Let's Dance in 2020 (RTL): Is winner-dream couple after the first order? | TV

rumor has It it. The preliminary decision was already in the first RTL episode of "Let's Dance"? There is a clear favorite seems to be a couple! On Friday,

Let's Dance in 2020 (RTL): Is winner-dream couple after the first order? | TV

rumor has It it. The preliminary decision was already in the first RTL episode of "Let's Dance"? There is a clear favorite seems to be a couple!

On Friday, a new season of "Let's Dance" started on RTL*. In the first "Let's Dance"follow-up* the new dance were formed in pairs. And now a clear favourite, there seems to be a couple.

Let's Dance 2020 on RTL: The winner of the dream couple seems to have been fixed

entitled, On Friday, the very first episode of the new " Let's Dance" -relay - secretly, however, rumor has it, that the victory is few now deliver. At least the two house are high favorites on the dream couple of this year's season!

one of The most successful "Let's Dance"-a professional dancer Massimo Sinató was as the winner of the professional Challenge in 2019 in the Live Show, choose his dance partner among all the candidates - and he did not hesitate long. Its exclusive choice fell on Lili Paul-Roncalli*. The 39-Year-old and the 21-Year-old - at first glance an attractive dance-dream couple.

+ The new "Let's Dance"-dream few? To the right: presenter, Victoria Swarovski, links: Moderator Daniel Hartwich.©Screenshot TV Now

Massimo Sinató brings the "Let's Dance"-candidates far to the front, even Lili Paul-Roncalli?

Massimo Sinató could win the Show in 2010 - at his side: Sophia Thomalla. After further impressive performances to reach him. With Rebecca Mir, his present wife, whom he met at the RTL-Show, he won second prize in 2012. Just as with Mink-Khai Phan-Thi (2015). With Jana Pallaske (2016) and Angelina cherry (2017) he managed to the finals. A Mega-Balance Sheet!

He is the man who leads his dance partners to the success. According to a Moderator, Daniel Hartwich* cheeky "Massimo-Sinató package" on - consisting of "a lot of sweat and a lot of hands-on"!

RTL-dance show: the circus Director's daughter Lili Paul-Roncalli at "Let's Dance" - who's going to stop yet?

That Sinatós choice fell on Lili Paul-Roncalli, was certainly not only the appearance of the daughter of circus Director Bernhard Paul (it has certain Similarities with his wife, Rebecca Mir ). But also to your clearly existing dancing talent. Your agility has she learned in the circus, where it occurs as an Acrobat. Since her sixth year, she trained daily in the arena. In an image Interview, she once said about herself: "to bend My body what I can the best."Already at their first appearance, a Salsa group dance, nabbed 21 points from the Jury*. Not bad for the beginning!

"Let's Dance" (RTL): Is Tijan Nije the sharpened competitor for Lili Paul-Roncalli, Massimo and Sinató?

And so it is already after the very first episode with a clear favorite Couple: Massimo Sinató and Lili Paul-Roncalli. Just two questions: stay the RTL Has made a mistake by letting Sinató the free ladies choice? And who can stop the two?

at Least a competitor for the TV viewers already recognize: Tijan Njie, showed in addition to the Roncalli-the daughter of the strongest candidates-performance of the Evening. He got even more points than you: 23! And Tijan Nije got the Direct Ticket to the TV-viewers and a round is therefore certainly more! Most recently, he had to cope with a disappointment*.

it Should be Massimo's dream come true, it appears that the victory will be in the next season hardly. He wishes for none other than Heidi Klum as a dance partner. The Connections he has to the Model-mom ever enough.

What else is happening in the case of "Let's Dance"?

prior to the beginning of the Show, there were a Show - and the professional-dancer Ekaterina Leonova, who has won the last two seasons. However, the candidates Talk about: Already in the first "Let's Dance"-episode Wendler-girlfriend Laura Müller caused a stir*, while RTL-news-presenter Ulrike von der Groeben* showed up at the dance Show, as freely as ever. John Kelly left the Show voluntarily and candidate Loiza Lamers, the gets since the age of six hormones that experienced because of the Corona of crisis, a moment of Shock before a "Let's Dance"Show. To be rained good last it again and again, Haas comments for Ilka Bessin and Oliver Pocher celebrated his Comeback with "Let's Dance"*.


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Date Of Update: 22 May 2020, 18:33

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