After Horror fall: Tande today are from the artificial coma aroused

Daniel Andre Tande sailed across and uncontrollably through the air, and then he slammed in the case of 78 meters with high speed on the stem of the ski flying

After Horror fall: Tande today are from the artificial coma aroused

Daniel Andre Tande sailed across and uncontrollably through the air, and then he slammed in the case of 78 meters with high speed on the stem of the ski flying hill in Planica. It was a bad picture of a bad fall, the first day of competition at the big season finale of the ski jumper overshadowed.

Tande, which slid after the impact, motionless, the extremely steep slope down, had to notversorgt at the hill and then by helicopter to the hospital of the Slovenian capital Ljubljana is to be brought.

Tande: ski jumping out of an artificial coma

taken On Sunday, the Norwegian ski Federation announced that the recovery process had started on Saturday, but it is a time-consuming process. The 27-Year-old will continue to be treated in the University hospital in Ljubljana, Norway's head of sports, Clas Brede Braathen was during the recovery process at him.

Norway's national coach Alexander Stöckl has great hope that Tande is going to be completely healthy. You assume that there is no damage, the back, said Stöckl on Friday at noon.

"The first tests have nothing Negative result. They did a brain scan and the back of the neck checked. Because there is nothing to report, which is very positive," said Stöckl. "It's him, considering the circumstances." There had been the "positive message", "to breathe that he has already started to yourself".

Tande without life-threatening injuries

life-threatening injuries suffered Tande. The head of sports, Clas Brede said Braathen already on Thursday evening, the Norwegian broadcasting company NRK. "He has a fracture in the clavicle."

Approximately one hour after the crash, a spokesman for the world ski Federation Fis gave a first clear. Country health after Transport via helicopter "stable," it said. Only later showed how dramatically the hours really were. "He had to be intubated and mechanically ventilated", was the chief physician Tomislav Mirkovic quoted on Thursday evening.

Tande was 2018's singles world champion in ski flying, and repeated 2020 - in Planica - the flight of the gold medal in the team jumping.

Tande-Trainer Stöckl: "It was his own fault"

Tande was, after his fall, not only violently bounced, but after the moment of impact with a high speed down the slopes slipped. According to data from Mirkovic the Norwegian was unconscious.

Stöckl was shocked. "It is hard to watch, if a knight gets air under the Skis and turning. One can only hope for the Best, that everything is in order with him. This is the most Important thing," he said shortly after the fall of the NRK. dpa ski flying world champion Daniel-André Tande is heavy crash

Stöckl praised the Country Bounce as a "beautiful and with a lot of energy". But then this got "a little air under the tips," added the head coach. "Then, the left Ski goes down, it rotates in the direction and lands on the back," said Stöckl.

The debt he gave to the external conditions or the Jury. "We have analyzed the Video. It was his own fault. He was too offensive in the first flight phase, is relatively fast wide with the skis, and then a little bit on it, leaning on the air. Then he has lost the contact to the Ski. You can find actually nothing, except his own fault."

Geiger's, and Eisenbichler about Country accident dismayed

DSV-eagle-Karl Geiger described the impressive experiences. The allgäu was right after Tande, and told in the ZDF from his conversation with the emergency forces.

"I wanted to know what is going on. Since you said you still do not know whether he survived. You forget it again and again, the hill is a Giant. This is life-threatening," said Geiger.

"I hope that he takes no damage. This is tragic. This is a bad story. All the best for him," said Geiger. Team-mate Markus Eisenbichler said: "thank God I haven't seen it, otherwise I believe I would not be gehupft today." dpa/Daniel Karmann/dpa Karl Geiger

Also the national coach Stefan Horngacher immediately said something to the incident that spoiled the otherwise cheerful air show in the Sunny Planica: "the Important thing is that the Daniel Andre Tande well. It was really a bad fall."

such A bad accident, it was in the jump - or-flight world Cup no longer given. In the last few years of a spectacular Sport had become, especially in the phase of flight safer. "Such falls have become very rare, thank God," said Germany team Manager Horst Hüttel. "There is a residual risk is at 110 km/h in the air but never exclude."

Kobayashi wins, Eisenbichler and Geiger's podium

The following competition was held on Thursday for the next thing - even if he is from a German perspective, very encouraging. Eisenbichler and Geiger made it the first of a total of four ski jumping in Planica on the podium.

The 29-year-old Eisenbichler (232,5 and 238 meters) behind the Japanese winner Ryoyu Kobayashi at number two, flight world champion Geiger (224,5 and 238 meters) finished right behind it the third. Against Kobayashi, who finished the competition with a furious flight on 244,5 meters, was the successful German Duo but no Chance.

in Spite of the shocks in the Norwegian team Country team-mates were in the "valley of the hills" at the Start. "They all want to jump," said Stöckl. "I think this is in the sense of Daniel."

Geiger wins on Friday, the Team Event cancelled

On Friday Geiger won the changing wind conditions dominated the Competition. The Oberstdorf to do with a flight to 232 meters in front of Ryoyu Kobayashi and the Slovenes Bor Pavlovcic. imago images/Newspix Karl Geiger and the DSV-eagle in the team ran

jump Due to strong wind, the fly had to be interrupted again and again, and was stopped after just one pass. As the second-best German iron Bichler took eighth place. The lunch was already canceled the qualifying and the Start of the competition twice been postponed.

And also on Saturday, it was no better - quite the opposite. First of all, Horngacher withdrew its athletes from the Team Event; the first passage was interrupted at this time, with a final decision on a possible Abandonment of the Jury wanted to. but still

Horngacher wait had no hope that could improve the conditions in the foreseeable future, and he was right Shortly thereafter, the team was stopped jumping without a winner.

Geiger wins in the individual and with the Team in ski flying in Planica

On Sunday Geiger won the last season's Competition of the season, again in front of Kobayashi and Eisenbichler. Geiger flew 231 and 232,5 meters. dpa Karl Geiger with the coveted crystal ball

obtained Shortly before the individual competition of the German Springer had for the first time in 21 years, a team competition in the world Cup in ski flying. Geiger, iron Bichler, Pius Paschke and Constantin Schmid through to Japan, and Austria.

"I'm very happy that we won the Team", said iron Bichler, flew 235,5 meters. The previously last victory of a German team in the aviation world Cup Sven Hannawald and Martin Schmitt were in the year 2000 it had been.

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