Comeback of the Diesel? Older self-starter, suddenly sought after as the younger

Since the beginning of the exhaust-scandal in the year 2015, the Diesel is broken-the market for cars significantly. A high loss of value, mainly for compressio

Comeback of the Diesel? Older self-starter, suddenly sought after as the younger

Since the beginning of the exhaust-scandal in the year 2015, the Diesel is broken-the market for cars significantly. A high loss of value, mainly for compression-ignition engine emission standards Euro 4 and Euro 5 was the result. Approximately 50 percent of new registrations of Diesel slipped in the Popularity scale to the bottom, and the Europe-wide. In March 2020, only 31 per cent of all newly registered cars in Germany are Diesel.

Suddenly popular Used Diesel

But now an interesting development. As Germany's largest car market platform exclusively for FOCUS Online, older Diesel emission standards Euro 4 and Euro 5 now seem to be more negotiable than new auto-ignition of the various Euro 6 standards. Here, the Auto-Newsletter

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"looking at the different Euro classes, there is a clear Trend visible – older Diesel (Euro 4) with about 40 days, much faster from the farm than younger vehicles (Euro 6c: an average of 69 days; Euro 6d Temp: on average, 65 days)", the statisticians of The "days" denote the time that a used car up for sale on the you know what. The lower the number of days, the more desirable a vehicle. development of the demand for used Diesel cars of the emission standard Euro 5: average prices are slightly increased and the cars will be faster.

With 36.5 per cent sold around one third in the case of offered Used a Diesel Overall, the offer fell by 9.7 percent since 2019 - which, given the slump in the Diesel sales, not a miracle. The days decreased, compared to the prior-year period, but from 60 to 52 days (minus 12.3 percent).


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prices significantly in

And also the achievable prices are better. "So the increase in Diesel vehicles with an increase of 7.2 per cent, slightly higher than the rise in the overall market (+4.4 per cent)", have the experts for FOCUS Online calculated. development of the demand for used Diesel cars in the "Super Clean"-Euro 6 emissions standard d temp: The average prices are significantly the last

rose also Interesting is the trend in the price of the individual emission standards in the annual comparison (March 2019 to March 2020):

  • Euro 4 average price 7575 Euro (plus 7.9 per cent)
  • Euro 5 is the next of covetousness: average price 14.683 Euro (plus 5.3 per cent)
  • Euro 6b: average price 23.659 euros (+4.3 per cent)
  • Euro 6c: average price 35.403 euros (+4.4 per cent)
  • Euro 6d temp: average price 43.800 Euro (plus 5.6 percent)
New Diesel have not a pollutant-is a Problem more

used car buyers seem to have confidence in the self-igniter is not lost. While modern Diesel due to their complex exhaust gas cleaning, in principle, more prone to error, and probably not quite as durable as their predecessors, just apply the Euro 4 and Euro 5 Diesel to be robust. Especially abroad, as a result of driving bans fall in prices was welcomed by older diesel engines, many cars went to Eastern and southern Europe . AEB Germany used Diesel vehicles to be exported - especially to Eastern and southern Europe,

The current diesel engines have become extremely clean; for the long-planned and now introduced Euro 6 emission standard d temp in most real traffic situations. This is a Test of the car magazine "Auto Motor & Sport", in the three latest Diesel were checked finished last. "Were measured for the NOx-values of the four-cylinder VW Golf 2.0 TDI, Mercedes GLE 350 and the BMW 520d in the real traffic in the city, on country roads and the highway. The result: All three of the new diesel vehicles with minimal emissions to impress. Even in the city, where the emissions are at their highest, to convince the three models with very good values significantly below the limit value. Also the particle emissions at all three of the cars far below the limit values, both in terms of the number of particles and their mass," concluded the magazine, which has for years run the exhaust gas test, together with the independent lab Emission Analytics from the UK. Auto Motor & Sport, Current Diesel cars in the exhaust-gas-real test: It is no harmful substances come almost out of the exhaust

by the end of 2015, as the diesel scandal became known, issued Euro-6 Diesel in the road transport of up to 1000 mg of NOx per kilometre. At the time, only Tests in the laboratory were required under ideal unrealistic conditions, but no Tests on the road under real-world conditions. The car would still hold 10 years – still scrapped: scrap dealer shows Diesel-insanity FOCUS Online junkyard full of Diesel: car would still hold 10 years – still scrapped: scrap dealer shows Diesel-madness

ADAC speaks clearly for the Diesel

the ADAC ventures in the light of the test results from the cover. "The diesel engine will be declared wrong to lump the scapegoat for the environmental pollution in the transport sector“, says Karsten Schulze, technology President of the ADAC, in front of the "Auto Motor & Sport". "A modern Diesel that complies with the exhaust Standard Euro-6d-Temp, no longer emits more nitrogen dioxide as a very clean petrol engine," says Schulze.

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announced in view of the fact that the current crisis on the car market hampered sales of the more expensive electric cars, but this will be used for compliance with the world's most stringent CO2 limits, the EU urgently, and thus in the balance of your Fleet is missing reasons, are not able to abandon the car manufacturers of climate protection as quickly on the low-CO2 Diesel. Diesel or Plug-In Hybrid - which is better? The great duel FOCUS Online/Wochit Diesel or Plug-In Hybrid - which is better? The great duel

If the producers tear their CO2 targets, threaten billions in penalty payments into the EU coffers. Although manufacturers such as VW or BMW, in the meantime, also have many electric models in the program, as well as Plug-In Hybrids. But, first of all by production stops in the virus crisis and the slump on the car market in Germany in March to a whopping minus-38 per cent - there are significant risks. "By the buying restraint in the Diesel the fuel consumption of their Fleet has risen again lately. Thus, the share of diesel vehicles in new registrations for 2015 from 48 to 32 percent. In the case of Mercedes in the fleet consumption increased from 134 grams to 2018, to 137 grams of 2019. Company-internal projections hold for 2020 penalties of the scarce one billion euros for possible. The Volkswagen group is to pay a fine of more than four billion Euro threatens Europe", according to "Auto Motor & Sport".

driving bans for Euro 5 Diesel is unlikely

Also, the driving ban issue is expected to slowdown in the coming months. While cities such as Stuttgart continue to insist on Diesel-driving bans, and in several cities in locked zones or roads for Euro 4 Diesel, the Blockade of Euro 5 diesels so far, the exception. 1,6 litres fuel consumption – really? This Mercedes is the Diesel to 1.6 liters fuel consumption save FOCUS Online – really? This Mercedes is to save the Diesel.

this should not change anything, because the Corona of the crisis brought on by the involuntary movements-reduction of quasi-random finding, it is the by the German environmental aid (DUH) claimed correlation between the Diesel cars of certain pollutant classes, and exceeded NOx Genzwerten in the alleged relevance is not there ( read more here). Any city that wants to expand your driving prohibition zones, should therefore be extensive and could expose them to a lawsuit-risk-affected car owners, and entrepreneurs that could challenge the current data as the basis for the bans. In addition, self-locks with the existing Prohibited not all of the cars out there are exceptions for vehicles with Software Updates, if they have been approved by Kraftfahrt-Bundesamt . In the worst case, bans can be complex retrofit systems, which have been paid by some manufacturers.

Söder talks about Merkel's Occur in the Corona-crisis: "she has nerves of steel," FOCUS Online/Wochit Söder talks about Merkel's Occur in the Corona-crisis: "she has nerves of steel" In FOCUS Online/News5 In

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