Corona-relaxations: Söder and Ramelow as against player - expert Virus explain-phenomenon | policy

Here is the Looser, because of the conservative crisis Manager: Bodo Ramelow and Markus Söder are against players in the Corona-crisis. But there are solid reas

Corona-relaxations: Söder and Ramelow as against player - expert Virus explain-phenomenon | policy

Here is the Looser, because of the conservative crisis Manager: Bodo Ramelow and Markus Söder are against players in the Corona-crisis. But there are solid reasons for this.

Chancellor Angela Merkel has given the book out of Hand: Now, the States of the Corona course. Bavaria and Thuringia loosen up in a very different Tempo. For the dispute between Munich and Erfurt. Markus Söder, and Bodo Ramelow, however, have quite understandable reasons for their Actions. Experts explain a phenomenon.

Munich/Erfurt - Heavy verbal artillery has been in the past few days, in the Corona-crisis. "Shot" has not been calculated on a country border along the former Iron curtain ...

"I would like that Bayern is still infected by the careless policy, which is made in Thuringia." the Bavarian Prime Minister Markus Söder (CSU) made no secret of the fact that the loosening exercises of his Thuringian counterpart Bodo Ramelow (Left) in the Corona-crisis fit at all.

And the Bavarian interior Minister Joachim Herrmann (CSU) threatened the East German neighbours, even with counter-measures. "We will certainly not sit idly by, like Ramelow is making great gains in the fight against the highly dangerous Coronavirus carelessly destroyed." Only the political fray, or is there more to it - perhaps hand fixed differences in the infection happen in the East and the West?

Corona-relaxations in Germany: Bavaria and Thuringia, as a counter-player

fact is: In the West Germany there are a few thousand deaths, in East Germany a few hundred - but with significantly less inhabitants. The calculated Statistical office of Thuringia now, the number of Corona-infections of the Federal States per 100,000 inhabitants. And since the values lie in the East German länder in which the West Germans, with the exception of Schleswig-Holstein.

Thuringia came in, for example, with 25. May, as Ramelow in the withdrawal from the General Corona-restrictions against nationwide criticism defended, 134 Infected per 100,000 inhabitants since the beginning of the pandemic. In Bayern it was Infected after 354, in Sachsen and Brandenburg 128 and North Rhine-Westphalia 208 Infected per 100,000 inhabitants. By far the lowest values recorded Mecklenburg-Vorpommern and Sachsen-Anhalt with 47 and 77 Infected per 100 000 inhabitants.

Corona-relaxations: the East, dropping in reaction to the current statistics?

Almost all of the East German Minister-presidents have made in the past few days, a far-reaching loosening of the Corona-payments restrictions in view, though less loudly than Thüringen. Also in the case of Prime Minister of Saxony, Michael Kretschmer (CDU) the speech was - as in the case of Ramelow - of Commandments instead of Prohibited.

May Ramelow goes on about - he left open by the Protocol note in the case of the Federal government and the States negotiated a new contact restrictions a exceptionalism . Almost defiantly, he said: "Because I row for a bit." "State regulations based interventions", which were only entitled, if the Infections require the. "This obligation is with us," said Ramelow. And: "I didn't tell anyone, pulls down the Mouth guard."

"Corona threshold" in Germany? Experts call the reasons for the low infection numbers in the East

But why is the Situation in the East is different than in the West? Experts cite several reasons for this: The relatively low population density , or relative high proportion of older people - in Thuringia, about one third of the 60 years and older. These people belong to the risk group, but they are considered to be less mobile and might a decelerating have the Virus spread cast, a statement from the Bremen Leibniz-Institute for prevention research and epidemiology.

And is likely to have less Eastern German ski resorts like Ischgl in Austria on holiday and the Virus introduced. As the restrictions in Germany started, there were between the Baltic sea and the Thuringian forest, only relatively few infections. The Corona-prevention seemed to be in an early stage, experts believe.

Corona-proposal to the test: the Thuringian Cabinet decides on Ramelows plans

Whether Ramelow, whose Corona alone can enforce speed ensures that, even in its red-red-green coalition in Erfurt, for irritations, for the next days show. This Tuesday (2. June) to the study of the Cabinet with the proposals of the heads of government, according to which only the distance bid and the mask duty* in public transport would remain. In addition, a limit of 35 new HIV infections per 100,000 inhabitants per week to apply - he is achieved, there are regional restrictions.

A Problem for Ramelow of the district sun mountain, stay right at the border to Bavaria, to the Söder looks. There are, as before, the Corona-outbreaks - last before Pentecost, in a nursing home with elderly residents.

On the weekend of the to put the Thuringian Prime Minister in a post on his website. "I want to give people good recommendations for dealing in the Private, but not enact bans, which will lead to police and legal measures," he said. The Virus cannot "arrest" - and also not afraid to fight. With views of Söder Ramelow said, need not be "threatening", but common measures.

Corona-measures in Germany: Söder benefits from the hard course Numbers are less clear

Should enforce Ramelow, could he apply as an Opener in the Corona-crisis, during Söder has scored, especially with its restrictive course*. The Bavarian Prime Minister has catapulted with his policy of increased caution on the popularity of German politicians to the top. In the latest ZDF-political barometer of the as a solid crisis Manager perceived Franke was ranked number two behind Chancellor Angela Merkel (CDU) . Meanwhile, it is even speculated louder than the Chancellor plans Söders.

the successes are not Söders not so clear. With Rosenheim, Regensburg and the district of Coburg in Bavaria since weeks the particular nationwide top of the class in the weekly numbers of people infected in proportion to the population. In Thuringia, there were days, the districts Greiz and Sonneberg.

According to a new survey Ramelow, with its price only every Fourth has behind: His radical easing plans will be rejected, according to the ZDF-political barometer, 72 percent of the Germans.


it Attracts Söder "in the North"? The Münchner Merkur* looks in the current plans of the Bavarian Minister-President is an indication of the Chancellor's ambitions - click here for the comment.

* is part of the nationwide Ippen-Digital editors network.

Date Of Update: 01 June 2020, 13:34

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