Test of Shampoo in the hair to maintain a sustainable | consumer

washing hair with Shampoo, or even better, in a sustainable way with hair-soap? In the Test at Stiftung Warentest sustainable care and make-up products. Stift

Test of Shampoo in the hair to maintain a sustainable | consumer

washing hair with Shampoo, or even better, in a sustainable way with hair-soap? In the Test at Stiftung Warentest sustainable care and make-up products.

Stiftung Warentest had 18 different products for the hair in Test . The majority was able to achieve in the Test the grade of "good". The Stiftung Warentest looked at the Eco-balance of products for the hair more precisely.

Kassel Stiftung Warentest a Test different products, the consumer to Wash your hair use. In the Test , solid Shampoos and Soaps, which are specially designed for hair , in addition to the conventional Liquid Shampoo. The Stiftung Warentest has examined the products as always on different properties. This time was considered to be in the Test the Eco-balance.

Stiftung Warentest: Various products for the hair Test

Among the 18 products in the Test from Stiftung Warentest eight were Liquid Shampoos. The other products for hair were Soaps and solid Shampoos.

All 14 pieces made it into the Test to obtain the grade of "good". Merely a product in Test for hair was rated as sufficient.

Stiftung Warentest: Test under different criteria was looking for - the hair was analyzed after the use of professionals

In the Test of Stiftung Warentest different criteria in the overall assessment of a fin again. The largest part of the Tests, the care made properties for the hair . Here, the experts from Stiftung Warentest rate after the Rinsing of the hair their properties – such as, for example, the disentanglement capability, the grip or the volume.

This category made up 50 percent of the total evaluation of the respective product. During the Test , the products have been anonymized, so that the Tester could not see, what product they tested just.

Stiftung Warentest: The applicability has been evaluated in the Test

As a further category of the persons in the Test from Stiftung Warentest have evaluated the applicability of the products when Washing the hair . This ruling struck with around 30 per cent in the overall assessment of the book.

The remaining 20 percent of the total stars were formed by the evaluation of the packaging, the ads and the Declaration on the product itself. In addition, it was examined whether the critical fragrance Lilial is included in the products. The Eco-footprint of the products was separated from Stiftung Warentest , the actual Test , is also investigated.

Stiftung Warentest: This was a rating of the top riders in the Test for the hair

the Test from Stiftung Warentest were all Liquid Shampoos with an overall grade of good. However, some of the liquid skin care products for hair were found also substances, which are not necessarily to be recommended. So preservatives found exclusively in the liquid products. Materials that are biodegradable with difficulty, were found only in the Liquid Shampoos.

the leader among The liquid products from the Discounter Lidl. The Vitamin Shampoo for normal hair achieved a rating of 1.9. Thus, it is the only product in the Test , the managed to get in the overall assessment of a 1 in front of the comma.

Stiftung Warentest: In the Test of the solid products for the hair at the front

on The subject of the application is the issue of the application of one of the solid Shampoos in contrast, in the Test on the front. The testers of Stiftung Warentest assessed the application of the "Honey I washed my Hair honey honey" from the home Lush with a grade of 1.5. Also in terms of packaging, the product made it to a rating of "very good".

lost, However, the eleven Euro-the most expensive product for the hair only at the Test on the critical fragrance material Lilial. Here it is cut as a single product only with "sufficient". The Committee for consumer safety of the European Union considers the use of the substance Lilial in cosmetic products as unsafe.

Stiftung Warentest: The Test exposed a sham among the products for the hair

another outlier in the Test from Stiftung Warentest is soap for the Hair "All hair types" of Savion . In the category of Declaration and advertising claims made for the product, the Laundry hair just once 15 cents costs, just on a poor score of 5.0. The vendor advertised that its product is free from fragrance, however, the experts of Stiftung Warentest several in this product.

in Addition, the grading of the soap is drawn due to the Lack of reference, to use an acidic Rinse, shut down. In the case of the use of hair soap, the use of such a Rinse is recommended expressly. This rinse of water and vinegar helps to combat the so-called "lime soap", which is a result of the lime content in the water.

Stiftung Warentest: Test all the Soaps in the category packing tip

In category packaging in Test from Stiftung Warentest all of the Soaps that are intended for hair , a very good grading can be achieved. In contrast, the experts of the Stiftung Warentest became aware of in the case of a solid Shampoo from the house of Foamie to a sham.

That brought the product "Foamie Solid Shampoo normal hair" a grade 5 in the category of packaging. The packaging of the soap faked more content than is actually included.

Stiftung Warentest: The Eco-balance in the Test was when the Soaps are clearly a better

The Test the Eco-balance compared Stiftung Warentest , among other things, the environmental impact of the laundering of the hair with liquid and with solid Shampoo or soap. They came in the Test to the realization that here, both are equally harmful.

However, the pressures on the environment at the Liquid-Shampoo in terms of manufacture and Transport many times higher than the fixed Alternative.

Stiftung Warentest: experts look at Car-Sharing Apps

Recently viewed experts of Stiftung Warentest, Car-Sharing Apps* closer. In the case of the Test an App got the rating "poor".

the issue of pensions was devoted to the Foundation goods test in one of your last Tests*. They dealt superficially with the issue of early retirement.

spread (vegan) in the Test of Stiftung Warentest: Also a Vegan bread spread, stood up to the test. In the case of some pollutants were found.

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