30-day entry, stop for Europeans – Trump plays the Blame-Game

US President Donald Trump does not exactly look like someone who knows what he's doing, as he begins his nearly nine-minute TV address to the Nation. He sits a

30-day entry, stop for Europeans – Trump plays the Blame-Game

US President Donald Trump does not exactly look like someone who knows what he's doing, as he begins his nearly nine-minute TV address to the Nation. He sits at his Resolute Desk in the Oval Office, hands folded, breathing heavily, swallowed some of the syllable. This appearance is not in his senses. For weeks he tried the Corona-Virus-crisis small talk. Yet last week, he predicted that nearly 15 at the time, the known cases would soon be gone. It was all but hardly worse than the normal flu. A vaccination'm soon to be available. Some even still work with the Corona Virus. So why the excitement?

This was all of course not even half right. The Virus behaves no different in the USA than in the Rest of the world. The case numbers to take slowly at first, then you shoot in the height. Exponential growth just. Currently, over 1200 cases and almost 40 Deaths in the USA are reported. This evening, in the Oval Office, Trump seems to have finally realized that he comes through with the rhetoric of the past few weeks. The Virus caused a "horrific infection," he says now. And who is sick, you should definitely stay home. In the case of Trump, the almost equivalent to an insight.

First of all, probably the most far-reaching decision of his government: as of Friday will be for first 30 days all flights from Europe to the United States deleted. Except for the UK. For US Americans that have to test, there should be exceptions.

Trump is playing the Blame-Game: For this drastic step he makes, the States of the European Union. Would not have done too little to let the Virus in the first place in the country. He praises, instead, to have early restrictions on Travel from China to adopt. This is the reason why there is in the USA, significantly fewer cases than in Europe. Explicitly, he cites the pathogen a "foreign Virus", as it would be Hiking with a passport to the world. A Chinese, of course. Since it comes, finally, establishes Trump.

The world health organization (WHO) has not recommended such a strict travel restrictions. Have the potential to cause "more harm than Good, because they complicate the exchange of information, medical care, and hinder the Economy sharply," tweeted the WHO Director General, Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus already the end of January.

Trump announced a number of additional plans: small business is to get cheap loans when they come due to the Virus is in financial Need. He will soon declare a state of emergency. This gives him the ability to put non-bureaucratic money in the fight against the economic consequences. Workers, for instance, which are not able to go because of the Virus to work, should be relieved with the money financially. The tax authority is not to punish, also, in certain cases, late tax payments. And the health insurance companies should assume the costs for Corona-Virus-treatments.

No word to schools and major events

of Which he speaks, but Of the increasing numbers of cases. And how the likely to still be developing. He also says nothing about how he wants to curb the Virus in the United States. He has made no recommendation on whether such large-cancelled events or schools should be closed. After all, he recommends that retirement homes should not allow a private visit, and Elderly people should avoid quantities.

The fight against the rapid spread of the Virus, he leaves so that only the local authorities. And the organisers. The National Basketball League (NBA), has now been suspended for a season because one of their players tested positive for the Corona Virus. Trump also mentioned not a single syllable to the Record break-ins on the stock exchanges – for some, according to analysts, part of trump's confusing responses to the Virus the Players gave. "We have no financial crisis," he says. As was said everything.

Instead, the slogans of Trump: "The Virus will not stand a Chance against us," he says. No Nation is "better prepared" than the United States. So far, however, the US can not tell government how many people have actually been tested. Experts estimate that in the United States, about 15 tested persons on one Million inhabitants. In South Korea, however, there were 4000 individuals tested on one Million inhabitants. The Governor of New York State, Andrew Coumo, says it this way: It was bad enough that the Federal government contribute so little to cope with the crisis. "But you don't want us to be, at least in the way." To be alone, the state has already recorded 200 cases.

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