TuS-Badminton: money's gray hair | Geretsried

After the rise in the 2. Bundesliga: Successful Geretsrieder Department wants to Finance with a Crowdfunding project for their Junior work. Geretsried – Over

TuS-Badminton: money's gray hair | Geretsried

After the rise in the 2. Bundesliga: Successful Geretsrieder Department wants to Finance with a Crowdfunding project for their Junior work.

Geretsried – Over many years, Geretsried, the badminton division of the TuS to a nationally recognised size – in particular, what is the work of young people can be, and is developed. The fruit is harvested the Active and responsible two years ago with the successful ascent into the 2. Bundesliga Süd, which includes the local talents of Ann-Kathrin Spöri, Michelle Deschle, and Noah and Samuel Gnalian were involved. The team got off after only one season, but this year it is with mixed with other talented young star like Simi Pal and Philipp Bußler in the Regionalliga again in the front of the. However, the point of the game operation in March, Corona was canceled due to the TuS, however, was as a table leader from the Association the green light to the second League. to be able to

this class for as long as possible to keep, would like to create the Department of a Foundation: "We want to expand the Badminton base Geretsried and ensure that we can set up our First team for the most part from its own plants," explains Markus Krekemeyer. The 28-Year-old takes care, therefore, to the advertising for a Crowdfunding project, with the division's other supporters want to win. "We wanted to expand this year, our offers and training camps for children. Unfortunately, the us pulled out due to Corona some sponsors or make less money,“ says Krekemeyer.

The financial effort for the promotion of talent is considerable. "Every year about 15 000 euros for trainer fees. There are eight instructors are active, two of them with A license,“ explains the TuS-speaker, even in the Second team is active. Thus, it is possible for all Teams registered for a well-coordinated Training. "Some of the aspects we want to hold others in the next year and even expand," says the 28-Year-old and is called, among other things, weekly and weekend training camps as well as the support of youth tournaments by qualified Coaches. Currently, as in many other disciplines also in Badminton, the sport on ice. "Unfortunately, we can't for three months in the hall," says Markus Krekemeyer. Therefore, the Active keep the strength training at home as well as Jogging fit. "Several times a week, we conduct Online units. Here are two alternately make our coach weekly Exercises that you can reproduce this on the Webcam.“ And unfortunately not the last, "that we were able to celebrate due to the sudden season-leaving no ascent party". For the Crowdfunding project, the managers have to think of some. Supporters can now, but only up to the 28. June, via an Internet portal an amount of money in a self-chosen amount to donate. "This is achieved by us on 5555 Euro Limit, the TuS, the money paid out, and also from a Fund of Toyota a premium for each conveyor," explains Markus Krekemeyer. It remains, however, below the maximum limit, the Badminton division empty, and the sponsors get their money back. "So, it's after the All-or-Nothing principle."

+ sponsors premium: For a donation of 600 euros would be the badminton team, the hair grey color.

What affects the premiums for the donors, so the division of the many practical and also funny things come to mind. There is, for example, a multi-function door opener for the Corona times of a team in penzberg company, a new Outdoor-badminton, ball, gift certificates from bike Oswald in Wolfratshausen, as well as Shirts, towels and shirts, which were designed by the geretsrieder company Furevo.

The money lenders can opt for moral coupons. "We make a Drive-In for vacuuming in the car. Or you may wish for an enema-a Song for the home games of the First team, a Match against our Cracks unsubscribe, or a training session with a player or our diploma in coach Udo Lehmann deny“, is one of the speakers on Saves. Particularly funny is the Topprämie, however, is: "The player of the TuS I will for the first point, the hair game grey color when someone to the Crowdfunding contributes 600 euros."

Should be the Limit of 5555 Euro skipped, "is the Surplus to 100 per cent in training sessions and community actions," emphasizes Krekemeyer. And, of course, all supporters will also receive a donation receipt for your tax Declaration.

news on the Internet: www.toyota-crowd.de/tus-geretsried

Updated Date: 10 June 2020, 03:33

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