Political power play and Todt influence at Ferrari signed Vettel

For the former formula 1 pilot Timo Glock, a good friend of Sebastian Vettel, the latest developments on the driver market is only partly surprising. That would

Political power play and Todt influence at Ferrari signed Vettel

For the former formula 1 pilot Timo Glock, a good friend of Sebastian Vettel, the latest developments on the driver market is only partly surprising. That would say goodbye to his buddy Vettel of Ferrari, has Glock but come, as he revealed in an Interview with the Podcast "Starting Grid".

it had Crunched already, but at the latest Ferraris home Grand Prix in Italy in 2019, where it came in the Qualifying round to a (alleged) misunderstanding between Vettel and team-mate Charles Leclerc (who won on Sunday then the race), was a turning point in the relationship between the four-time world champion and his employer, believes Glock. The Ball is rolling again - The Top games LIVE on Saturday to see (display)

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"Monza was, in my eyes, for him even a little bit of the point," says the current RTL expert, and BMW DTM factory driver. Then there was "the theme in Russia, where there were constant discussions on the radio. Brazil, we don't even need to talk about it - that was of course an issue."

"It has jammed everything together, and these are the points, where he has noted: 'firstly, because that is on eye level with me. Has a very strong Background with Todt.' And thus, he knew that he might lose a bit of the backing of Ferrari." Because: "Ferrari has positioned itself with a five-year contract is relatively clear who is the future at Ferrari."

Todt network and Ferrari ...

Background: Leclerc is managed by Nicolas Todt, the son of former Ferrari team principal and current FIA President Jean Todt. The power of the network, conspiracy theorists, criticize put far to Maranello. And political power games were never Vettel's. imago/Motorsport Images Manager Nicolas Todt, together with his client, Charles Leclerc

This is in the case of Leclerc and Vettel is the successor to Carlos Sainz in a different way: "Carlos Sainz is tied in with the family Todt good, the familiar good. Thus, the exchange is relatively fast as", under the Glock provides. "I think, since it has been found very fast a way to contract the Situation is out of the way."

Sainz's father Carlos Sr., also one who understands the political games in formula 1, had a "natural influence" on the switch from McLaren to Ferrari. "But Nicolas Todt has also a great influence and has found a platform for Charles Leclerc, where he knows: 'OK, since everything is focused on Ferrari, and we have someone on it who is young, fast - but we still have a bit of control.'"

Ferrari has doubled the salary of Sainz

Because Sainz, so suspect it is an Insider, such as Flavio Briatore, was brought in to Ferrari as fast, but, ultimately, controllable point 1b for Leclerc. The young Spaniard will get a good compensation for Pain and suffering: His current McLaren salary of three million euros per year has doubled and Ferrari, and might, according to media reports due to success premiums in the best case, up to nine million Euro to rise. Only on Sky: DUEL of THE GIANTS (display)

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issues, have not for Vettel is a top priority. The four-time world champion in his career, not more money, but to live a happy life. His chances of a continuation of the formula-1 career, but "dwindle very significantly," he said Glock.

"I don't know if he wants it to do again, in a Team to join, where he knows he can't go to the world Cup. If he has fun racing, as it Kimi Raikkonen has made clear, then there are options. But if he says: 'I'm going to be champion of the world!' Then it will be'difficult."

Vettel: Prefer to stay at home with the family?

Especially since Vettel's life even without the racing and Travelling would be met. At home in Switzerland, he would be with his wife Hanna and three children, a family, a quieter life, probably to look forward to. And the Chance to see their own children deliberately and without time to grow up, it will only be when he hangs the helmet in formula 1 on the nail.

"This is definitely a topic that is in his head, as he realised that the time is at home with the kids is also nice. The many travel-intensive, he has, with the security in question and will be a subject", is Glock the first evaluation after the Ferrari announcement of the departure of Vettel right. circuitpics.de Timo Glock fears that Sebastian Vettel 2021 is the formula 1

In the press release to the Failure of the negotiations had spoken Vettel of changing priorities - an indication that many of the values so that his family life is always important and he's not) feels the formula 1 only as a beautiful thing (but also.

Glock, a family, a father, says: "When the words read in the press release, then you are able to close a bit in the direction that he is enjoying it at the moment, to be at home to spend time with the children, with the family. And not permanently, the travel stress and the pressure must expose. This also has its pleasant aspects."

by the Way: The full Interview with Timo Glock about the possibility of a Mercedes-exit from formula 1, the 2010 Toyota, with which he might be world champion, and the future of the crisis-ridden DTM is now available to download in full length (1:20 hours) in the audio player to Motorsport-Total.com in iTunes or at our cooperation partners meinsportpodcast.de.

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