Threats and hatred: In Lijanas GNTM-outlet ProSieben makes it much too easy

the a long time most ambitious is not the most candidate of all the candidates already on the victory, was already in front of the 15. The Finale of "Germany'

Threats and hatred: In Lijanas GNTM-outlet ProSieben makes it much too easy

the a long time most ambitious is not the most candidate of all the candidates already on the victory, was already in front of the 15. The Finale of "Germany's Next Topmodel" in the clear. Lijana from Kassel, Germany had taken on the role of this year's GNTM-Staffel-bitch. A must give in to the logic of the show all the time.

Lijanas top remarks against the competition, your desire to convince Heidi Klum, were not well received. A flood of messages of Hatred and insults in the network were the result. But not only that: she had been spat at on the street by a man with the words, "Three millions of want to your death. I can do this now.“ Poison baits had been designed for your dog, you've been under police protection, as described Lijana drastic consequences in the "image"-newspaper.

Bang, after three quarters of an hour

The Finale she wanted to get behind, she was glad that, due to the Corona-pandemic no audience in the hall was that they could Boo. And she wanted to set a sign against bullying.

The fact Lijana after about three quarters of an hour. A Walk to the 24 stepped-Year-old with a coat on the stage, on the some of the insults against them were printed – "Bitch", "Shit", "die", "abnormal" was there to read. This coat Lijana icon stripped and then continued to your Bang.

"In the last 16 weeks I've lived my dream, I have laughed, cried and fought. Sometimes a bit too much, so I hurt others and I am sincerely sorry,“ she apologized first. You went to the incitement and threats against you and then stressed: "I won't be the fodder for more hatred, because from now on I only hear on my heart and that's why I'll pass on the finals." Applause from the Band was recorded. Glomex

Klum and colleagues were surprised

Heidi Klum, the corona due to the in the Finale of their Show from Los Angeles was on, was just as surprised as the photographer Christian Anwander, the led in its place in the Studio in Berlin through the Show. Lijanas speech was prepared for and read. Whether your exit was in the middle came in the final really well for the image-makers, surprisingly or earlier, but agreed, it was disagreement reigns among the spectators. A station spokeswoman said on request by FOCUS Online: "ProSieben and Heidi Klum have experienced it in the same Moment as the audience. Live.“ Screenshot / ProSieben, Heidi Klum reacts from Los Angeles to Lijanas exit.

Klum said on the Show: "I'm shocked. You have definitely polarized this season, but what happened to you there, that definitely goes too far. (...).“ And she added tersely: "I think it is a pity, that you now get out, you're a great girl." This or a similar phrase we have heard countless times from her when she adopted one of her girls. The big Surprise in the PCP responses to Lijanas exit in the finals are The big Surprise in the

Different Echo on Lijanas outlet

in different ways. Many pay tribute to her in the social media of respect for a courageous step. But there are also critical voices. "Lijana throw the media in the final voluntary. What's the Message? The people have pronounced their death threats and have been lurking, have won?“, a User asked.

in fact, the question of whether Lijana can't, after her speech on the topic of bullying the competition simply would have. Questionable especially your words of Heidi Klum are: "thank you so very much for this time, your Show is great, it has nothing to do with it!" Screenshot / ProSieben Lijana shortly before her exit in the Finale.

ProSieben makes it easy to

But that's exactly it. Over weeks, a focus had been placed in the show, quite deliberately, on the tips of Lijana against the competition on your Beef with the other candidates. Quarrel and catfight, run in and own always been good.

Klum has highlighted the very end Lijanas giant ambition. It was the most ambitious contestant of all seasons, said Klum – and meant this as praise, not as criticism. Season for season is to be trimmed, the girl is to have to Klum to prove how much they are really "top model" and the competition want to leave behind. Again and again the candidate will be able to raise indoor consciously against each other with questions such as: Who has the makings of a top model?

A stale aftertaste urged to

Lijana wanted to show that they wanted it most of all. And she realized that she shot over the target. Annoying is how easily ProSieben made it in the Finale, as Lijanas true life had long since become a "nightmare", as you said.

After their departure, was remarkably moved quickly to the agenda of the glittering finals without any problems. In the Walk of the "Top 20", which by now was only a "Top 19" was missing Lijana without comment.

The bland flavor not to be missed, that the creators of the Show, including Klum weren't so unhappy about the unpleasant part was Lijanas exit from the table. The question of the responsibility of the sender of a casting show, whose "bitch" is now under police protection, was completely hidden. And also Lijanas euphoric reaction that she was "sooooo happy" after their decision, gave the wrong impression, as the hostility and threats are now suddenly history, and overcome. Glomex

topic: GNTM 2020 in the News Ticker - "GNTM"Finale 2020: Lijana throw - Jacky is Germany's Next Topmodel

Heidi's speech at the end is not enough

The legitimate criticism was, in fact, on the net, according to that ProSieben will need to devote would have been in the final the issue of bullying more time. The transmitter rejects this: "With the Finale ProSieben crowns a competition. And since the topic of bullying with the appearance of Lijana had room much. In addition, one-player ran during the finale to the Anti-cyber bullying campaign with Lijana“, said ProSieben spokeswoman.

advertising is a small one-player on the topic of cyber bullying in the breaks is too little. And when otherwise, the Show is an absurd "Personality Award" for the extension of the transmission time is assigned, and Designer Philipp Plein from his appearance advertising an embarrassing infomercial for his new perfume, may make the Designer well-noted that in a follow-up to the "head-to-characters" in the camera made, because a GNTM-candidate could not run as desired on his shoes.

If a Sender wants to seriously put up a fight against bullying and exclusion is a sign, and he would have to, in heated times like these, the armed protagonists during the shooting for the speech and to ask for a debate. But it is not enough to ensure that Heidi Klum calls in the last seconds of the finale once more for a short in the camera: "There are so many shit happen things just – less hate, more tolerance!" Since you made it once again easy. After Lijanas withdrawal: participants celebrate their decision PCP To Lijanas withdrawal: participants celebrate their decision, a Thunderstorm and a drop in temperature: the change in the weather PCP Thunderstorms and drop in temperature comes: Now the change in the weather

Date Of Update: 22 May 2020, 19:27

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