Martin Brandl Huber: The Marc Girardelli of St. Wolfgang | Landkreis Erding

Martin Brandlhuber is the best skier in the County has ever produced. For Germany, he took in the ' 90s in four world Championships. + Professionally, Martin

Martin Brandl Huber: The Marc Girardelli of St. Wolfgang | Landkreis Erding

Martin Brandlhuber is the best skier in the County has ever produced. For Germany, he took in the ' 90s in four world Championships.

+ Professionally, Martin Brandlhuber has found his home at the customs at the Munich airport.©Inch

St. Wolfgang– His work at the customs at the Munich airport compares Martin Brandlhuber, a Swiss army knife: "I pull out what is needed." Press and public Relations, personnel and Organisation – its remit is wide-ranging. The 42-year-old St. wolf ganger is an all-rounder. And he was also on the boards. Therefore, it has also sent Germany in the 1990s, four times at the world Championships. Martin Brandlhuber is the best skier in the County has ever produced.

From Slalom to downhill – he drove the competition. "I wanted to be like Marc Girardelli. He was the Only one who was really in all disciplines of world class“, says Brandlhuber. Ultimately, the wolf gangers specialized in the Slalom. The great world Cup career for him, although denied. The eleven years in the high-performance sports the wolf gangers referred to still as a great gift: "It was a great time, from the I to today's professional animals."

"skiing Motorsport"

it All began with the sports-loving parents. The five-member family was every weekend in the mountains. His father noticed quickly: The children to a good blade. With six years it went to race the first Tots. Martin Brandl Huber was always a race on the podium – at the Club, then to the Gau and national level. Three times he became German youth champion.

Who his sponsors were? "Until ten, the parents are responsible for what you did for a technology", says Brandlhuber. "In addition, skiing Motorsport." So he says the one and a half hours by car from St. Wolfgang in the mountains.

With 15 in the national squad: "As all youth's dreams"

the influence of the club coach. The Talent moved to the WSV Oberaudorf, where Fredl Schweinsteiger – the father of the football world champion – promoted the talent, and with skis provided. With 15 Brandl, Huber finally got Mail from the German ski Federation. He was in the national squad.

"Since all of your childhood dreams," he says today. "You can go where the Big ones are on the way." Kitzbühel, Cortina, the Val d'isere track – is there a favorite? "Spontaneous Wengen comes to mind – because of the great environment", says Brandlhuber.

world championship Seventh in the Slalom

As an athlete, you see but, above all, the conditions: "Since you suddenly stands in front of an icy runway, which is almost undriveable. And then suspended again steepest, thanks to the good conditions no Problem at all.“ The fate of athletes that are traveling around the world, and yet only the accommodation and sports venue see? "So it is. You're in the ski area and train. For culture there is no time.“

Who reads the Baedecker travel guide, if he can just ride the Junior world Championships? Brandl Huber competed at the world Championships in Norway, then in Switzerland, Austria and France. He, the all-rounder, was the perfect man for the combination, which is included in the Junior area of the Slalom, giant slalom and downhill. World Cup, the Seventh in the Slalom – his best international result. His best national: third place in the German Slalom championship of the gentlemen.

space 80 in the world ranking

Yes, says Brandlhuber, at some point he got specialized to one discipline. He was programmed as a youth, more Speed. "I just had the cutting and let the skis run." Sometimes he would have but maybe his youthful enthusiasm something to rein in and clock to go of, he admits. Ultimately, the Trainer to focus on Slalom and giant slalom advised him. The success was not long: the Bronze in the DM, various FIS victories, and is ranked number 80 in the world rankings.

With Numbers, and results is not told Brandl Huber's Ski career but. Even with injuries, because syndesmosis ligament tear, broken wrist and a cracked vertebrae he considers to be "not so serious for skiing-conditions".

Brandl, Huber is still in use today as a test driver active

Much worth mentioning was more like, "I'm in a time of danger, than Carving has been changed. Within two months, our Skis became to 30 centimetres reduced,“ he says. He laments. He had prepared this fun, the development process to participate. Today brandlhuber for the company Völkl as a test driver is active.

In the year, Brandl, Huber brought it to 200 Ski days. They began with the August training camps on the old snow of Zermatt. Intense times along with the best skiing in the entire world of learning.

time – the hardest competitor

The toughest competitor? "For me this was always the time," says the wolf gangers. "If the start goes the judge, and then have no one to help, then you're on the track all on your own. That is what appealed to me always.“

falls, setbacks? "Everyone experiences", says Brandlhuber. It is the principle of a performance athlete that he always goes to the Limit. He compares that with the channel scan on the Radio: "You turn the Knob until the music is clear. But then, you turn even more to listen to, whether it's is still better. But then it rustles again, and you turn again.“

"It is beautiful, if you ended his career"

he out puts but with two stories: "Two weeks before our training camp in the USA I suffered in Saas-Fee, a Hüftprellung the course." Overseas was cancelled in order for him. And then the conversation with his trainers, there was, as they told him that he was the case of the promotion of the DSV. Brandl Huber was 26, and ended his career. How you feel after that? "A week after the end of career, you shouldn't have to ask me that."

16 years later, he says. "It is beautiful, if you ended his career." And in vain that had not been the Whole thing anyway. "The performance sports define you. You will learn, with the defeat of the deal and that goals are not always directly achieved.“ And another thing he learned: "Well prepared is half done." Things of which he is now in his professional benefit.

instructor in the German ski instructors Association

Brandl, Huber has remained the duty of loyalty. There he was employed when he coached exclusively. To be "in the customs ski team, it meant maximum support", he explains. After the end of the performance sport, he had completed his training and his professional existence is built.

+ the Eleven years of the St. wolf gangers in the national squad of the German ski Federation was. Today, he enjoys the winter sports days with his wife and son.©Private

The skiing remained Brandlhuber also connected. On the one hand, as an instructor in the German ski instructors ' Association, on the other hand, as a hobby driver and his family. His son (10) was "absolutely enthusiastic winter athletes," in addition to Alpine, he did run a lot of fun on the tobogganing and cross-country.

His wife, he had to first teach the skiing. "My toughest case," he says laughing, and adds. "It is a pleasure to ride with the two of them to the "Wilden Kaiser" and get off at Ellmau in the ski. Family time is Quality Time.“

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