Free: 5 useful full versions for the home office

in the light of the Corona-crisis (Covid-19) ready to show a lot of solidarity and help. This also includes large enterprises belong to private individuals but.

Free: 5 useful full versions for the home office

in the light of the Corona-crisis (Covid-19) ready to show a lot of solidarity and help. This also includes large enterprises belong to private individuals but. The latter provided their services temporarily, free of charge, and ensure that people have within their own four walls as pleasant, comfortable, or productive time. Now we have weathered the worst of it, hopefully, and also a large part of the Free offer has already expired. But there are many out of work from the home office. And for this, we have searched for five useful and free Tools.

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In this list you find home-office-Tools, the home workers in Corona to help with the work. The applications include, among other things, the video meeting programs, Chat, communication tools, Office Software, and an all-rounder Bundle with a number of different programs for the home office. Typically, these services are all, at least for the Business area for a fee. Because of Covid-19 the developer, however, in solidarity and to offer the use of currently free – in some cases up to the end of the year. In one case, the Free use of it is even permanent.

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Google G Suite Google's G-Suite is a regular, free of charge. This includes services such as Google Drive, Google calendar, and Gmail, include. Now Premium is available for functions for up to 30. September free Hangouts, or Meet to be used – especially Google. This is a video conference Software, the full functionality is temporarily available at no extra charge. This includes Meetings (a maximum of 250 people), Live-Streaming with up to 100,000 spectators, and the possibility of the record sessions and save in Google Drive.

in Addition, Google has decided subsequently, the video conferencing Tool, Hangouts, Meet (recently Google Meet) permanently to all users, free of charge, available to.

  • Here's goes to Google G Suite

Three public plan Tools, The IT service provider public plan currently has a particularly extensive range of services to ministries, authorities, cities and municipalities in store. Interested can use three Tools free of charge until "at least" the end of the year. First of all, GovPad would be there; an Office Software to enable us to complete an anonymous, joint Work on documents. The second Tool, the name of the GovChat, and also: is A Chat program, its communication is encrypted, and with the help of which you can also share files with colleagues. Finally, Jitsi video conferencing as yet. The Tool expands the GovChat a video conference solution, which can be directly from the Browser used. Users need not install any additional Software.

The special feature of the three programmes is that they are different than the Software – run solutions, such as Google or Zoom in a German data center, ISO 27001, BSI-grundschutz and ITIL V3 certified. Whom the issue of privacy is important, you should grab it rather than to the public plan Alternative.

  • GovPad
  • GovChat
  • Jitsi video conference
public plan Inside mobile phone

Discord - the home office instead of Gaming Discord is especially in the case of gamers as a communication tool is known, may currently be, however alienated for the purpose of work. This Discord has raised the participant limit of the free service to Go Live, temporarily, from 10 to 50 people. With the Go-Live of the screen can be shared in real time with others.

Particularly interesting is this option for companies with a low average age, as many younger employees are likely to know the service already, and thus quickly be found. In addition, currently 25 to be able to communicate instead of 10 people together via video telephony. But caution in the use of the mobile network: The Video-conferences on Discord are real data hogs.

  • click Here to Discord

Blizz (TeamViewer-Tool) With TeamViewer can be used to control the Computer remotely, screens shared, video conferencing, and files can be transferred. Also TeamViewer enjoys a relatively high degree of recognition. The reason for this is simple: individuals can use the Software for free, businesses must pay for the use of contrast. Much less people the TeamViewer program Blizz know, however, that, at present, for (High-)schools is available free of charge. This is a Software for web conferencing. The maximum number of participants is 50 persons. However, the offer ends on December 31. July 2020.

  • click Here to TeamViewer
  • click Here to go to Blizz

Zoho Remotely - The specialist for the home office To the conclusion of a home office-pearl: Zoho Remotely is still to come. This is a collection of Tools that have been specifically developed as a support for the Work in the own four walls. Anyone looking for an all-rounder solution that is exactly right. Zohos Remotely Bundle can you to 1. September in the full version for free use.

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