Football is stuck in the middle ages are

The world burns, the climate heats up, and you write about soccer . What's that for a start. If the climate warms, that does not mean that Yes, that there

Football is stuck in the middle ages are

The world burns, the climate heats up, and you write about soccer .
What's that for a start. If the climate warms, that does not mean that Yes, that there are other issues. This moral imperative, that one can only talk over the climate is absurd.

underestimate the importance of football? You can learn darauswas for life?
Albert Camus said that everything he learned about life, he learned in the Theater and at the football. So it was for me: I learned a lot in and with the football. But I don't demand that everyone respond to football as I am.

Camus was also a goalkeeper. What Position have you played the most?
Time, I was standing at the gate, at times I was a Libero, then I played forward. I was a flexible, medium-regular player.

you Were a team player?
Yes, of course! We were recreational footballer, playing Light against Dark, and to us on Saturday afternoon exhausted. Everything was half serious. We had easy races in the mood to play, and to do so, as if we could play football. After that, it went better.

you Were at the game also stubborn?
Everyone is Playing stubborn, even in the case of "Monopoly" or "Mensch ärgere dich nicht!". This is quite normal, It is a game: S-P-I-E-L!

"football is so much money in circulation that it interferes with a before and after the game."

in the Tiki-Taka football, a Team plays as a network. Only one ball contact is allowed, three a player is dismissed. An Image of the digital society with your networks?
The top-level football has now become artistic. The Problem, however, is that this art is counterbalanced by an overpowering physique. With speed and physicality, you can reduce the quality of football greatly.

Now there's some other unsightly developments around the football.
Yes, this is horrible, all around the football so much money is in circulation, that it interferes with a before and after the game. If the Ball is rolling, you'll be fascinated by then, but still from the game. After the final whistle you can be the judge then, again, politically.

you admired Michel Platini as a great footballer, described later, temporarily, as a friend – then he was Association to a highly controversial functionary in the European football.
As a functionary, he was good, he was trying to regulate football. Disappointing its relationship to Sepp Blatter, this opaque million history. But as an official, he made proper Considerations, that one should not throw the football to the money.

Platini by Blatter two million, without a legal reason was occupied.
be, because I looks.

you mention in your book, the Hyper-nationalism in a part of the Fans, such as in Eastern Europe. There are now even on our football fields?
Yes, there is this Hyper-nationalism is now also with us, also in Switzerland. This is disturbing, as is the Hyper-localism, the aggressiveness of the Fans at the national Championships. It is an expression of the violence of our society. I sometimes have the impression that football is the last Bastion of the super-male Machismo. This hurt him tremendously.

"Only in men's football, there should be no Gay – that is a logical impossibility!"

Is the football one of the last areas in the liberal society, where homosexuality is still taboo?
Yes, in contrast to women's football! Only in men's football, there should be no Gay – that is a logical impossibility! If a footballer did not dare to come out of the closet, then that is very questionable. In the case of women which is now, of course, you articulate and politically more than the men, such as Megan Rapinoe, the captain of the U.S. team. In comparison to the men's football is stuck in the middle ages are: stuck.

Watch women's football?
Yes, of course. I was excited by the women's world Cup. I'm in, as a rule, actually, for France, but this time I was for the USA, because I was fascinated by this team.

Now, the racism keeps on the stands stubbornly. As racist bubbles always rise up again against the footballer, most recently against a player from Hertha Berlin or, like last weekend against a striker of Porto.
There is this racism in the society. That's why you got to much harder. In the case of every emergence of racism on the stands by the referee must interrupt the game, basta! Five minutes of Consideration, and if it occurs again, the game is canceled and the home team lost. Basta! As Platini was, by the way. If the home team loses three times after a game crash, the Fans in the future, think about what you do.

you and your family have suffered greatly under national socialism, and racism – sees ghosts, who feared that such a thing could come back?
no, racism and anti-Semitism have not disappeared. A part of our society in France, Germany or Switzerland is a racist, and part of it is anti-Semitic. If the majority doesn't make it clear to them that you want to and will not be tolerated, then we leave the anti-Semites in the field.

Long fascism was seen as the persistence of the historical era, now the concern rises that he could at some point be back. How do you see that?
It worries me that today there are again movements to promote ethnic purity. It will be another authoritarian Form of society as fascism, but also she wants people to exclude, do not fit to this purity of vision. This can be repeated at any time. In Switzerland, when the people of three new minarets to decide ... or was it only two?

a Few, Yes.
This shows how unstable our liberal idea of Society is. You have to show against homophobia, racism, intolerance of other religions, flag, always, always and always again!

"The people is not always right. This is the Problem of democracies."

If we are already in the case of flags: The EU has always been an important humanistic and social-liberal utopia, was in better shape.
If something is difficult, is this not necessarily the case that it is also wrong. We need Europe because of the conflicts in the world, the supremacy of the Chinese, the Americans and the Russians more and more. We will be able to defend our notions of civilization and freedom only if we have a Europe. The Swiss will understand someday.

are not to understand from the outside why a country is doing in the middle of Europe so difficult? Only with its bilateral relations with the EU?
no, it is not difficult to understand. The people are not always right. This is the Problem with democracies, we have to live with.

Is enshrined in the European identity in comparison to national identities, just too weak?
The need of the time. In France and Germany it has lasted for over a century, until a democratic national identity was formed. In France the Revolution took place in 1789, the right to vote for women came in 1945. Maybe it will take two centuries to a European identity. From Switzerland, I don't want to talk at all. How long, Switzerland has used the UN to join?

A good half-century.
As you see it, the slow historical processes of change.

we Are little patient?
Yes, the cycles of time, for a long time. Compare the world of 1945 with the world of today, as Europe has made insane progress. Seventy years without war – when was there ever?

If Europe had a Fussballelf, this would help the European identity?
Against whom to play?

Against South America, North America, Africa, China.
I like The idea, inter-continental Championships would be funny.

In the national Integration helped the football also, you can see that for example in Switzerland.
And now you're proud that a couple of Croats and Albanians for Switzerland to kick?

of Course.
Okay, the National is changing, you see it at football.

Then peace would be football Pro-as war driving.
This is difficult to say, nothing happens automatically.

In June, the championship starts. How is cutting off Switzerland?
you will not play a proper tournament, and more.

We both are sitting for days in front of the TV – are we there just to waste our life time?
to Me makes the Fun. If you are afraid of wasting their life time, then you'd better do something else. Go for a walk or in the mountains!

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