Obituary on action artist Christo, has died at the age of 84 in New York | culture

The notion of packaging of artists he liked, after all, he made miracles come true. His works, the Wind of freedom blew around. An obituary for Christ. Now yo

Obituary on action artist Christo, has died at the age of 84 in New York | culture

The notion of packaging of artists he liked, after all, he made miracles come true. His works, the Wind of freedom blew around. An obituary for Christ.

Now you are reunited after eleven years: Jeanne-Claude and Christo. The world-artist Christo Javacheff, the on 13. June 1935 was born in Bulgaria and since 1964 in New York, lived, died on Pentecost Sunday. "Jeanne-Claude and Christo" – it was a breath, and they were always mentioned in the same breath: this symbiotic Team, the impossible made possible. For it was always: "don't Go there." And without the overbearing success of people posturing.

As Jeanne in 2009, died, it was feared that Christ would lose its power. The engine ran, however, further further, further – until now. Now the two nerves, probably, Peter and the angel to cloud cover and sky installations design. Above ground there is a small consolation. The veiling of the Parisian Arc de Triomphe, the Corona due to the had to be moved, to be carried out according to the Christos office in the coming autumn.

Christo is not usually referred to as a "wrapping artist", what he liked. "Cover" was the word he was making. And he knew how important the right words and Gestures are. Finally, he had to convince his self-financed Mega-projects, people, whether landowners or politicians, whether administrative or security officials, whether art collectors or environmentalists. That was very, very, very rarely easy, which is why some of concept, for decades, remained lying, or just flat fell.

The usefulness of thinking left behind

The miracle is that so much of all the Impossible has been achieved. This was also due to Christos, the second art of communication with different people. The Craftswoman has just understood what the artist wants her to be like the policeman who must lead the masses of visitors and protect, or how the society lion, to make his influence. All of them, the Cloak was strange, especially an art that makes no money, which is not meant for eternity – but they did. You enjoyed the Wind of freedom that blows, if we let the utility of thinking behind us.

Maybe they felt that this Veil is deeply rooted in us. It is cloaked in the Holy week before Easter the crucifix, covered with a corpse, covered earlier, the main in grief and pain, veiled the head of the one who is going to be executed. Christ is not veiled people. He wrapped and tied-up from end of the Fifties, early sixties (!) Items – was at the forefront of the avant-garde. Later, wrapped Jeanne-Claude, and he's building and Land/water marks. And regarding the Cover, the Not-see and Not-see-May to: in joy, Surprise, curiosity, and often folk festival atmosphere. Christos and Jeanne-Claude's game of hide and seek is cheerful, celebrating and enjoying unabashed beauty; above all, it makes seeing.

From this exchange benefited the most of the German Reichstag in Berlin. The chunky construction was already charged before the reunification of the extreme historical and ideological symbolism. After the turn the heart of the new capital of a United Germany and a particularly peaceful and freedom, full democracy, it should be this gloomy part. Architect Norman Foster worked hard in his rebuilding plans at the liberation. Jeanne-Claude and Christo, he succeeded in 1995.

people like the current President of the Bundestag Wolfgang Schäuble (CDU) on the project doubted the Couple and whose art is sincerely grateful (see right). The shimmering silver coating tore the building from its crouching gloom and aloofness. He was allowed to be a work of art – and one that was not just fair, but cloudy, and was allowed to smile, attracted people from all walks of life. Fair Gaudi was the same as the still-sunken Adore of beauty. The blissful mood in the crowd of people for two weeks out of the year 1995 will mark the Reichstag, Berlin, and Germany, hopefully, for always.

a Few Works were so political as the rich tags project

Few are the Work of Jeanne-Claude's and Christos so open politically. Often they are by the reactions of Governments and administrations. So buried the artist in 2017 because of Donald trump behavior for the last 20 years-cherished project "Over the River" in the state of Colorado, which would have set the Arkansas River is great in the scene. A different concept of Jeanne-Claude and he was able to realize Christ in 2016, at the Lago d'iseo (near the lake), the "Floating Piers".

His Team, which is led by his nephew, and he accentuated the dramatic mountain and lake landscape of the time, not obscuring, but with dark yellow glowing ridges and beach borders. The latter recalled the pink "Surrounded Islands" Miami in the early eighties. What is decisive is the dream of was in Italy, on-the-water-Go. This Land-Art work from the festival sparked a nation-Sog: exhilarating and dangerous. A gorgeous documentary has set the project, Christo and his Team for a monument. The need of his Fans now that he is dead, double as a comforting Reminder. For others, the experience of "Christ in action" is a Must.

In the movie made it quite clear that Christ is popular, but never chumming. Not in handling, not in his art. Sure, his drawings of the concepts are rock-solid craft. The secured him by the way his Livelihood, as he had disappeared off to Communist Bulgaria, and from 1958 in Paris, with portraits of the beat. By the he met the daughter of Jeanne-Claude. The Wind of freedom wore the two but only by obscuring and bold interventions: At the first attempt, the young lady had to distract the Paris police. Christ had closed in 1961 as a reaction to the construction of the Berlin wall, a street in His city with a wall of oil Barrels (a "Material," which he used recently reinforced). Because he had to be rewarded after the fall of the Berlin wall.


"Christo and Jean-Claude" in the Berlin Palais Populaire, Under den Linden 5; to 17. August, Mi.-Mo. 11-18 H, Do. to 21 PM; admission is free.

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