Well-educated and yet unemployed for a long time

Who is highly qualified, so you said up to now, remains unemployed for a long time. That's right, the longer, the less The group of high-skilled among the long

Well-educated and yet unemployed for a long time

Who is highly qualified, so you said up to now, remains unemployed for a long time. That's right, the longer, the less The group of high-skilled among the long-term unemployed has doubled within a few years: from 13 percent (2010) to 26 percent (in 2018). Thus, they are the group that is the strongest growth was, as a recent study by the state Secretariat for economic Affairs (Seco) shows.

Although today, more employed than a high school degree than in 2010: at that Time, there were three out of ten, 2018, four out of ten. But: The share of high skilled workers is increased among the Long-term unemployed are stronger than those to make the acquisition.

bankers are affected

This phenomenon can be seen for instance in the Canton of Zurich the office for economy and labour is confirmed. The experts attribute the increase in the number of highly qualified unemployed, in particular, on structural changes. For example, the banks had to meet after the financial crisis, stricter regulations, and organized in the sequence of certain activities new. Also the strengthening of the Swiss franc meant that the companies restructured and is now more demanding work abroad outsource. Pay to highly-skilled Long-term unemployed are not available in the Canton of Zurich, however.

Nor was investigated in any study, who are highly qualified, as Michael Siegenthaler, Co-author of the Seco study and an Economist at the konkunktur research centre of the ETH Zurich. It was a new phenomenon, which has been shown with the present study for the first time, and demonstrated. He also expects that Bank employees are among the high-skilled unemployment are particularly affected by the long-term. The banks are challenged in today's economic environment, basically, and get your employees to feel.

In Basel, shows a different picture as the banking centre of Zurich. There, the proportion of high-skilled varies among the Long-term unemployed for years in order to 10 percent, as Alessandro Tani, Director of unemployment insurance says. In the Pharma city, the Life Sciences are strong and resistant to the crisis. Highly qualified, sought-after professional people are there.

The consequences of digitization will get the whole of Switzerland to feel. "Today, where in more and more areas of self-learning Software is used, can the Computer take over is not only repetitive, but also more ambitious activities," says study author Michael Siegenthaler. About the work of Translators or lawyers, who researched the case-law texts.

A third less salary

schwierigist Particularly for highly skilled over 60 years to find work again. In the case of the Bernese cantonal administration it is observed that have registered with the Regional employment centres (RAV) many of the long-term unemployed in this age – while the share of highly skilled has increased across all age groups only imperceptibly.

"Just for the unemployed, who had a good Job, it is difficult to find a comparable place," says Siegenthaler. In particular, for those who had a good one, but at the same time to specialized Knowledge. You can hardly find a place where you can bring your wealth of experience again. And even if you could find a place, you would have to reckon with considerable wage losses. "Long-term unemployment, life leaves scars in a work," says Siegenthaler.

So, those unemployed who found a job earned, often significantly less. Siegenthaler and Co-author David Liechti from the consulting firm BSS have the AHV / AVS income register 270'500 long-term unemployed of all education analyzed the level and determines how much they earned three years before the loss of job and how much four years later.

The result is sobering: The income dropped on average by a third in the case of the persons between 55 and 60 years, by as much as 63 percent. On average, they earned three years before 4663 francs, four years after that, only 1623 Swiss francs were unemployed. The Loss is so high, because the calculation went, if someone had only a part-time basis, or nothing more deserved.

As a study of the Federal office for statistics, in November 2019, is not working all of those part time volunteer less than they used to. Half would have liked to see a higher workload and to be considered as under-employed. Also the quality of their new Jobs was often worse: 14 percent of those previously unemployed had a fixed-term contract of employment, 9 percent worked on-call, and 4 percent had temporary jobs.

According to the latest Seco-study, is an increase in the number of all Long-term unemployed significantly, from 65'000 persons in 2010 to 80'000 people in 2018. This, in particular, because of the Elderly, i.e. persons over 45 years. While the proportion of Younger people has remained virtually constant, increased that of the Older of the 43 (2010) to 56 percent (in 2018).

So, you can also find with over 60 years of work

What can do job seekers to quickly find work? And what you should avoid, so that you remain unemployed for a long time? The wanted to know, the state Secretariat for economic Affairs (Seco). In his order, the consulting company Ecoplan and Egger, Dreher & partners, 180 cases of unemployment have investigated the found either surprisingly quickly or take much longer than expected to need. The authors draw the following conclusions:

The most successful were those who were determined to find a quick job search, and tried according to it. The half came to a point. Including younger as well as older job seekers are. For the study authors, this is the key to success.

Winning behavior
As staff advisors will be observed, were mainly those job seekers successful, have a good charisma, which is comfortable to handle and are enthusiastic. You can work according to the assessment of the HR Advisor – but only limited.

Almost one in three job seekers has found a job by using your own network. In the case of the units, and over 50 years of searching, it wasn't every second.

Some job seekers took on a temporary job where you earned less money than they received from the unemployment insurance Fund (Between earn) and were finally employed. In some cases, a between merit but was also fatal, namely, if job seekers want to accept a permanent position if you didn't have to give up your credit.

Who has always trained, has better chances to find a job. It is difficult, however, for people who did over the years, the same work, and not on the date.

No stigma
Also, people over 50 or 60 years have been able to find in a relatively short period of time to restore. This, however, only if you do not stigmatised himself and on himself, trusting to a point were looking for. And if you are not encumbered in any way, such as with Addiction, with mental or physical problems, criminal record or gaps in the resume. Unrealistic wage demands have proved to be disadvantageous.

Since the financial crisis in 2007, the share of so-called Long-term unemployed to just under 2 percent. In these individuals, it is not only about job seekers registered with an employment center, but also those receiving social assistance, or from Savings or from the income of their partner's life. The long-term unemployed anyone who is looking for longer than twelve months of work. In particular, in the case of persons who lose with 55 years of age or older, your body is a great risk that you remain unemployed for a long time. (jho)

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