New series: The Simpsons and Bull to Gangs of London

"Simpsons" (Disney+) If You have completed a subscription to Disney+, there is good news for you, if you're a Fan of the series "the Simpsons". The animat

New series: The Simpsons and Bull to Gangs of London
"Simpsons" (Disney+)

If You have completed a subscription to Disney+, there is good news for you, if you're a Fan of the series "the Simpsons". The animated cult family from Springfield is now back in 4:3 Format. After many users had complained to Disney about the screaming yellow "Simpsons" to see only in a cut off 16:9 Format, has improved the US media giant and the contents of the older episodes, optionally also in the 4:3 Format. New episodes, which were only produced in 16:9 Format, of course, are also in this Format, because here, unlike in the case of a 4:3 formatting, no content will be lost.

older "Simpsons"episodes in 4:3 Format look, you need to select Disney+ the Simpsons, and on the tab "Details" click. There you have the option, a Button labeled "Revised ratio" to (de)activate. You can see the Button in grey, you can watch the Simpsons episodes in 4:3 Format to view.

"Hedy Lamarr" (Apple TV+)

a Total of eight episodes will include a new series, which Apple announced is now for Apple TV+. It is produced from Gal Gadot's "Wonder Woman" responsible. A native of Austria, Hedy Lamarr was once celebrated as the most beautiful woman in the world, as it was from the end of the 1930s to the Hollywood-Star, and especially by the Nude scenes in the Film "ecstasy," has caused a stir. In Nazi Germany, the Film was banned due to its free movement of short hand.

The new series is said to be born the life story of Hedy Lamarr as Hedwig Eva Maria Kiesler - sketch. Apple itself speaks of the epic story of an immigrant that was ahead of its time and, in the end, fell victim. When exactly are you "going to Hedy Lamarr", can see with Apple TV+, have not yet been determined.

"Little Voice" (Apple TV+)

things are Different for the "Little Voice". 10. July is to see this new series Apple TV+ to. The production, no one took less than JJ Abrams ("Lost"), in collaboration with Warner Bros. Television. "Little Voice" follows Bess King, a talented singer, struggling to realize their dreams. You have to ask yourself, but also rejection and also family problems to cope with. In essence, the new series tells a story about Finding an authentic voice and the courage to use them.

External series with Apple TV+

A new approach to Apple dares to Apple TV but also. Because the offer to own the series is still pretty manageable, you have opted in to third-party content, to purchase the card. The strategy of only their own Exclusive content to offer, seems to work not as successful as one would wish in the case of the spoiled by success US group. So you are against it now controls. From now on, it is in the case of Apple TV, according to the new route is possible to see the "Fraggles".

a New puppet series is not - it was produced by the canadian channel CBC between 1983 and 1987, but the cult it is today. For the time being, only American users of Apple TV+ on the "Fraggles can access"-to follow. If and when the episodes from the 80s are also available in other countries, and Apple-still no information.

But this is new: Apple wants to completely turn the new episodes of the "Fraggles". And this would follow then back to the original idea, to produce Exclusive content for Apple TV+.

New anthology series based on the bestselling "anatomy of a scandal" (Netflix)

If you anthology can inspire a series, you should also follow closely the developments in the case of Netflix. The US group recently announced a new six-part series of this genre, which is based on the best-selling "anatomy of a scandal" by Sarah Vaughn. Netflix itself promises to be a series, in which not only the sexual freedom of movement is discussed, but also a scandal in the British Elite and the women that are involved. A fixed start date yet.

"Girls From Ipanema" - season 2 (Netflix)

series Comeback for the "Girls From Ipanema" (also known as the "Most Beautiful Thing") in the case of Netflix. From the 19th century. June, you can see there, the second season of the Brazilian drama series. It includes six 50-minute episodes and put you back in the 60s.

The content is linked to the end of the first season. Malu is still the ambitious woman, loving mother and loyal friend, as we know it from the first season. By Trauma however, it is stronger, but also harder, more authentic and unscrupulous become. Thereza has decided to dedicate her life to her family and her house, but I notice soon that you are missing something crucial: your work. Since the offer from a radio station comes just at the right time. Prior to your wedding Adélia think much of their Childhood and their father, Duke. You want to start with Capitao new, and your life a new sense of purpose. In the meantime, your sister Ivone of a typical Teenager, developed into a talented artist, who gets a Malus for help a Chance to prove themselves in a male-dominated industry.

"Bull" - season 4 (13th Street)

A few steps further in "Bull". 29. July can you at 13th Street (including Sky-customers-to-air) the second part of the fourth season of the American success series. In the Bulls last case, Chunks friend Reggie asks a consultant to an Elite boarding school, Bull and his Team for help. They are designed to support the parents of a deceased student in a dispute with the school after it is suddenly and unexpectedly passed away during the training.

"Thwarted" (TNT series)

the Five episodes will include the new mini-series "slowed down", the you the 14. June (19 clock) at TNT series can see. "Tatort"-Star Maria Furtwängler takes the main role, but also Annette Frier is one of the party. Special feature: The advertising revenues of the series and an additional 25,000 euros, according to TNT to the action #art emergency, the support of the Corona-pandemic-affected art and artists.

the Content is "slowed down" by Furtwängler played Beate in the center. She was not only leaving her husband, but the influence of loses after a driving under alcohol, your driver's license. There seems to be only one way out, but then Beate discovered on the Internet other people who have also overcome hopeless situations.

"Gangs of London" (Sky)

as of the 23. July, new in the Sky program: "Gangs of London". This is a nine-part Thriller series, which will celebrate its German Premiere on Sky Atlantic HD.

After the murder of a notorious London crime Lord, his son did not have to go to killer search, but the position of his family in the circle of the numerous gangs of London under world. To see Gangs of London ' is on Sky Atlantic HD every Thursday starting at 21:15 in double impact. And, of course, the on-demand Sky Ticket and on Sky Go. Lots of the new Sky-based, game-Original, by the way, on the same computer.

"Perry Mason" (Sky)

Also new at Sky: "Perry Mason". From the 31. July is the consequences of this new HBO to see the series on Sky Atlantic HD on Fridays at 20:15 clock in the double. Overall, the series includes the opening of eight episodes and takes place in Los Angeles in the 1930s.

The "city of angels" is booming in 1932, while the Rest of the world is slowly recovering from the economic crisis. The famous defender Perry Mason has always still suffer from his war experiences in France and the consequences of his broken marriage to. More bad than good, he works as a private detective. A failed kidnapping case, the Mason would like to solve, revealed to him how torn Los Angels is, despite the boom, and leads him to the Pentecostal Church and the mysterious preacher sister Alice.

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