SV Wehen-Wiesbaden: Stefan Aigner in the Interview before the HSV game | TSV 1860

Stefan Aigner is struggling in the 2. Bundesliga to the relegation. In an Interview, the Ex-lion talks about the opportunities for advancement of the TSV 1860,

SV Wehen-Wiesbaden: Stefan Aigner in the Interview before the HSV game | TSV 1860

Stefan Aigner is struggling in the 2. Bundesliga to the relegation. In an Interview, the Ex-lion talks about the opportunities for advancement of the TSV 1860, and his Plan after the career.

Stefan Aigner was formed when 1860 and earn money at the Moment in the SV Wehen-Wiesbaden, Germany . Of 32-Year-old speaks in an Interview with the local newspaper about the Highlights of his career. After his career, the midfielder would like to stay for the football get.

Warngau – Stefan Aigner is currently fighting with the SV Wehen Wiesbaden around the classes holding in the 2. League . Of 32-Year-old grew up in Lochham , and spent his youth at TSV 1860 München . In addition to the lions, he played for Eintracht Frankfurt and Colorado Rapids . This Sunday (13.30) is to blow the SV Wiesbaden at Hamburger SV is guest.

Stefan Aigner, via Corona-crisis: "I'm trying to live in the normal"

Mr. Aigner, as it is to stand to the Corona-break back on the court?

We were almost continuously on the court. We started after a short interruption with the group training again. It is important that a bit of routine comes in. And that we, as the Bundesliga and the 2. League may not play again, is good for us. And I also hope for the Fans that it brings a bit of variety.

How the everyday life between the Play be running?

I now return to the normal rhythm, as before, the Corona-crisis. We should of course not prevent other contacts that one drags something, but I still try to live a largely normal. In the Training and in the Games, not much has changed, but in addition to the place each player is responsible for yourself that he lives as professional as possible.

"Against Dresden, Nürnberg or St. Pauli, we have to get points"

Is it more difficult to concentrate on a game when the stadium is empty?

of Course, what else, if Fans are in the stadium. This is, of course, not an optimal flow, but we are glad that we can play again. In this respect, the most Important thing.

blow with the victory against Stuttgart in the Corona-break, but suffered the last two defeats.

With the victory in Stuttgart, no one was expecting, and in Heidenheim and against Sandhausen we have not shown good performance and lost deserved. We must see that we score now wins. So many games are no longer there. At home against Dresden, Nürnberg or St. Pauli we need to get points so that we are at the end of the line, or at least on the relegation place.

Stefan Aigner and Manuel Schäffler: mates since the time when TSV 1860

At the weekend it goes to Hamburg.

Clear Hamburg is occupied better quality than we, but that was against Stuttgart, even so – and because we have won twice. Most of the time it is like this: If no one expects us to, we in for a Surprise. But the fact is that If we play like we did against Heidenheim and Sandhausen, can we stay the same at home.

you play together with Manuel Schäffler, you have played in your time at TSV 1860 München. How is your relationship?

I'm with Manu super and have known him from the time when Sixty. I called him also, as this came up with contractions. We were always in contact.

Stefan Aigner: lions rise "all cases" possible

do you Trust the lions to the ascent into the 2. League?

On all cases! They had a super run in front of the Corona-crisis. I hope that you will come back out. The Fans in the green forests are already a gain, but I wouldn't put it past them with the spirit of play.

you grew up in Lochham. Her parents still live here. They are also often in the home?

If it is time with the family and we have a few days free, then I'm with my parents.

A look back: What was your career Highlight?

As it is in life often, you have highs and lows. The am came early for the lions, as I of Bielefeld, was also a super time. The Highlight, however, was to play with Eintracht Frankfurt in the Europa League.

your contract is still running until 30. June. You know how it goes?

The most Important thing is that we keep the League – then I'll let everything come to me. Although I am no longer the Youngest, but I hope that I can play a few more years.

Stefan Aigner's family returns in the summer to Munich

Can you imagine to stay in labor?

We have a great Team that's really fun. If I look at what we have for fun and togetherness, even though we are playing against relegation, it is remarkable. But the fact is that my family goes to Munich.

Why is that?

Our Great is now so much the last years been around. For the, it is important that he gets a solid place in the kindergarten has.

are you a lion through and through. Can you imagine, to start with TSV 1860 a career after the career?

I want to make as quickly as possible, my trainer certificates. I want to stay in football and I have my contacts. But I I still haven't decided whether I want to work in the coaching, Scouting or in a different area. Time will tell, if it is so far.

interview with Michael Eham led.

Date Of Update: 30 May 2020, 22:34

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