USA and Taliban sign agreement

In Doha, the capital of the Gulf Emirate of Qatar, signed the U.S. special envoy for reconciliation in Afghanistan, Zalmay Khalilzad, and the head of the politi

USA and Taliban sign agreement

In Doha, the capital of the Gulf Emirate of Qatar, signed the U.S. special envoy for reconciliation in Afghanistan, Zalmay Khalilzad, and the head of the political Bureau of Taliban in Doha, Mullah Abdul Ghani Baradar, in front of around 300 invited guests of the agreement. US Secretary of state Mike Pompeo was present at the ceremony. The more than one and a half years of a long-negotiated agreement to initiate a withdrawal of U.S. troops from Afghanistan. In return, the Taliban should give guarantees that the country is no safe haven for terrorists and make peace talks with the government in Kabul.

US troops by one-third

to reduce In a first step, the number of U.S. troops by around a third reduces. This is evident from a joint statement by the Afghan and U.S. governments, which was published shortly before the signing in Doha in the Afghan capital, Kabul. Accordingly, the number of US armed forces from the current level of between 12'000 and 13'000 within be reduced to 135 days on the 8600.

at the same time, the United States worked with Nato and other allies, the number of Nato troops proportional decrease to, say it in the statement. The US and its allies would all withdraw their remaining armed forces within a period of 14 months.

Washington had demanded as a condition for an agreement by the Taliban for seven days of "violence reduction" in the war-torn country. The seven days were expired at midnight (local time Afghanistan) to Saturday. The Phase was not local information indicates that, although violence-free, but much quieter than usual. The week had been seen as a Test of whether the Taliban can control their ranks.

Trump: progress at high cost

U.S. President Donald Trump announced on Friday in Washington, for use in Afghanistan, significant progress had been made - but at a high cost for US troops, for the American taxpayers and the Afghan people. In the election campaign, he had promised the American people, "that I would begin to bring our troops home and to try to end this war. We are making significant progress in the redemption of this pledge."

The Taliban were expelled in 2001 by a U.S.-led military coalition is out of Power, after they had housed Osama bin Laden, the founder of the terrorist network al-Qaeda. The US made the Al-Qaeda-chief for the September 11 attacks. September, 2001.

especially since the end of the international combat mission by the end of 2014, followed by a training deployment, have gained the Taliban back in power. The last available US military information by October 2018, according to the government controlled only a little more than half of the districts in the country. Further, around 30 percent are competitive.

The US President wants to meet with leading representatives of the Taliban. This is going to happen "in the not so distant future," said Donal Trump on Saturday a few hours after the signing of the agreement.

peace talks are still before

The US-Taliban agreement is a first step in the direction of peace. It is not in the classical sense, a peace Treaty, because so far a party to the conflict, the government in Kabul, was missing.

at the same time, two important points have been outsourced for a long-lasting peace to the intra-Afghan negotiations: a country, a durable ceasefire and an agreement on the future distribution of political Power in Afghanistan – so about how the Taliban are politically integrated.

The actual peace talks for the country are, therefore, yet to come. Observers expect that it will take at least a year and up to an intra-Afghan peace.


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