100-million Deal for Leipzig - Waiting for Werner-Transfer | football

While Michael Ballack holds the possible exchange of Timo Werner to Chelsea for a "good decision", makes it clear RB-in-chief Mintzlaff: It is not a request f

100-million Deal for Leipzig - Waiting for Werner-Transfer | football

While Michael Ballack holds the possible exchange of Timo Werner to Chelsea for a "good decision", makes it clear RB-in-chief Mintzlaff: It is not a request for the striker is, the clause is not drawn. A 100-million-Deal-RB Leipzig confirmed.

Leipzig (dpa) - The 100-million Deal with lender Red Bull and the light-SC Paderborn will be forthcoming farewell to Timo Werner made the disappointing 1:1 against the conclusion at RB Leipzig almost beside the point.

The coming days will be for the Saxons exciting, because up to 15. June, must take advantage of national player is Werner his opt-out clause for the impending move to Chelsea. "So far, neither Timo Werner has moved the clause, nor any Association has sent us a transfer of the contract. Up to now, nothing is cut and dried," said RB chief Executive, Oliver Mintzlaff to do so.

For RB confirmed further back in time, million Deal with Red Bull. A debt of 100 million euros for the financial year 2018/2019, the team has strengthened, thanks to his sponsor Red Bull to be equity. "It is a transaction that is completely normal, especially in the private sector, but also in the business of football and also in the Bundesliga," said financial Director Florian Hopp from the German press Agency. For him, the longer back the underlying transaction was a stroke of luck in the Corona-crisis.

Moral criticism of the business model with the shower manufacturer rejects Hopp. The 40-Year-old stressed that it was a gift of the donor. "The question is clearly answered in the negative. Then gift tax would not apply, which is not the case. In addition, Red Bull gets to his loss of interest in the Form of a preferred dividend to offset," said Hopp. It was not so, that Leipzig have now an additional 100 million euros to the account.

This should flow in soon 50 to 60 million by the Werner-exchange - even if no one wanted to confirm the Deal officially. Team-mate Lukas Klostermann said the Transfer was not a Team in the team: "No, we have not yet spoken about it. Just because the proclaim all? I have not heard from him yet, so I believe it." Kevin Kampl stressed that the possible change for the team, plays no role. "You have seen, he always hangs in until the last. Personally, I can only wish all the best," he said of his teammates.

Clear the former national team captain Michael Ballack, who played with Chelsea Manager Frank Lampard from the 2006 to 2010 for the Blues expressed. "I think with Chelsea, he opted for a club to play where he has a greater Chance of, which is very important for him," said Ballack in the TV-transmitter Sky.

The visibly pissed-off RB Coach Julian nail man took the this Time goalless Werner in protection. "No, it has not charged. It has nothing to do with the hype surrounding his Person, the hype he knows, since he is fourteen and a half," said the head coach. Previously, the 24-year-old striker Werner two had been awarded great opportunities, in the 66. Minute even the empty goal misses.

The lack of enforcement assets against the table the last nail in the man who wants to beat the most successful season of the club with 67 points in 2016/17, at its own claim to doubt. RB no home victory in three Games since the restart, six counters were slightly playful finish. "We could make a giant step towards the Champions League, we are all aware of," said Kampl and said: "That so what happens, is extremely unnecessary."

the Yellow-Red card was Meant for Dayot Upamecano, due to ball wegschlagens (44. Minute). The scene angered also nail man: "That was a key moment, that can't happen," he said. "I hope that the team has the structure, to clarify it for yourself."

nail man missing instinct in his team the killer. Although the guide was Send by Patrik (27.) after the presentation of Werner nicely played out, after that callousness was missing, however. After the break, the depleted Leipzig broke. Christian Strohdiek shocked RB in the second Minute of stoppage time, with the balance of Paderborn and received the theoretical Chance on the Class whereabouts. A success in the descent, however, is the match against Werder Bremen next Saturday duty.

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Updated Date: 10 June 2020, 03:34

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