This mixture makes PSG will be dangerous – for himself

The pressure It is the fourth Out threatened in the eighth final in the series Since the start of the hard-to-rich owners Qatar Sports Investments in 2011, P

This mixture makes PSG will be dangerous – for himself

The pressure It is the fourth Out threatened in the eighth final in the series

Since the start of the hard-to-rich owners Qatar Sports Investments in 2011, Paris Saint-Germain in the Champions League, never the semi-finals, although the squad the year is finished for the year costly, and the Triumph in the Premier class are the clear target. Around 1.5 billion Swiss francs alone the expenditure on transfer fees. By 2016, PSG failed four times in a series in the quarter final, in the last three even in the eighth-final.

Particularly brutal and should not be forgotten that the retirement of 2017 against Barcelona. After a 4:0 home Paris lost the return game after three goals in the last minutes 1:6, of the outstanding Neymar led Barcelona back to success, not only because of his two goals in the 88. and 91. Minute to the 4:1 and 5:1.

a year Ago, the Parisian star force, retired after a 2:0 for Manchester United at home embarrassing 1:3. Neymar, since 2017 at PSG, was absent injured and watched the sunset as the viewers stunned. "We need to stop selling fear," said Kylian Mbappé, the other star striker, then.

The pressure is, therefore, 2020 is particularly great. The performance in the first leg of the eighth finals at Borussia Dortmund was a little underwhelming – the flattering 1:2 at least an acceptable result. A stroke of genius Mbappés enough: After excellent work by the French world champion the important away goal managed to Neymar. Dortmund with the young double-goalscorer Erling Haaland was celebrated, but the PSG 1:0 is enough to come to the Next. And for the evil spirits. "We have an experienced Team," says the Brazilian Marquinhos. "And we know that we can beat anybody."

is The coach Tuchel in the review – despite the opportunity to four title

The Situation at PSG, however, once again, chaotic. For coach Thomas Tuchel, once in Dortmund in discord divorced, it goes against the Borussia to his Job. He was after the debacle against Manchester United, surprisingly, in the office, a second early, you would not forgive a Failure to him. "We need to be brave", says Tuchel, "and not thinking of the pressure."

've had easier times as a coach: Thomas Tuchel. (Photo: Keystone)

The German has found a pragmatic way to keep his capricious attacker reasonably happy. The other must work, so that the two can conjure up. That sounds like an insult for tactics-Nerd Tuchel. Mbappé responded with substitutions, sometimes still like a little child, you took away the toy. And Neymar is anyway unlikely to lead to and attended parties, even if he is injured.

According to the sports newspaper "L'équipe" sports Director Leonardo last week a special meeting, to remind all of the footballer the fact that they live for their performances on the lawn and not in the night, as well as Social Media paid will be kept.

Tuchel is also in the criticism, because he came in last and weird system experiments. Long's successor as the Italians Massimiliano Allegri will be traded. On the other hand, Paris can win this season with four titles – the Team is in the Final of the French Cup as well as the Ligapcups and is ahead in the Ligue 1 far.

The super star neymar is outstanding, but very often

To Neymar injured, there is never peace. 28 the Brazilian is now, he should – as measured by his Talent on a par with Cristiano Ronaldo and Lionel Messi are, has similar Skorerwerte like the two in this age, his performances are often outstanding. In 500 games, including the national team, he has scored 304 goals and 192 assists. But he worries constantly for the theatre. With wife stories and Brazil travel, injuries and change of desires.

Currently, Neymar is aiming for a return to Barcelona. It's supposed to cost just under 200 million Swiss francs, which would make him the second most expensive in football history – behind Neymar, went 2017 for 222 million euros, to Paris. He should be ready to earn instead of 38 to 24 million euros a year.

In the case of PSG, it's not like Neymar, even after nearly three seasons, really, half of the games he missed also hurt. After the first leg in Dortmund, he said it was difficult for him, because he had been previously for weeks not used. A "political decision" had been criticized Neymar. The Qatari owners had allegedly demanded that their outrageously expensive workers will be spared before the game in Dortmund, so he can't hurt himself again.

The SorgenMbappé is questionable, Icardi offended, Verratti locked

Neymar and Mbappé so to fix it today for Paris. This match the plan is simple, but to defend for the opponents is often difficult. Wherein Mbappé was absent on Monday and Tuesday because of a Angina in the Training, and its use is highly questionable. He was also a Coronavirus Test, which was, however, negative. At the last PSG game a week ago excelled Mbappé and Neymar at 5:1 in the Ligacup-semi-final away from home against the strong Lyon: Mbappé met three times, Neymar was nearly unstoppable and scored a goal. However, he was fouled again regularly hard and limped several times.

Is probably missing due to Angina: Kylian Mbappé. (Photo: Keystone)

The personnel problems in the Parisian luxury of the Ensemble are already considerable. Defensive leader Thiago Silva could be after a thigh injury, at least, just in time for tonight. The valuable right-back Thomas Meunier is locked, however, as well as the even more valuable strategist Marco Verratti. In addition, striker Edinson Cavani is in months, dissatisfied, because he is rarely used and the Club want to leave.

Today, the Uruguayan is likely to play, especially since its competitor, Mauro Icardi feels, despite of 20 duty game gates of Paris. Icardi should, several media reported that do not feel integrated into the Interplay between Neymar and Mbappé, the two would not serve him with enough templates. In this dangerous mixture of discontent and selfishness, impatience and nervousness, Paris Saint-Germain comes on Wednesday evening against the form of strong, counter-gifted Dortmund a groundbreaking game. It is because of the Coronavirus, a spirit. And it speaks little for PSG, except for the special class of his free spirits.

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