A Milanese woman benefits from the Virus

The Young Boys were last spring, Sofa-master. Rafael Nadal returned in late autumn without playing on the Tennis throne. And Federica Brignone? Get the big ball

A Milanese woman benefits from the Virus

The Young Boys were last spring, Sofa-master. Rafael Nadal returned in late autumn without playing on the Tennis throne. And Federica Brignone? Get the big ball for the victory in the overall world Cup, according to a Directive issued by the Swedish Board of health.

during the Captains meeting early on Wednesday evening, the coach learned of all the country associations of the cancellation of the three races in Are. In the case of three members of the Sponsor Support Teams of the world Ski Federation FIS last week had occurred symptoms for the presence of the Coronavirus. One Person was tested positive, she was recently in Norway Kvitfjell and is, like the other Involved in the quarantine. The FIS announced that, the Vulnerable were, at least, get into Are not in touch with anyone. In addition, the physicians would have reacted immediately.

roll-over due to tragic circumstances

The Swiss head coach Beat Tschuor says, not only he had been caught on the wrong foot. "We trained quite normal. Then everything went suddenly fast." FIS race Director Peter Gerdol assumes the well-being of all Involved would be in the foreground, the decision was no alternative. So there was no protests, not even from the USA or Slovakia. Mikaela Shiffrin and Petra Vlhova could have been in the ball-fighting intervention.

and the season ended on may 29. February. An unusual date to fit in with the crazy last few weeks. In La Thuille was too much and in Ofterschwang no snow, in Are, and next week in Cortina is driven due to the Coronavirus. Nevertheless, Brignone is a worthy champion, with five Victories in three disciplines, with eleven podium finishes.

at the end of January the overall world Cup seemed to be decided a long time ago in favor of Shiffrins. It came to a roll-over is due to a tragic circumstance. Shiffrins father Jeff died after an accident, his head injury, the daughter was in shock, paused for a week. Meanwhile, Vlhova seemed tense during Shiffrins break, remained Brignone carefree. Out of 270 points behind 153 tab were in the 53-year-old world Cup history it is the first Italian, which is at the very top. The small ball for the Triumph in the giant slalom it.

Without airs and graces, with ideas

For years, Brignone belongs to the extended tip, and yet she flew up a few weeks ago under the radar. In the roar ums slalom duel between Shiffrin and Vlhova, who fought so fiercely that the one was suspected of spying, and the other sensed a conspiracy in price-setting, went almost forgotten how constant the 29-became-Year-old. Brignone had exploded, said Lara gut-Behrami in Crans-Montana. And the Tessinerin added, you don't know anyone who would not treat of Milan, the success.

"Some to do so, as it hadn't been for
me a couple of weeks yet." Federica Brignone

Open and accessible Brignone, meanwhile, Shiffrin and Vlhova seem closed, the interaction with the competition to avoid. Unlike their main competitors, it maintains no expensive private team, it is integrated without special treatment in the Italian team. When she took over a few weeks ago, the lead in the world Cup, she was terrified, almost. Now the interest is high Brignone. "Some do so, as it would not have given me a couple of weeks yet."

The rise in popularity to make the company shake up. They are committed to the protection of the environment, has launched "Traiettorie Liquide", a project whose goal is to increase people's awareness of the value of clean water. Several times already, she jumped in full Skimontur into the sea, with the images you want to show how the sea animals are dying because of the waste. She is sure: "I will soon find even more hearing."

on Wednesday afternoon had Brignone align, she wanted to put on the slopes, a sign for your home country is in a difficult situation. The irony of fate would have it, she of all people is profiting from the Virus.

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