Vettel & d Ricciardo-Gage: McLaren sets rumours right

At the 13. May came thick and fast after the exclusive story on Sebastian Vettel's Ferrari-goodbye to '' in the German-speaking Internet,

Vettel & d Ricciardo-Gage: McLaren sets rumours right

At the 13. May came thick and fast after the exclusive story on Sebastian Vettel's Ferrari-goodbye to '' in the German-speaking Internet, the headlines, the future of the four-time world champion. Of a forthcoming "formula 1-blast" was, among other things, the speech: "to McLaren Vettel goes to Mercedes!" And elsewhere, it was reported, Vettel was at least "just before the signature".

The truth is: the stories turned up, had Daniel Ricciardo in his McLaren signed the Treaty already, and Renault team boss Cyril Abiteboul on his departure informed. For about two weeks, so information from '', the Australian, and the Team of Andreas Seidl so closely in contact that draft contracts were sent to and fro. The signature was just a formality.

Seidl admits in an Interview with 'Sky' that he has spoken to Vettel "in the last days again and again". Maybe someone could put one and one together and it three made. The issue Vettel had made for McLaren but, in truth, "never. We had also never really negotiations or a contract is offered, as it is partially wrong, it was reported."

"I also, of course, an exchange with Sebastian because I know him, and treasures from the past," says Seidl. In his talks with Vettel, you don't have to talk "only about the formula 1". About switching to McLaren it was never concrete, because: "We are not to assume that Sebastian will be available."

Vettel and Ferrari: Happened, the break in Brazil?

Carlos Sainz has informed McLaren by the end of 2019, that Ferrari have signalled interest in him and negotiations for 2021 would like to deepen. The collision between Vettel and Charles Leclerc at the Grand Prix of Brazil, as an Insider, the suspect could have been for Mattia Binotto, an impetus finally to look at other ways.

But because McLaren had for 2021 is an Option to Sainz, came the Spaniards, without the green light from Woking in Maranello. Seidl confirmed: "all the time We had a very open and transparent exchange with Carlos. We have allowed him to explore different opportunities for him. We also knew that he will talk with Ferrari."

"at the same time, we have sought for some time, the conversation with Daniel. After it was clear that Carlos is the Option Ferrari was very interesting, we have decided then, to get Daniel on Board, so that in the end we are all very pleased with the outcome."

The process had moved, finally, through months, reveals Seidl and emphasizes: "For us, it was clear that it will be at the end of Carlos or Daniel. After the decisions have been made for Ferrari in relation to the future of Sebastian, we have been able to in the end, the final contracts to sign."

Vettel was "as a four-time world champion, in principle, an asset to any Team." In the interviews with Seidl was gone but about a team change, never to the last Detail. "Because for us the direction of: Carlos or Daniel was always clear," says Seidl, quite explicitly, the question of whether Vettel about the possibility of a team change was spoken.

Ricciardo: media reports on Traumgage of 93 million

Munich is currently sought by the way, more speculation in the press capture. So several Internet portals currently report that Ricciardo 2021 and 2022 with a success premium of up to 93 million U.S. could earn dollars. That would make him probably the highest paid driver of formula 1.

But those numbers games are devoid of any basis. Seidl makes it clear: "The sums that are partially rumgeistern in the press, definitely not true. We have good resources at McLaren, but also not unlimited."

industry experts believe that Ricciardo is substantially more expensive than Sainz to cash in 2020 to around three million euros Jahresgage. However, of the 25 million euros he has earned Renault a year, he is away at McLaren for sure far. The Spanish 'Marca' reported a base salary of ten million euros.

Seidl: "We are very, very happy with the agreement that we have with Daniel to meet. He is generally interested in athletic development for him. He believes in the sporting development at McLaren in the next few years. I think that was the deciding factor for his decision."

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