Politically and unpopular: Erdogan-club with German methods first championship

Not even the Istanbul-based power supply held the voltage. Or maybe you don't want to have it also, and the Whole thing just a little push. As Basaksehir Fut

Politically and unpopular: Erdogan-club with German methods first championship

Not even the Istanbul-based power supply held the voltage. Or maybe you don't want to have it also, and the Whole thing just a little push.

As Basaksehir Futbol Kulübü on Sunday night and it was, for the first time in the young club's history to enter the Turkish championship, was in the Fatih Terim stadium in the current. The flood light was gone, in the interior there was nothing more. "Even in our Ob van, we have problems," said the TV commentator of the game. The Top game of the Premier League (display)

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for Nearly 20 minutes, the players of Basaksehir and Kayserispor around exercising on the square, until finally the light was there again. As it was there then, celebrating the players of Basaksehir, because tracker Trabzonspor lost the game and Basaksehir did not catch a round before the season's end. Although the power went out then later again, but eventually, around midnight, Basaksehir was as a champion of the Süper Lig. The 1:0 against Kayseri was only for the record, is important.

Basaksehir championship: the club has little to no Fans

Now celebrate from Turkey are mostly in this country are well known. A lot of fireworks, lots of fireworks, lots of emotions. In a double-Decker Bus goes through the city. Besiktas celebrated with a myriad of ships, boats and ferries that travelled to and collected by the Bosphorus.

In Basaksehir, there was also fireworks. But only a little bit. A couple of people, more was not in it. Because the club has little to no Fans. The Turkish health Minister was sure that thousands of people went to the streets to celebrate a football event. The restart of the League was to him, anyway a thorn in the eye. Rather then a handful of Fans that go to then eh home quickly. AFP/SID/STRINGER Basaksehir, Istanbul is the first Turkish master

Why should you be Fan of a club that was founded by the Istanbul city administration? "Imagine, Munich's mayor wants to form a club to defeat Bayern Munich. Would you have to drive these types of to the Association or to the doctor?", the Turkish Journalist Bilgin Gökberk on Twitter asks.

Istanbul is more than Besiktas, Fenerbahce and Galatasaray

Istanbul, many of the big clubs has. Thus, not only Besiktas, Fenerbahce and Galatasaray are meant to be. District clubs Kasimpasa, Karagümrük or Sariyerspor have smaller, but quite a considerable number of followers. To Kasimpasa, which keeps for years in the Süper Lig, gone are all the other, smaller Istanbul club in the lower leagues, have not lost their attraction for her loyal followers from the neighborhood.

To Basaksehir has been waiting in Turkey, and according to the title of the club will not authorize the crowds electrified, and to the distant Basaksehir, which is at the extreme edge of the city at home, draw. The Highlights of the Premier League on Sky Ticket (display)

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It is the crux of a club that collects due to its non-existing Tradition, and its proximity to the policy, no sympathy points, but from a sporting perspective, for years an excellent Job. Basaksehir is the counterpart to almost all of what's going on in the last few years in Turkish football wrong.

you are Missing almost everywhere, professional structures that enable an organic Grow, has positioned itself in the Basaksehir in the last few years. Managing Director Mustafa Erögüt is one of the few officials in Turkey, which enjoys almost a free Hand in the design of sporting questions. Alien club-bosses lead many of the clubs are still responsible for the operating business, may Erögüt take in a sporting questions with his Team in a leadership role.

Basaksehir, such as the German club: "in a sense, a Bundesliga club,"

So Basaksehir has one of the best analytic Teams in the country, the Scouting Team also has an excellent hit rate in the case of the Transfers in the last few years. Names such as Robinho or Demba Ba in particular focus are international, there are actually many other players who hold the pillars of the club for years in the title fight. imago images/Seskim Photo Robinho (m.) of Basaksehir

Basaksehir in the sporting structures, sometimes as a German club. "In a sense, we are a League club," said managing Director Erögüt years ago, in an interview with Spox. This also refers to the almost persons independent of the philosophy of the club.

Abdullah Avci was coach in Basaksehir, as the club was not meant so directly to the Istanbul city administration under the. Also, thanks to its support of the club developed, missed on the way to a new name, new club colours and a new Logo and moved into the newly built Fatih Terim stadium, where the club-the structures sit.

Basaksehir: title in Turkey in the quarter-finals in the Europa League

moved Avci following an unsuccessful Attempt to become a master, and at the beginning of the season to Besiktas to get then hold the title there, predicted many of the crash of the club, especially with Emre Belözoglu is also a leading figure in the square left the club and went to Fenerbahce. With the intention to be master.

Now: Besiktas and Fenerbahce have to do anything for months more, with the title fight, Avci has been released at Besiktas for a long time, and Basaksehir played under Avci-successor Okan Buruk is also a lot of their football that is also very successful to get upset. imago images/Jan Huebner Basaksehir threw Gladbach out of Europa League

the first title in The Süper Lig, and Basaksehir is also represented in the Europa League still. There is a club that is prior to the quarter-finals. On the way there, it was Borussia Mönchengladbach in the group stage behind.

For many experts, Basaksehir in the upcoming season, is the favorite, because all the other top clubs have to fight in Turkey with significant financial problems and, under these circumstances, again in a break need to go.

Basaksehir-Boss Erdogan is not actually a Fan of Fenerbahce

Basaksehir has these problems. Although the squad is in structure a bit older, but the financial power of the club allows for a rejuvenation to levels. The plans are for this long in the drawer. But this is where the critics come back into the game.

where has to play a club that has little to no viewers and Merchandising revenue, the economic power, since years at the top? How can afford as a club, expensive games such as Demba Ba, Robinho, Gael Clichy and co.? The Connections to policy are inevitably on the subject.

President Recep Tayyip Erdogan, the actually passionate Fenerbahce fans makes from its close proximity no secret. "Basakssehir is a club that I founded," Erdogan said: "And it's not just Basaksehir. The farm Association, which represents the substructure of Basaksehir, the club where I played in the youth." dpa of The Turkish President Recep Erdogan

set the title of Basaksehir on Sunday evening, was missing Erdogan even. His son Bilal, but celebrated with a scarf on the pitch. It is not known that the family of Erdogan supported the club financially, but the long list of sponsors that you can refer to the official website, make considerable revenue suspect. The many illustrious names could provide the competition that is actually envy.

Basaksehir is the competition even more dangerous

Galatasaray, the most successful club in the country, ran it around this season with a Pizza vendor on the chest. Annually, Galatasaray earned just over a Million euros. A ridiculous amount for a club that has a stock market value of over 250 million euros and Stars such as Falcao, Sofian Feghouli, Fernando Muslera and soon again Ryan leads Babel on his payroll.

Even more dangerous could be Basaksehir for the competition, if the club is sold to an Investor and this pumps even more money into the structures. The rumors keep for years, Basaksehir is a project for sale. The title could have been for interested parties from the far and Middle East, the last of the ultimate Argument.

And maybe you have also some money for the power supply left.

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Updated Date: 22 July 2020, 22:26

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