Sebastian Vettel: As the formula 1 driver has been shot at Ferrari even | More sports

Sebastian Vettel with Ferrari as well, because the four-time world champion was in formula 1, at least some of the uproar. And the targets set by the Scuderia a

Sebastian Vettel: As the formula 1 driver has been shot at Ferrari even | More sports

Sebastian Vettel with Ferrari as well, because the four-time world champion was in formula 1, at least some of the uproar. And the targets set by the Scuderia always missed. An Analysis.

formula 1: Sebastian Vettel and Ferrari * go after this season our separate ways. In the shadow of Michael Schumacher : The four-time world champion tried the Scuderia in Competition with Mercedes (so far) in vain for a world title and missed most of the set goals. Instead, Vettel repeated misconduct was also compared to competitors and team-mates. An Analysis.

Munich/Maranello - It's all supposed to be different. This time. Finally. the Sebastian Vettel* had before the season 2020 big plans with Ferrari . The driver's world championship should be in the sixth start-up. But then Corona came. And finally, the Scuderia announced that the 32-year-old German sits from 2021 in the case of the Italians in the Cockpit - but by the Spaniards Carlos Sainz will be replaced.

"It> is my sixth year in the case of Ferrari

Sebastian Vettel at Ferrari: An unfulfilled promise, according to Michael Schumacher

But if, when, and how the formula 1 because of the Coronavirus pandemic * 2020 actually at the Start can go, is completely unclear. The same champion Vettel is for the future of the four-time world. In the case of Ferrari the 32-Year-old is now a non-redeemed promises.

the Latest in the season in 2019, the sporty was added to deficiency Be made that the edge of the in and next to the Cockpit repeatedly negative, because thin-skinned noticed - a record of failure and missed targets:

formula 1-2016 season : After a decent third in the debut season for Ferrari , to this time, the world Cup. After an ordinary start to the season, it is sufficient in the last 13 races, but just to a single third place (!). For wins to Ferrari not going with the demonstration of power of Mercedes (19 of 21 victories).

Sebastian Vettel at Ferrari: formula-1-Pilot-frustration-free-run

formula 1-2016 season : The visually gefrustete Vettel let his Anger run free. "Why didn't you tell her Kimi, that he should leave me over?" at the hump with the Team in Austria over the pit radio. And in Monaco he railed "guys, the car is getting worse and worse." There has been talk of differences between the pilot and his workshop. the formula 1 from 2015 to 2018 : Ferrari dreams in vain from their first world title since 2007 (Kimi Raikkonen). Vettel has retracted up to the end of the season in four years, a total of 13 victories. For comparison: Michael Schumacher* made in his last world title for the Scuderia in 2004, in just one season. the Ferrari always gets recurring technical Defects in the handle - and apparently, not even the displeasure of the German pilots. formula 1-season 2019 - the scandal of Canada : this year, for the glory of the Scuderia is rich in a Disaster. After a second place in Monaco and Pole Position for Ferrari in Montreal, hopes for the first victory, but Vettel missed this because of a Five-second time penalty.
In the 48. Round, he had urged the world-Leading Lewis Hamilton (Mercedes) due to a driving error almost in the gang. Over the pit radio he shoots against the Jury: "you steal the race. No, no, I don't like it. Where the hell I should be doing? That wasn't fair.“ A fair loser he is behind Vettel, the placement of the signs reversed in the pit lane in front of his car and the cars of Hamilton's.

Ferrari in formula 1: Sebastian Vettel shoots Charles Leclerc

formula 1-season 2019 - the trouble of Singapore: Vettel steals the beginning of the twenty-year-old and much younger team-mate Charles Leclerc victory. The sovereign of Monaco led the race for 19 laps scores, but then Ferrari Vettel by means of a polarizing pit strategy on the first place - this time, Leclerc rages on pit radio: "What the hell. I don't understand Sebastian Undercut. I won't do nothing Stupid. I want to win the double. But it is just not fair.“ + Sebastian Vettel served: after his Crash with Ferrari team-mate Charles Leclerc in the Grand Prix of Brazil in 2019.©picture alliance/dpa / Marcelo Chello formula 1-season 2019 - the Disaster of Brazil : In the penultimate race of the final fiasco follows. Both Ferrari are promising on the track, but then shoots strong> Vettel Leclerc and both cars end up in the gravel. At the end of a disappointing year, only one victory the controversial in Singapore is.


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