Tölz/Wolfratshausen (Bavaria): campsites open phones are no longer Wolfratshausen still |

Starting this weekend and may host the Camping-places in Bavaria, in spite of the Corona-crisis tourists. Since the announcement of the appointment, the phones

Tölz/Wolfratshausen (Bavaria): campsites open phones are no longer Wolfratshausen still |

Starting this weekend and may host the Camping-places in Bavaria, in spite of the Corona-crisis tourists. Since the announcement of the appointment, the phones are silent.

Coronavirus* dominates life in Bavaria. A haste decision has now approved the longer Opening of beer gardens. Starting this weekend, the Camping-places in Bavaria are allowed to accommodate tourists. All News and Infos from Wolfratshausen and accommodation you will always find up to date and only in the us*.

Bad Tölz-Wolfratshausen –"It zua wia d Sau goes", it bursts from Anton Egold out. "So a crazy year we had," says the managing Director of the Camping on the Bibisee . About 60 to 70 Caravans and campers he expected at the weekend. Long-term campers to push their Cars to the plant. "I'm excited to see how we can fix it."

Corona in Bavaria: camping operator expected up to 70 campers and Caravans at the weekend

The plant at king's village is the largest in the district. To 86, 000 square meters, 300 permanent campers occupied units are distributed, there are 90 tourist places. The Laundry building has an area of 560 square meters, and was "one of the most modern in Germany, if not in Europe ," says the managing Director. "We are very well positioned." Nevertheless, the Camping-places have to get "the rest, the only holiday makers to adopt in relation to sanitary facilities self-sufficient". This means: "tents, we have to reject." Some days be booked , if you want to book, the Egold recommends that: "inquiries by Mail and in a few days patience ."

Corona in Bavaria: campsites open it - "no more"

" no more ", is it already the start of the season on the Camping-place on the Walchensee. "We take no reservations in ", inform operators Berndt Pangerl on the website. The reason: "All of the reservation spots from the 30. May to to 15. September are .“

On "very large crush", says the Team from the Lenggrieser mountain camping. "E-Mail-requests in minutes ," says Hans Probst. The Ernst case, you have tested "a few Times". The distance rules out comply with, created a Park plan, with six meters of air between the pitches. In addition, there is a detailed concept of Hygiene .

campsites open in Corona times: "We take no reservations more."

Special attention is paid to clear the plumbing. After each use will be cleaned and disinfected . "Before, it may be of any other guest using" – so it is printed in bold in the concept. Two cleaning women are now full-day on the system. To simplify, due to the increased effort required, and the procedures will be charged a electricity/water/sanitation fee of five euros per day. "If everything works is ultimately the visitors ," says Probst, and announces: "those Who stick to the rules, need to leave ."

Corona: camping with a large crowd - "Excited and vorfreudig"

Despite the "significant Info-gaps", with regard to the sanitary facilities, looking forward to Henning Dürr to the beginning of the season, " more positive ". "It is our first season, we are excited and vorfreudig," says the new owner of the Camping in Ambach on lake Starnberg. Only in the previous summer's drought had taken over the Area and with a great expense, renovated . "Stupid can't come', the Easter business is completely broken away," he says in the face of the pandemic-related temporary closure. Therefore, he was pleased about the current demand. In addition to 240 campers-jobs, the system has 66 tourist plots. For holidaymakers there are seven bookable caravan . Then a large tent, there is meadow, the difficulty with the campground owner because of the unclear Situation with showers and toilets ("There are no clear rules") is currently the most head. "Some of the tourists with tent have already booked, maybe we where back to cancel ," says Dürr.

Corona in Bavaria: Camp Office in Wolfratshausen

for the same reason, the campsite Wolfratshausen in this moment, no tents to . The showers were currently exclusively reserved for permanent campers. "New guests can only come if your camper has a shower," affirms owner Michael Kramer, of its place at the earliest on 15. June would like to open. "I want to ensure the people rest and relaxation ," says Kramer. Therefore, he had decided the Opening two weeks of delay. "Error we can't allow us, the closed is . I am now 23 years old here and have no desire to bring the small island is in danger,“ says the 48-Year-old, the cautious Re-opening. For the summer, so the Plan is he would like to create through the cultivation of mobile showers, a base, to be able to Camper with tent record.

Until then, Michael Kramer uses the Tent area for a new business idea: the Camp Office six colourful rental pavilions, each sparingly furnished with garden table and chair, stove, water kettle, two cups, a deck chair, and Wi – Fi offers all of you a original Alternative, those in the home office, in between the ceiling falls on the head. (see box below).

Corona in Bavaria: camping open Camp Office in Green

A friend of my fault. The totally stressed out and annoyed by everyday life in the home office between work and Online school and of the son, in spite of your own garden, says Michael Kramer, how he came up with his latest business idea: the Camp Office. An office in the countryside, on the tent meadow of the Wolfratshauser Camping-place. Six colorful, yellow - and orange-glowing rental tents are there from the 3. June bookings. Each "office" is equipped with garden table and chair, a small side table with a stove top and a kettle, two cups, as well as electricity and Wi-Fi. "This is Spartan, but sufficient ," says Kramer. "Lunch can bring in the tenants, and warm make." And to whom is the garden chair appears to be uncomfortable, which is allowed to bring his own chair. The office is open from 8 to 19 clock, then the pavilions are disinfected for the next day. "From idea to implementation took just ten days," says Kramer. Bookings for the Office-Tents for 25 Euro per day – inclusive of electricity, Wi-Fi and in between a deck chair for a creative break.


Who wants to avoid plastic waste, buy a Non-pack-Download. However, the Coronavirus is from the dealer, and the environment had not been conscious customer on the invoice. The adult education centres you can take no concrete perspective when you to the Corona-enforced break your operation. The community colleges in Wolfratshausen and Geretsried brings this different in distress.

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