Ralf Schumacher Vettel important advice to quit Ferrari-war

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Ralf Schumacher Vettel important advice to quit Ferrari-war

formula 1: Grand Prix Spain - see LIVE on Sky (display)

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Now formula 1 Sebastian Vettel at the two Grands Prix in Silverstone sang LIVE stream

That compared to team-mate Charles Leclerc and quietly went to results for formula 1 Fans currently to wild speculation. Especially since Vettel the rumors he was at Ferrari on the siding, also be self-fuelling (whether intended or not, is another question), if he hesitates, for example, with an answer to the question of whether he was sure to get the same Material, such as Leclerc, or if he complains that to him the Team has made the strategy is broken, in order for Leclerc clear the way.

expert Ralf Schumacher, never clear words, when it comes to practice Ferrari's criticism, takes the Scuderia in the case of this topic, but explicitly in protection: "I understand that Sebastian was due to the strategy it has chosen to be unhappy. Since he was at a disadvantage," he says in an Interview with 'Sky'. "But the Problem is: He has of course made a mistake. He has actually finished his race already in the first curve."

The way is not to think correctly

"I will, if he now sits at home, the looking at everything, what exactly happened there, then he will give the Team a right that you have made this decision. I as a team boss you would have taken in the Other even so, simply because Charles the whole weekend, the faster the car was. And also the end result shows that you have allowed no compromise." HIGH TWO/Pool/COLOMBO IMAGES Also the anniversary of the GP was not just gracious with Sebastian Vettel

Silverstone doesn't change the fact that Schumacher would not still, Ferraris dealing with Vettel was okay: "The way you kicked Sebastian out of the Team, as you commented on certain things now, from the Board level in the case of Ferrari, which is certainly not correct and does not deserve that Sebastian is also in the Form."

how to deal with each other is increasingly fierce,

Therefore, the six-time Grand Prix winner is hoping that Vettel can't be a negative vortex capture, but "it is and trying to make the Best out of his Situation", even if "now on the radio, one or the other saying comes in". A small war, perhaps even via the media played, "helps, Yes, none of the two sides". Tip of the Sport-editorial office

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"Of dealing with each other increasingly harder. The patience ends there's a little bit," observes Schumacher. "I can only hope that there is now a bit of better results to come from Sebastian's side, that he can build on Hungary, in order to retain his Standing in the Team."

Ferrari is next a disastrous weekend

"I'm with them myself for a race. Sebastian and the Team, which has now reached a point where it is simply difficult, and where is he, I believe, also notes that Charles always gets more wind from the back. Now the first doubt: 'I Have the same package or not?' Then everything will, of course, not easier."

Sporty, probably not. Next weekend in Barcelona, there're a lot of fast curves and high temperatures - just like in Silverstone. Hoping for a Vettel-miracle makes Schumacher therefore, no: "I expect that Ferrari will again have a disastrous weekend."

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