Prior to the Europe Poker for the money, Merkel gets a sudden warning shot from its own ranks

of The 17. July 2020 could be as an extremely important day in the history of the European Union. The community must prove that it stands in the greatest Need.

Prior to the Europe Poker for the money, Merkel gets a sudden warning shot from its own ranks

of The 17. July 2020 could be as an extremely important day in the history of the European Union. The community must prove that it stands in the greatest Need. The Meeting of the heads of state and government in Brussels is not only the test-case for economic cohesion, but the European Union itself is in the burden of proof. Holds them together in the most serious crisis since the Second world war? The answer to this question will depend on how over 500 million people in the future Europe look. The question is what means "real Together" exactly, however, is less simple than long thought.

Before the Meeting tomorrow and the day after tomorrow stare in this country, many captured on the lady and the gentlemen who call themselves the "Thrifty Four": Sweden's Prime Minister Mette Frederiksen and her colleagues, Mark Rutte (the Netherlands), Stefan Löfven (Denmark) and Sebastian Kurz (Austria). Perhaps, but even a short look at Germany and is recommended to the local Parliament. Because the members in this country, as in all States – at the end of the green light for the billions of dollars in response to the Corona-crisis.

From here, precautionary warnings, in fact, now that the money some of the conditions of spread were observed. With a blank cheque, German Chancellor Angela Merkel (CDU) do not travel tomorrow to Brussels.

Signal to Angela Merkel: help only against pads

The desire for a powerful Signal of solidarity in the biggest crisis since the founding of the European community, is huge. Just some of the German members of Parliament fear, obviously, is the willingness to help out could be seen as a money-distributing action of the brand, "Hit the gravel".

the Chairman of The Union faction, Ralph Brinkhaus (CDU), expressed as – of course – more civilized: "of The 750-billion-a proposal from the EU Commission carries the risk of a gigantic misallocation of resources," writes brink house in a joint guest post with Hessen's Europe Minister, Lucia Puttrich (CDU) for the "Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung". Without "binding purpose bonds, for example, of reforms," there is a danger that the funds to "promote structures that have harmed Europe", warn the two CDU politicians.

SPD: "do Not re-master play"

The SPD in the Bundestag, sees it differently. "Especially during the German Council presidency, Germany should build bridges and not the Corona-re-build program to use to play the teacher for austerity measures and structural reforms," alleges Deputy group chief Achim Post. "Of course," it is important that the funds from the European recovery Fund to be used for investments that strengthen the economy and jobs in the affected member States and for Europe as a Whole, says the SPD politician FOCUS Online.

Post-warns: "It would be disastrous if we repeat the mistakes of the past and the Corona-reconstruction assistance only be done if the States at the same time economic austerity measures." The economic slump in many countries is not because of "unsound" economic, Social or budgetary policies, but Corona got you "has no fault to hit faster and harder than others".

SPD selects the same sound as German Chancellor Angela Merkel

In the tone of the Post is that much closer to the Chancellor than their own party friend Brinkhaus. Angela Merkel avoids any statement sound somehow to blame, or non-performing countries could provide the South with the impression of German arrogance. In the time of the financial crisis you learned that the important in the crisis countries of evil. After a Meeting with Italian Prime Minister Giuseppe Conte, the Chancellor, stressed recently: "This pandemic came through no fault of anyone about us." It is "to advise in great friendship and bond," to "this great humanitarian Disaster" and "economic weakness" together as well as possible to get out.

From the point of view of the Chancellor, the greatest danger for Europe is in danger is not currently on the field "Finance", but on the field of "Cohesion". Merkel is not concerned about the future of the community if it is proven these days as such.

"We are Europe"

The level of support for the Merkel-Macron-Plan with a volume of 500 billion Euro in grants is, in principle, very large. Also in the case of Union politicians. Also, the addition of EU Commission President Ursula von der Leyen (CDU) – loans in the amount of 250 billion euros – will be well received. "We are to Europe, and to a great, great solution," - said in management circles of the Union.

Only brinkhaus did not want to send a friendly reminder that it's currently a Solo for the Chancellor, but the Parliament has the last word. In the Union many are of the opinion that the European billion is to flow unconditionally. The Chairman of the working group of the CDU/CSU members of the European Parliament, Daniel Caspary, had already warned a few weeks ago: "The money may not hold in the national house percolate."

Look at what Rutte makes

Perhaps a different tomorrow and the day after a bit the Job of some of the German Union politicians done for you? The Dutch head of government Mark Rutte, the home two populists-political groups in the neck, had deposited a week ago during his visit in Berlin, even his attitude. Short version: money is only against the reform of member countries ' commitments.

First, small movements have emerged in the last few days. The EU Commission wanted to measure the assistance, especially in the unemployment figures of the member States before the crisis. Council President Charles Michel proposed a remedy: For 70 percent of the funds should remain with the Commission's proposal, 30 percent could be awarded on the Basis of the actual Economic collapse as a result of the Corona pandemic. The policy will be charged with financial matters"". There is a large game room. Because the total financial package of € 1.8 trillion. Because of the seven-year EU financial framework for the period up to 2027 is to be staked out.

summit, Angela Merkel's birthday

Angela Merkel has a birthday tomorrow. Many colleagues will congratulate her certainly of the heart and its great to show appreciation. A few billion with a bow, of course, to the European present-program. To give away, nobody in Brussels is traditionally something.

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