Moss Burger cinema before the restart: The challenge | Moosburg

The cinemas may 15. June re-open. The joy in Moosburg's Cinema Verena Dollinger is great - but also the challenge. Moosburg– For Verena Dollinger, the cinema

Moss Burger cinema before the restart: The challenge | Moosburg

The cinemas may 15. June re-open. The joy in Moosburg's Cinema Verena Dollinger is great - but also the challenge.

Moosburg– For Verena Dollinger, the cinema is a "place of meeting". The harder she, the 1 is for the 26-year-old Moss. January has taken the Rosenhof-light, the Corona of the time. For a good two months, no cinema visits are possible, and also, in the future, there will be significant limitations. In the FT Interview, the cinema operator, talks about the difficult Corona-the time and their impact, as well as the upcoming, possible re-opening of the 15. June and the possible limitations.

Mrs Dollinger, how are you as a cinema operator and restaurateur in the Corona-crisis?

It is a very difficult time: It was and is a depressing feeling when you walk through the house, and it's all empty. We had to switch on the projectors and servers, so technically, nothing happens, and the batteries can charge – and it is absolutely beautiful, if you look at the empty screens.

are you in the Corona-very creative . . .

We've been thinking quite a bit, to stay in contact with our guests: We have had at Easter with a Painting action, in the we three Easter baskets raffled off. Because there were so many submissions, and the kids had such a joy in the process of getting each child a free ticket – we have sent to you by Post. In addition, we have had a Popcorn-to-go sales and I also started to Take-away food to offer. And we have launched the Online coupon sale to the life for which as yet there was no time.

And also determined to invest time and money in the building itself, or?

exactly. We have brought the outdoor complex is completely up to scratch, and the screens have a basic cleaning. Seen in this way, we have used the past two months.

Nonetheless, Two to three months of closure to go financially secure to.

In all cases. We have the great advantage that we do not have to pay rent, because we are in our own building. But where the members are paying rent, we have investment and Financing repayments. It's all the Same.

the Prime Minister, Markus Söder, has announced that on 15. June, the cinemas should be opened again: Will it continue as before?

We need to wait and see what we get in pads. I hope that we get to it with a little more lead time than in the catering industry. It has to be all organized. It will probably look like this, that you have to adhere to in the cinema 1.5 meters distance, and the question is, how to implement is. There are different approaches: one is, every second row, in another a chess Board System. In other States, it is so that you can set per row access only a group of people is allowed to go to the movies together, in.

This is – financially – a strong incision.

Yes, that's true. Especially since you, irrespective of Corona, so not always 100 percent utilization – that is when the boar Hofer and James Bond, so, or maybe once on the weekend, but otherwise it never has a full house. With these distance regulations, you will come to a workload of ten to 20 per cent. This is the maximum theoretical utilization. And then, of course, is the question of how many people come or are too afraid to the movies.

Or how many people have bothered to go, given the circumstances of going to the cinema.

Exactly. It is not yet to be sure whether we will have a mask of duty, as in the theatre, or whether – as arts Minister Bernd Sibler has proposed the plastic visors worn. It remains to be seen how many people actually come and sign up.

Especially since not everyone has a visor.

would probably get, then we – and then of course clean and disinfect. This is a huge more expense. Since you have to ask yourself whether you can allow to the guests.

And coziness also looks different.

cinema is a place of gathering: In the cinema, I want to have fun, a few hours escape from everyday life and a carefree time. Can I allow the guests to actually, if I must say: your mask, or the shield must have? And the next step is the movies. . .

How do you mean?

people go only to the cinema, if it is a movie that speaks to you. Currently, we don't have a big movie selection available. Especially since all the big launches have been pushed back – the next one is planned for mid-July. This is the new Christopher Nolan Film "Tenet". But until then, there's a little movie starts.

Pays for it, and at, on 15. To open June, the cinema?

it is not Profitable. It would have helped us but now, if we can provide a safe and secure concept, which is reasonably economical, and at least the cost of a bit of can cover. Through all the conditions we need also a multiple of staff. Do not open if it is economically, we can't afford it for a long time – the last two months have sapped much of the substance. We know from other States: The visitor numbers are very manageable. Compared to before a break is part of the guests go to the cinema.

Would you have hoped for by the government of a other decision with respect to the cinemas? You may early open-term or generous when it comes to the restrictions? Or the requirements are appropriate?

I think the decision is okay. I think it's better if you can be even if it is very hard – slightly longer closed, as if in a three-to-four weeks with a Lockdown.

it Will be to Corona as it was before?

I think it will take a long time to somewhat come back to normal. The Corona-crisis will have an impact on all areas of society. So as it was before, that you sit next to a Stranger in the cinema, it will not be in the foreseeable future. And there will also be changes in the film industry.

complete the sentence: The year 2020 was/is. . .

. . . a challenge. For me it's especially bad, because I only 1. January I took over the business from my parents. I am now in front of challenges, which we have not had before. Our family has been making for 60 years of cinema, for the past 70 years, the Rosenhof-light games. We have never had during the running of the operation, three months. Apart from the reconstruction phase there was a larger Pause. But since we had no running game. But otherwise, we have two weeks holidays in the year and, therefore, for 350 days in a year.

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Date Of Update: 01 June 2020, 13:34

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