So what can make the iPhone redundant?

every year to show at the end of February, the technology companies in Barcelona, what to bring , the next few months to developments and innovations all around

So what can make the iPhone redundant?

every year to show at the end of February, the technology companies in Barcelona, what to bring , the next few months to developments and innovations all around Smartphones , telecoms and the Internet.

5G and faltbild screens were the big Trends of the last few years. Both, however, only slowly in the corridors and the everyday (Always in Trouble with the Falthandys).

Now that the Mobile World Congress takes place due to the Coronavirus, it is the opportunity to look a little further into the future.

These five Trends will be with us for the next five years:

500 Swiss francs: mobile phones are getting more and more expensive (the latest Falthandy of Huawei costs as of March 2500 francs), but much more exciting is the development in the lower price segment. Already today you can get for 500 francs, a very good Smartphone. In the next few years, the manufacturers even harder to justify away from the status of objects and highly specialized mobile phones for professional needs of devices with prices above 1000 francs, if it has been going on for half of everything that you need. Such phones do not have four cameras, but if only one is present, is sufficient for this in everyday life more than.

Difficult globalization: show The Coronavirus and the Huawei ban, how little it takes to bring the major international corporations in trouble. The company will adjust and factories in new countries open up, to guard against laws and other government interventions. National discussions of encryption bans, a suspicion of espionage and privacy will continue to grow. Not only in China, the actors, the look foreign Apps and services like more detail on the fingers and stricter rules would impose on to be found.

phone: , The chances are good that many readers will be readers of these lines have in five years, still the same Smartphone as it is today. It is for the time being, remain the most important Computer in our lives. But the Smartphone will increasingly delegate competences. Currently on headphones, watches, and household appliances such as speakers or a television. In a somewhat more distant future of eyewear. It is one of the fundamental promise of 5G, that in the future, not just the phone, but all kinds of devices independently to the Internet. Up all the devices get along completely without a Smartphone, it will take even longer, as some of the Futurist love is.

Software instead of Hardware: What to put for processors and other Chips in a device, is becoming less and less important. Computing power and storage space in the Cloud to outsource. Much more important than the Hardware, the Software is. Already today, Google phones shooting second-class Hardware with the best photos, thanks to superior Software. iPhones trump, despite less memory and battery capacity, the competition regularly – thanks to more efficient Software. This development will make the next years even old devices significantly smarter and more useful. Pure Hardware manufacturers have to Check.

Fresh presentations: As the Mobile World Congress is down this year, had to improvise many of the manufacturers and their innovations, in part by video link to present. This is good for the entire industry. Just because it's Steve Jobs and Apple have perfected over the decades, on stage, new devices present, one must not make the necessarily the same. Also the concept of measure to come under further pressure. In times of the Internet, such year to be anachronisms markets more and more. The Cebit in Hannover is not likely to be the last fair, which is set.

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Created: 27.02.2020, 22:22 PM

Updated Date: 02 March 2020, 07:03

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