Xavier Bertrand : the time of the conquests - The Point

France is on vacation, and Corsica became the political capital. In the oppressive heat of summer, it is the right that the event, and each time from the island

Xavier Bertrand : the time of the conquests - The Point

France is on vacation, and Corsica became the political capital. In the oppressive heat of summer, it is the right that the event, and each time from the island of Beauty. Nicolas Sarkozy has launched his book The Time of storm " (ed of the Observatory) at the end of July by a large signature in Ajaccio. And Xavier Bertrand comes direct from Lumio in the bay of Calvi, where he has his habits in August, a postcard distributed by Corse-Matin to shake a chronic policy dozing. Finished yawning !

The president of the Hauts-de-France takes rivals and journalists of short-affirming his ambitions : "I'm preparing for the presidential election. "He had never said as much. It felt like wag the one who, before the summer, had hardened his speech of the opponent canonnant Emmanuel Macron. But we never thought that he would come out of the wood, in the case of the corsican maquis, as fast.

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It can hardly do otherwise. Matter of survival : Xavier Bertrand has need to find of the political oxygen. In propelling it to the prime minister and his former director of cabinet in the ministry of Health, Jean Castex, on which the here is forced to say all the good he thinks, except to deny the sincerity that he carries slung, and his friend Gerald Darmanin in the Interior ministry, Emmanuel Macron, which fears the candidature of the cantor of a right, social and popular way to 2022, which prevents the man from the North to breathe. What's better than a good and life-giving air corsica to return to the force. And the opportunity for the rebellious son of the right hand to carve a profile – napoleonic – lone, conqueror, right in his convictions and his purpose. Bertrand that, in a dialogue with the writer and canadian Mathieu Bock-Côté published by Le Figaro Magazine on June 19, was in general de Gaulle as the first of the qualities of pragmatism – "It is someone who has a vision, of beliefs, but which is deeply pragmatic" – enter into a direct dialogue with the people. The one who has left the fold of the party in which he was active since 1981 – when he was 16 years old when it is inserted to the RPR – became The Republicans, and with which he broke in 2017, hostile to the line Wauquiez, remains grounded : "I know where is my home. It is to the right. It, there is no doubt about it. "But he prefers to be master in its own home :" people are tired of parties, they want acts, regardless of what board policy. I want to bring the French around ideas, not divide them. "

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While his ex-friends in RL, all have their presidential program, under the leadership of Christian Jacob and the pragmatic, also, Guillaume Peltier, that he continues to see, among others, the president of Hauts-de-France criss-crossed every day that God made his area to the edge of the car office, and through The Manufacture, association he founded a year ago, collects complaints, ideas, experiences, something concrete PLEASE, citizens. The one who has started since three years, a single-handed approach and thrives discreetly in all directions on the political, intellectual, entrepreneurial, bottom up of the company, disclaims the whole idea of a primary, the mill of ideas and ambitions fatal to the now very popular Nicolas Sarkozy in 2016 : "do You think that the people are not vaccinated now to primary..."

After his election at the head of the Hauts-de-France, land of mission for the national Gathering, Xavier Bertrand in 2015, had set the objective, knowing, and saying publicly, that his position in the astreignait to an obligation of result, in the face of anger social. Since then, the movement of the yellow Vests, and then the crisis of the Covid have been digging the miseries and stir up hatred. No detour possible : "My primary, it will be the regional elections of the Hauts-de-France," says Xavier Bertrand to Corse-Matin. I don't want to filter between the people and me and I present it to you not to rules established by the political parties. "A true political leader is never as good as back to the wall.

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