Erdogan wants Nato help, and threatens the EU with the opening of the border

In the case of an air attack in Idlib have killed at least 33 Turkish soldiers and 36 more have been injured. The Turkey was the Russian-supported Syrian govern

Erdogan wants Nato help, and threatens the EU with the opening of the border

In the case of an air attack in Idlib have killed at least 33 Turkish soldiers and 36 more have been injured. The Turkey was the Russian-supported Syrian government responsible, and launched into the night on Friday in retaliation attacks. Syrian positions were attacked from the air and from the ground, said a spokesman for the Turkish heads of state, Recep Tayyip Erdogan . The attacks would continue. The government in Ankara is now calling for assistance from Nato. At the same time it threatens to open refugees in the country, the limits in the direction of Europe. The escalation between the Turkish and Syrian troops in the North-West of Syria can have unpredictable consequences. Here are answers to the main questions:

follow attacked The air force of the Syrian ruler Bashar al-Assad , has associations of the Nato country Turkey. Is this reason enough for the Nato Alliance case?
This is not at all clear. In article 5 of the Nato Treaty, the member States have agreed that an armed attack against one or more of them is considered an attack against them all and they support each other. When deciding on a Alliance case, it is important to distinguish between attack and defense actions. The Nato countries would have to consider, first, the military actions of Turkey in Syria as lawful under international law. A military response to Syria could then be taken as an attack count. It is up to the Nato Council, the Alliance to declare. The Alliance includes an obligation to provide assistance, but not an automatic participation in military actions. The Alliance Nato has not yet been triggered only once – after the terrorist attacks against the USA of 11. September 2001.

After the recent escalation in the conflict in Idlib, Turkey has a special meeting of the Nato Council's demands. This has taken place today morning. What is the result?
The Nato-Partner Turkey is already supported, said Nato Secretary General Jens Stoltenberg before the media in Brussels. "We are strengthening their air-defense, and an Awacs reconnaissance plane helps in the air surveillance." Not expressed specific additional support services in view of the escalation in Idlib Stoltenberg himself. The Nato allies expressed solidarity with Turkey and condemned the Syrian airstrikes. Nato Secretary General Stoltenberg called on the parties to the conflict to defuse the dangerous situation and to avoid a further aggravation of the terrible humanitarian Situation in Idlib.

Russia's protection of the Assad regime. The danger is that it comes between Russia and Turkey, to an open confrontation consist of?
President Erdogan and Vladimir Putin have a close relationship. The good relations go so far that the Nato country, Turkey, has purchased the Russian air defense system S-400, to the Annoyance of the USA. In Syria, Russia and Turkey have different interests. Strive, but, not militarily each other in the course of rates. Nevertheless, a direct confrontation is not excluded. Putin has made it clear that he is not willing to share the Power over Syria with Turkey.

Why there are Turkish troops in the Syrian province of Idlib?
The Turkish government is pursuing various interests. With its military presence it wants to strengthen its Position for talks on other areas in the North of Syria. This is mainly to negotiations with Russia. For example, Erdogan could offer a partial withdrawal from Idlib, if he would in return for a guarantee of a Turkish presence in Kurdish areas. The weakening of the Kurdish Quasi-autonomy region in Northern Syria and one of Erdogan's most important war objectives. Turkey sees itself as a protecting power of Anti-Assad groups in Syria. In the battle for Idlib, it supports a part of the rebel groups, which are increasingly on the Defensive. Hundreds of thousands of people are fleeing and in Camps along the border with Turkey. Turkey wants to stop the mass Exodus from Idlib. Already, 3.6 million Syrians living in Turkey. In view of the growing resentment of the Turkish population about the refugees, the government in Ankara wants to prevent the Migration of other people into the country.

The Turkish government has threatened, in the meantime, in order to open the borders to Europe for refugees. What is the current situation?
As the Turkish news Agency DHA, reported, made in the Wake of media reports about the border, hundreds of people in Turkey openings on the way in the direction of the borders of the EU. Nearly 300 refugees arrived this Morning, the province of Edirne on the border with Greece. Another group of refugees was in the West, Turkish Canakkale, from where you want to translate with boats to the island. Reporter at the scene reported that on the Greek side, the government in Athens had drawn many police officers and Border guards as well as soldiers. The speaker of the Turkish ruling AKP party, Omer Celik, said at a crisis meeting of the government was emphasized that Turkey "could not withstand the pressure of newly arriving refugees stand". "There is only one thing the EU can do: And that is to help Turkey," he added. Already at the end of last year, Erdogan had threatened with the Opening of the borders.

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