for a long time, and whether there are actually enough sponsors for professional sports in the Region. The first year of Consolidation in the top League of the GmbH with a Minus, with larger grants than planned they came up with the black Zero. In the second, the Coronavirus took the SCR, the Chance to have a small financial cushion. Against such uncertainties, there is no insurance, but a parachute, the patrons of the margins. However, strong sponsors to support the lack of some payment, such as the vibrating hammer keep reminding the brothers. "The willingness to engage in some development value," says Christian schwinghammer. Just in the difficult time of the SCR was something "that keeps people together. Now there is the opportunity to participate. This is different than in the past“.

you will continue to pay. The total for next year is budgeted. "What is it then, I don't know," says Christian schwinghammer. "We are in business. We must see to it that the company's doing well.“ About 50 percent of revenue loss he calculated for 2020. "Better than the other." The chiefs have sent on short-time work. Vibrating hammer describes himself as an Optimist, even if the path that is straight upstream of the SCR, "is not easier". So far, everything is good. A humorous anecdote: In some unpleasant moments, the father, and the yard was threatened feet to the EV to leave. He sympathized with the Bavarian company. Today, his son, lives in the parents house.

Date Of Update: 31 May 2020, 03:34