Smartphone Updates: New Firmware for many phones

Samsung At the time of reporting in the past week, you could not have missed that Samsung is offering a new flagship Smartphone. The Galaxy Note 20 and the Gal

Smartphone Updates: New Firmware for many phones

At the time of reporting in the past week, you could not have missed that Samsung is offering a new flagship Smartphone. The Galaxy Note 20 and the Galaxy Note 20 Ultra all stars-models of the South Korean manufacturer, in addition with a small stylus, but otherwise similarly equipped like the S-class-models S20 and S20 Ultra. Now Samsung for its two new Note devices, a first Update on the way, reports SamMobile. Because in the Update description you can find no specific information on the Changes, one can assume, that at least 500 MB large Update creates various minor errors from the world and, in General, the performance of the two Top Smartphones improved.

In the Background, Samsung operates under its diligently to be able to first Smartphones already soon an Update to Android 11 offer. The appropriate Beta, which includes also an Update to the customized user interface OneUI 3.0, is now available for developers for Testing. Samsung calls the models of Galaxy S20, Galaxy S20+ and Galaxy S20 Ultra, on which the appropriate Update can be installed immediately. However, for the time being, only on devices in South Korea and the United States.

And, of course, Samsung is also working hard to distribute the most recent Android security update. You can recently Google presented the August Patch, for example, on the Galaxy-S20-series, but also on older models like the Galaxy S10 / Note 10 series or the Galaxy A50.


In the case of Huawei, although it is not yet ready to make the August Patch for the first Smartphones. The July Patch, but there are very probably more and more mobile phone models. For example, now also available for the P30 Pro or the P20 Lite, reported the Blog of the unofficial Huawei. Also the Huawei P smart+ 2018 and subsequent model P smart+ 2019, as well as the Huawei P30 Lite are now available with the July Patch from Google to use, equally, the Huawei Mate 20 Per.


to lift in July, Motorola had begun the different Smartphones on the June Patchlevel of Android. Meanwhile, the June Patch is also available for the Motorola Edge and the Motorola Edge+ available. In addition, the Motorola G8 Power Lite and the Motorola E6 Plus a corresponding Update. With the July Patch, meanwhile, the models of Motorola One Zoom, Motorola One Action, Motorola One Vision and Motorola One are equipped. The same is true for the entry-level Smartphone Motorola E5 Play.


OnePlus is available as of now, the first Update for the new OnePlus Nord (Test) available. The new Firmware on the Basis of OxygenOS 10.5.4 not only improves the user experience with the Display, but also provides for a faster-loading photo gallery. In addition, OnePlus has improved the camera. Among other things, also the front camera for better quality for video calls.

you use the OnePlus 7T or the OnePlus 7T Per? Then you can also for these Smartphones, a new Software Update to install. For the OnePlus 7T OxygenOS 10.0.12 since a few days available for the OnePlus 7T Per OxygenOS 10.0.10. Part of the Whole, only the July Patch of Android, but also the possibility of the watch Design on the Smartphone, according to the own Wishes is not. In part, it could happen on some Smartphones, moreover, that by double tapping on the Display this has not been activated. This Problem will have resolved OnePlus by the latest Update.

For the OnePlus 8 Pro and the OnePlus 8, you can no longer Update to OxygenOS 10.5.11 or OxygenOS 10.5.9 install. The list of Changes is quite similar to the above-mentioned Update for models 7T, and 7T Per. In addition, OnePlus has improved in these two models, but according to its own figures, the Touch experience for Play and a ARCore-fixed. In addition, Wi-Fi, to run Connections now more stable.


Oppo has in the past few weeks, a number of smaller Smartphone Updates roll out. To install, among other things, on available in Germany models, a new Android Patch. For example, the July Update to the Oppo A91 or the Oppo A52. In addition, Oppo has worked, among other things, in the case of these two Smartphones to improve the overall system performance.


Realme, sister-brand of Oppo, has arranged for a variety of Smartphones, the roll-out of the July Patches. For example, for the models X3 SuperZoom, X50 Pro and 6 Pro. In addition, the newly deployed Realme Updates fix various minor bugs. The Realme 6 Pro has been improved, for example, the battery life.


And also of the Gigaset there are Update news. As for the two models GX290 and GS290 an Update to Android 10 is now available. In addition to various new features, the Gigaset highlights an improved battery Management, that goes hand in hand with the Upgrade. A specially developed load limit, which can optionally be used by the customers, not to ensure that the Smartphone battery loses to fast performance.

General information-to-Smartphone-Updates

To have all the Updates that you need to know two things. The first is that not all of the Updates of the time are the same in all countries. It is, therefore, quite possible that here, called the Update at a later date on your phone for Installation.

Generally, you will receive a notification on your Smartphone Display as soon as a Update on your Smartphone is possible. But you can also manually in the settings menu of your device check whether an Update download and install. Not infrequently, this is the manual way faster.

This article was written by Hayo Lücke

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