Plasters from Hansaplast in the callback: warning! Risk due to bacteria | consumer

recall of Patches of the company Hansaplast warns The company from Hamburg. It is a risk due to a possible contamination with bacteria. callback* Hansa Plast:

Plasters from Hansaplast in the callback: warning! Risk due to bacteria | consumer

recall of Patches of the company Hansaplast warns The company from Hamburg. It is a risk due to a possible contamination with bacteria.

callback* Hansa Plast: the pavement products in Meter -the variant to be called back By the pavement callback different versions are affected, but all products a Meter langVom callback Affected your patch - products by prior arrangement to the manufacturer return

Update from the 29.05.2020, 08.00 a.m.: On demand commented on a Hansaplast spokeswoman to the editors to the current recall of patches due to bacteria . On the question of what kind of contamination with bacteria, in this specific case, said the spokeswoman, hansaplast, Hamburg: "Our own Tests have shown, during a routine internal quality review that in a few of our production of the 4 hansaplast meter-products (Classic 1mx6cm & 1mx8cm, Sensitive 1mx6cm, Elastic 1mx6cm) batches, there might have been a contamination with staphylococci, and enterococci."

callback for plasters from Hansaplast: spokesperson of the company expresses to the bacteria in the patch

More patch products, you could exclude the pollution , since the production and delivery of the affected patch was adjusted with immediate effect. All trading partners are also instructed to remove the affected products and Hansaplast to send it back. Before the affected patches are re-produced, will quality test to exclude re-contamination with bacteria.

on the question of which risks could arise for the consumer , is the response of the speaker in detail: "It is a precautionary measure after internal quality have determined that the above-mentioned products meet our high Standards of Hansa Plast. The result of our tests shows that consumers could develop, under certain circumstances, a potential, microbial infection with local inflammatory symptoms, and the appropriate local treatment, no adverse health effects expected. We consider the safety of our consumers and our products as the highest priority and are not prepared, in terms of the health of our customers to any risk. Therefore, we have decided for a product recall.“

callback for plasters from Hansaplast: risk due to the bacteria in the patch

first message from the 28.05.2020: Kassel/Hamburg - The company Beiersdorf has issued a callback for several products your patch brand hansaplast . This relates to four of the products offered by Meter -goods.

The company announced the callback on 27.05.2020. Are affected popular products in various drugstores available.

callback for plasters from Hansaplast: Meter patch of contamination with bacteria

From the callback, the Hamburg-based Beiersdorf AG* four Meter -goods article of the pavement manufacturer hansaplast are affected. In addition to the two Classic- products also, an elastic and a sensitive version of the pavement is affected.

According to the manufacturer's individual article, this patch could be contaminated with the bacteria . This was noticed during a routine inspection of the Meter goods products . Be it according to the Hansaplast

callback for plasters from Hansaplast: risk due to the bacteria - Affected patches were not only sold Online

The pavement are not only sold from countless Online retailers, but also in a variety of drugstore and supermarket chains sold can be checked on the basis of their batch number. The Beiersdorf AG advises against using the callback concerned product to use the batches to continue.

On the Meter - products is the batch number on the bottom of the packaging to find. In addition, you can also check the GTIN number, this is located on the side of the packaging. The GTIN number is the global identification number for trade items, and is usually provided with a bar code.

callback for plasters from Hansaplast: These products are of the affected

the callback concerned Meter - products the pavement manufacturer Hansaplast , are products . Please verify with your purchased products , the respective batch number.

Hansaplast CLASSIC 1mx6cm, GTIN 4005800001833, Chargenr. 01624321, 01624323, 01664440Hansaplast CLASSIC 1mx8cm, GTIN 4005800452932, Chargenr. 01514290Hansaplast ELASTIC 1mx6cm, GTIN 4005800174612, Chargenr. 01434235, 01624322Hansaplast SENSITIVE 1mx6cm, GTIN 4005800402968, Chargenr. 01624324, 01714443, 01714448

The company Hansaplast publicly apologized for the inconvenience, the sting of their clients in the Meter goods patch - products of your company. So far, the Beiersdorf AG has not yet expressed an opinion on further issues of Microbial contamination.

Therefore, can not be said exactly what risks customers face when they use a product of one of the callback affected batches.

+ patch recall: These products are©Hansaplast

plasters from Hansaplast in the callback: The of the patch manufacturer offers to its customers

Who is in possession of the callback concerned patch - products , can the consumer Hotline (+49 40/4909 7570) of the company report. This is always between Monday and Friday, from 8.00 to 18.00 hours. Over-the-phone contact, the return of the affected Meter - products can be arranged.

In return, the customer receives a full product set hansaplast. As the company in your callback announced that it can also be incomplete products eingesendet. Also, the presence of a purchase receipt plays according to the organization, no role.

callback: recently, several products have been recalled

Not only Hansaplast had to leave for the last time, an automatic callback. Also TK Maxx called back a product from his range.

The discount chain Lidl recalls a product from their ranks. This recall relates to a product* from the food area.

There is a recall at VW: In older models of the VW Golf and VW Passat can trigger the Airbag fault. The auto giant is calling back the vehicles concerned.

The pharmaceutical manufacturer Hexal is launching a recall of the Drug L-Thyrox. The drug for thyroid patients could be incorrectly characterized. This is a risk of confusion.

Lucas Maier

* is part of the nationwide Ippen-Digital editors network

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Date Of Update: 30 May 2020, 22:33

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