Stefan loves the life on Board

It all began on holiday in Sweden. The summer house is a Opti a lag, and the landlord had said to Stefan: "come, I'll show you how to do that." The whole of

Stefan loves the life on Board

It all began on holiday in Sweden. The summer house is a Opti a lag, and the landlord had said to Stefan: "come, I'll show you how to do that." The whole of the four holiday weeks the Boy spent on the lake, and laid the foundations for his life on the water. It is a lot of the summer should pass away, until he boarded a boat. A couple of Times, sailed up Stefan at the uncle at the river Schlei, and was much with the surf Board on the way, but for your own boat, the money was never there.

"If you have enough saved up, go for it," says Stefan. Since it is in 2016, and he's 40. He buys a Neptune 22, submit them to the Steinhuder Meer, power, a sailing license and first experiences. Throughout the summer he spends on the water. He wants to stay, even in Winter, but in the Steinhuder Meer are collapsed in the autumn of the webs.

As his flat is great and Stefan is a smaller seeks, he finds, instead, Luise. She is a 33-feet-Kings-Cruiser and both are the same age, built in 1976. Her home port is Europe, in Bremen, Germany. Since last year, Stefan now lives on the ship. To him in a quiet, rustic old port that Flair like. He is not alone here in the port, there are other Liveabords. This is his web-WG, says Stefan. Totally friendly, a diverse community.

Stefan is now a part-time Liveabord. During the week he drives in the field by Germany. If he Board comes home on the weekends or a day "Boat Office" makes, he sits in the saloon or in the cockpit with his Laptop. Some say, to life, it was too small, but he likes it. "You get up once, and you're more in the kitchen, one step and you're out" – everything is close.

You can live with less is much better, and are happier, finds Stefan. His furniture he sold, and reduced to the Essentials. He has registered a residence, and the Post is located in the collection letter box. Something is missing? A bit more natural would be nice to have a partner to Share.

Helgoland! That would be a great thing for the new season. Last year, he is around Funen, sailed, fourteen days, last year, with the Neptune and friends around Ærø. He is still at the beginning, since you should not lose the respect of nature, says Stefan. His Inspiration he gets from books. 1,200 Saturday he has read, and Erdmann's he finds good. Because his dream is to go on a long journey.

The sunset is a reminder of the second summer in Steinhude, on behalf of the many sunsets, made and photographed by Stefan already. He can't see you sick. This calm and the feeling of security in the nature to get him down. It is a privilege that you can live and work, says Stefan.

Stefan Hansen © Stefan Hansen Float magazine Kerstin Zillmer © Lene Münch Float magazine Kerstin Zillmer

three years Ago, founded by Kerstin Zillmer float, the magazine for everything, is moving Online-what's on the water, which she directs since then as an editor. For more than 15 years as a photographer, writer, and tester in their Element on the water. The German judge for the Best of Boats Award loves beautiful, fast boats with and without sails. Prefer to be photographed, and she writes stories about people on the water.

of The sailing calendar in July © Knuth horn bow Float magazine As the sailing calendar in the world

came out In November of 2018, Facebook group, fb took up sailing in front of loves DGzRS the Dgzrs, with a donation to thank action. From the most beautiful sunrises and sunsets, taken by Amateur photographers with a love of the sea, and on Facebook shared was community, designed a calendar, and for the benefit of the Maritime search and rescue sold. All players contributed on a volunteer basis what they could be: images, text, and editing, design, and shipping.

Seven float-authors have been involved with contributions to the great project. We use your contributions to float over the year. The calendars were sold at a price of 12.50 euros, 10 euros were donated. The donation was handed over at the boot in Düsseldorf at the sea rescuers of the DGzRS. The second foreman of the "Hermann Rudolf Meyer", Andreas Brensing, picked up the respectable total donations of over and 4,330 euros.

the origins of the sailing calendar of the group, you can read in our post 12 sun, morning and evening.

This article was written by Kerstin Zillmer

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