You want to buy an apartment? Then you must avoid these errors

The German real estate prices have exploded in the past few years, literally. Between 2010 and 2020 in Berlin, more than 140 percent, as the Stiftung Warentest

You want to buy an apartment? Then you must avoid these errors

The German real estate prices have exploded in the past few years, literally. Between 2010 and 2020 in Berlin, more than 140 percent, as the Stiftung Warentest determined. Even the expensive München experienced a price increase of about 108 percent.

In the case of the rent increases, all of the investigated German Metropolitan areas recorded areas to increase by at least 47.4 percent. This value results in the view from 2010 to 2020 in Düsseldorf. Top of the list is also here in Berlin: The rental price-Plus reached 69.3 percent. So the climbs are the rental development is not held with the purchase price of development.

An important reason for the high increases in real estate prices in years of low interest rates. Money plant brings a little more interest income. On the other hand, real estate financing, are historically cheap. Both fueled the demand for houses and apartments.

yields in the past few years

decreased The Foundation test notes therefore, The yields of buyers of real Estate are lower today than in previous years. Five percent return after taxes were a decade ago, is possible, is the realistic value today of just three percent.

However, the Rent was not a "self-perpetuating". Real estate buyer to tie up a lot of capital for decades to come, must be expected with high costs and your object to take care of. Who is afraid of the costs, you should look after the last lucrative investments. All others should note the following aspects.

The advises Stiftung Warentest

prerequisite: : An apartment purchase will only be considered, if interested do not have enough capital, you need to have at least ten years. At least 20 percent of the purchase price should be considered in addition to cost fees for notary public.

rental yield: , The net rental yield should be including one-time purchase costs and ongoing administrative and maintenance costs amount to at least 2.5 percent.

time pressure: should be buying for their decision not to put pressure on consent. Instead, selection and financing of a property should be carefully made.

price overview: it is Important to check the adequacy of the purchase price. The Foundation provides test were an annually updated price list.

taxes: A property as an investment has to pay before taxes. Possible tax advantages – for example, the renovation of landmarked houses – are often associated with high costs and risks.

property value may also fall

"concrete gold" does not protect the assets against losses. When interest rates rise and the loans will become more expensive, many other forms of investment. The presses on the real estate prices.

this is Also why buyers need a financial cushion, the Stiftung Warentest. Because the financing banks charge each month Rates. On the other hand, it is not guaranteed that the rental income received always. In the case of a vacancy, the landlord has no revenue.

the tax office Itself can landlords do not make a dash through the bill - for example, when it recognizes the set amounts.

popularity of the neighborhoods varies

Who needs to sell under the pressure of time, you can hardly achieve his desired price. Also it often takes months to sales over the stage is gone and the money is in the account.

The easiest way to do owners of real estate in sought-after neighborhoods. But for this you need to access, as a rule, even deeper in the pocket.

With the FOCUS Online loan comparison (display) Now, follow-up financing to calculate

in addition, a quarter of a city can come out of the fashion. The Stiftung Warentest illustrates the example of Berlin. On the real estate boom in the turnaround time for a long lull followed a year. Since then, the prices in Berlin have reached the level of other large German cities. But that is no guarantee for further gains, the consumer advocates.

Serious to choose and solid

to Finance The Stiftung Warentest advises buyers to search for sought-after locations and types of property. Trend quarter should avoid buying a willing, because there is often excessive prices would be required. Modernized buildings and energy-efficient new buildings are expected to remain on a permanent demand.

Therefore, the tip is the experts: the buyer should select an apartment as an investment just as carefully, as if you wanted to move in. This will reduce the risk of an unsound Finance. Click here for a checklist for your individual real estate financing

rental yield calculate

such A calculation should make purchase of the interested necessarily – with their help show whether a purchase is worth it at all. The purchase is profitable only when the price is in a reasonable proportion to their rent.

So initial rental yields are calculated (roughly schema): Stiftung Warentest The calculated net rental yield is suitable as an aid to decision-making in the choice among different apartments.

Surplus or deficit: Stiftung Warentest

investment plan over several years

If an apartment is expecting durable and affordable; that is, it shows an investment plan of over 15, 20 years. The purchase shall consent from year to year, all expenses and revenues, so far you can see.

The Table shows whether or in what year the property yields a Surplus. It is often make assumptions as to how Rents, costs and purchase prices will develop in the future.

Current Trends do not simply continue in the future

For years, the interest rates on home loans are at a low level. Nevertheless, it would be naive to believe that this Trend continued for all times.

tip: do you Expect for the connection of credit with a minimum of four per cent interest rate and save today's low interest rates for a long period of time. The experts of the Stiftung Warentest recommend a period of 20 years.

The consumer advocates rates, a maximum of one to two percent annual rent increases to be set. As in many places, the policy has established brakes Rental price. You can limit the increases for existing apartments without a comprehensive modernisation. Berlin has even introduced a rent lid on its admissibility must, however, are still dishes.

The FOCUS of real estate Atlas

In this FOCUS special, you can find all Important to the topics of rent, the purchase price for condos and homes in 100 cities.

Now as a digital booklet

sales not to optimistic

scheduling is An important indicator of whether the ratio of Rents and purchase prices is reasonable, the price-rent ratio.

To the purchase price divided by the annual net cold rent (the rent without additional costs). As a rule of thumb: The value should not be higher than 25 to 30.

tip: The consumer protection rates in the invoice for the investment plan to a maximum of 25 times the projected annual rent as the sale price.

Multiple scenarios

Because of the numerous uncertainties should establish potential buyers to your investment plan under different scenarios. This applies, in particular, for different assumptions rental and interest rate developments, the experts of the Stiftung Warentest. Because it could have a drastic impact on the rate of return calculation, if the future Rents are rising slower than expected.

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