Epidemiologist: If you now have all of the to Mallorca to fly, we can forget about summer vacation

Since 14. In March, the Robert Koch Institute in Mallorca, as well as individual regions of the Spanish mainland and other holidays in countries such as Portuga

Epidemiologist: If you now have all of the to Mallorca to fly, we can forget about summer vacation

Since 14. In March, the Robert Koch Institute in Mallorca, as well as individual regions of the Spanish mainland and other holidays in countries such as Portugal and Denmark to the Corona-risk countries. A sigh of Relief not only for the travel industry, but for many holiday Mature German citizens who wish after months of lockdowns nothing more to climbing than finally be back in a plane and to enjoy the sun, beach and the sea. Therefore, it is hardly surprising that the message Mallorca brought a Boom in the package travel sector, the booking volume increased tenfold.

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But the fly in the ointment was not long in coming. Because of the fact that Mallorca and other regions of the risk list were taken and no travel warning is not to be construed as a solicitation to grab the case: "It is our appeal to refrain from non-essential travel will continue to apply," said government spokesman Steffen Seibert on Monday. The rising incidence and infections in the country could make the first opening steps quickly dashed, he warned.

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Mallorca could be quickly returned to the Hotspot

be That the Opening of the tourism in the Moment, it is still not a good idea, also sees the epidemiologist and physician Timo Ulrichs from Berlin To travel "on Easter, I think it is extremely serious," he explains in an interview with FOCUS Online. "If we travel all of the risk area in Germany to Mallorca, travels to the Virus and the island is quickly restore itself to the Hotspot can also prevent hygiene concepts," warns the physician.

Besides, you should happen to the entry of travelers from other countries with similar levels of Infection, as in Germany, not to forget: "The risk that due to holiday travel, new variants coming to Germany, is great, especially since the quarantine are not applicable when returning from Non-high-risk areas," explains Ulrich.

involves early travel risk, that we need to re-lock all

Especially with regard to the spread of the mutations that play a wide role. "The British version of the B. 1.1.7, which gives us just rising Numbers that came with the plane.“

of The epidemiologist is to remember: "When we have the travel in the Easter holidays and a high entry, for example, in the schools, we risk that we need to re-make everything. This is exactly what we want to prevent it.“ For more on the Coronavirus tübingen researchers know why Covid-19 dangerous blood clots causes the Top intensive care specialists: The third wave is much more dangerous than the second risk of Infection in areas of: With this Tool you can calculate your Corona risk of Corona makes you tired and lonely: 9 strategies help you get out of the pandemic-Depth The most important Coronavirus-vaccines in Check autopsies show: Who survived Corona, dies, and not with Covid-19 "is when normal's finally back in all of this?" 4 experts share forecast for Corona-2021 Germany Virus has slept through sequencing, now everything should go quickly 10 times the high incidence of Easter? Virologist: "Merkel could have the right" to 1 year pandemic – and these Central questions are tenfold unanswered numbers Infection! Have we underestimated the children in the pandemic? "Make predictable errors": A medical statistician criticized Lockdown, Easy, medium, hard: chief doctor explains what therapy Corona-patients phenomenon Corona-Fatigue: Covid-19 need-Convalescent suffering for weeks under Extreme fatigue "Corona-weather report," researchers can now predict where infection clusters arise

summer holiday should be no Problem - but only under certain conditions

Much less pessimistic epidemiologist Ulrich looks to the summer. "Until then, I am confident that we are on the safe side," he says. "We come out gradually in the warm Season, the UV-irradiation is great and we are a lot out there – these are simply good conditions, it's the holidays."

However, certain conditions have to be fulfilled: "all of This only works if we start with a low infection dynamics in the summer, so how in the past year," says epidemiologist. "We can do only if we think in terms of travel, now for the first time, the feet are still and in the next few weeks with the Vaccination catch-up."

for safe travel in the summer, it is not sufficient that the at-risk groups to be vaccinated. It is also increasingly younger age groups should be immunized. "Only if that is the case, the Virus no longer be able to continue to spread. Then we can have our summer holiday in compliance with Hygiene and distance rules to ensure free and more enjoyable than we could do this at Easter,“ the expert explains. "Super untrustworthy": Böhmermann provoked virologists Streeck with spicy allegation FOCUS Online/Wochit "super untrustworthy": Böhmermann provoked virologists Streeck with spicy allegation of Omega-location blocking our spring, But 20 degrees is in view, The Weather Channel, Omega-location blocking our spring: the 20 degrees are in point of view


Date Of Update: 31 March 2021, 21:27

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