Arrow-and-bow-guerrilla in Camouflage-Optik: diffused scene of the forest runner

Since Sunday, the police according to Yves noise from Oppenau in the black forest. 31 years old, working and wohnsitzlos, with a history of arrests. With up to

Arrow-and-bow-guerrilla in Camouflage-Optik: diffused scene of the forest runner

Since Sunday, the police according to Yves noise from Oppenau in the black forest. 31 years old, working and wohnsitzlos, with a history of arrests. With up to 440 forces on Monday, with still about 200 on Wednesday. However, any trace of the Sought-after missing yet.

This is in part due to the large search area, the attempts of the police to comb through. More than eight and a half hectares, the forest area, where officials suspect the man still is. On the other hand, the area is densely forested, Depend on crossed, steep, impassable. The search, accordingly, difficult to get, says the police.

but Above all, the Wanted to see as a "forest runner", the get along well, alone with nature. "He lives in the forest, he feels safe here," says police chief Reinhard Renter on Tuesday at a press conference, the Years of the life circumstances of the 31 -. "The forest is simply to be the living room."

"Ranger" to distance themselves from the 'Kultis'

in terms of Content, this is exactly from the two-page Manifesto, the noise has not written to FOCUS Online information even. Prior to his immersion, but in a restaurant in Oppenau leave to have; it reflects his attitude, as the mistress of the FOCUS Online explains. Photos of the printed Text circulating online; excerpts to be found on the Ranger Forum "call of the Wild".

In Computer-generated flourishes font it says: "The 'cultured' man, the 'civilized' human is different from the 'wild' people and of the animals especially by the administration to be completely ignorant." And further: "The Wilderness, exposed to, would die of thirst, the 'Kultis' right next to a pond, next to a thicket freeze to death, right next to thousands of edible things to starve." This is mainly due to the fact that people thought it too technical. Background: What happened?

The 31-year-old Yves Rausch had last lived in a simple garden hut in which he was slumped. As the owner of the cottage at the weekend Wind of it, alerted the police. Four officials to control noise then; he pulls a shot gun on one of the police officers and flees with the service weapons of the police officers. Since then, the police have an APB out with a national and a European arrest warrant due to a particularly heavy predatory extortion to him. The penalty for such an act is between five and 15 years in prison.

Rather attentive is to Observe the environment is the key to survive out there. But not only, as it is in the Manifesto continues: "It also includes a healthy Dose of patience, the stomach, the scratches on the skin, the cold or heat is unbearable and the insects will keep a sting, Waiting for a favorable opportunity for the hunting, the rain – everything the want out." Life requires will, gnaw on one. However, "the sunshine, the tickle of the Barfüße, the fresh Wind after a hot summer day, the palate after a successful catch am."

  • All of the developments in the case, you can read in the News-Ticker of FOCUS Online.

Who are the people behind the "forest runner"scene?

said to be life out there very much more intense, is the final core message of the text, a "harmonious life in and with nature" is desirable. Just for Rangers, it was important to observe, not to stop, to let the connection not break off. "Not familiar so much on technology, don't think in terms of lanes, but observed, and let the ideas come to you," urges the Text.

Similar is also read on other "forest runner"-Blogs. The forest runners were people who lived from and with nature, it is called on. "You recognize the signs of nature and know how to interpret them. A Ranger not only survived in nature, it lives with nature, and he adores you.“

It is the criticism of a society that consumed all the time, the Abundance celebrates, resources wasted, and animals slaughtered operated in a Mass, simply because it tastes good. Ranger took only what they needed to Survive, to propagate, the authors of the Blogs. "They exploit nature unnecessarily. Animals must not die unnecessarily, and if an animal is hunted, not for trophies.“ Every living thing with dignity, "because each has its purpose in the cycle of life. And the the forest runners know," it says on the "Rangers Blog".

The Ranger scene is not a homogeneous flow, a uniform philosophy or sharp membership characteristics. Rather, the scene Chan moves lusting between a peaceful Eco-self-catering-existence and esoteric world of escape. How many followers are responsible for, it is seriously difficult to say.

Many of the "Rangers" are with the bow and arrow on the go

followers of the "forest läufertum operate" in varying degrees of intensity – to describe the part without itself accordingly. Some search only on the weekend, the adventure, wear Camouflage, and spend three days withdrawn in the forest. Others pursue the life-style of extreme and over longer periods of time. Most of them are loners; loner, as the police also describes Yves noise.

How you find yourself in the forest around, the pages in the grid, they also – for example, how not to die of thirst, how to make a fire, which self-defense strategies are helpful, when alone in the thicket of on-the-go. Also, the construction of an arch or of a bivouac to spend the night Outdoors will be explained. The Blog "call of the Wild" also recommends a recipe collection for the outdoor kitchen with simple recipes for pita bread out of three ingredients, or nettle soup.

consumer boycott so that comes first, rather harmless. Many of the "Ranger" are also armed, however, carry bow and arrows with himself. This applies, according to the police, also for Yves noise. In the case of control on Sunday, officials also found ammunition with him.

The pursuit of independence, adventure and Survial Kick

in the forest, to cope, to obtain food, is the corresponding Equipment part is necessary. The Kick for many of the "forest runner" is Set in the on-Alone-to-be, out of all civil corset, to experience independence and adventure. "I could even imagine that noise is what makes this Survivor number of fun," confirmed Survival Trainer Roger Meyer in an interview with FOCUS Online and predicts a potentially long search of the "Ranger" for weeks, if not months: "The weather is – even if it rains – just rather of secondary importance, because it is warm outside. If he is clever, he tries to make himself invisible and to hide where one would not look for him,“ says Meyer.

he cites the example of moss, the "forest runner" like noise, like a blanket over himself could place. Caves or rock crevices would work well as hiding places. To find the 31-Year-old, could develop so easily to the search for the needle in the haystack. Also on Thursday, the search for the "Ranger" continues on. Sports teacher Miklas supernatant Covid-19 - however, the late effects burden him still PCP sports teacher Miklas supernatant Covid-19 - however, the consequences weigh on him still


Date Of Update: 16 July 2020, 09:28

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