Unterschleißheim - treats-weekend and a new cultural concept | Unterschleißheim

The show must go on – even with a virus crisis, the life must go on somehow. The city of Unterschleißheim dares as one of the first out of cover with an Alterna

Unterschleißheim - treats-weekend and a new cultural concept | Unterschleißheim

The show must go on – even with a virus crisis, the life must go on somehow. The city of Unterschleißheim dares as one of the first out of cover with an Alternative to the people, and a whole new concept of Culture.

Unterschleißheim – The city of Unterschleißheim brings a little bit of public life on its streets and squares. Because until the end of August, all major events are prohibited, is also the day of Pentecost planned 69. Lohhofer folk festival cancelled. Now Unterschleißheim proposes new ways, to make at least a little sense of community to life. The city is about Pentecost, a treat weekend: stands are set up, where there is beer-and food to Pick up.

Also get around 6000 senior citizens and people with disabilities will soon Post of mayor Christoph Böck (SPD) with a Ten-Euro-consumption brand, which you can redeem in the local taverns. The coupon promotion had asked to be fixed the CSU, to compensate for the popular seniors in the afternoon at the nation, where seniors and people with disabilities tent traditionally get in the festive chicken and beer free of charge.

debate to a fall festival

"This application was not available to us in the administration uncomfortable," said Wolfgang Streidl, the head of the office for public order, as the idea of the CSU in the meeting of the main Committee for discussion. The city festival was "a revival in the place" it is important, however, Streidl was an alternative proposal to the debate to the social life in the city, and the economic situation of the fairground boost: a fall as a "place of reunion", as soon as it was allowed again. It could be the tent – without festival – from Thursday to Sunday, the showmen's families could support. "The have earned since the Christmas market not a Euro more."

However, this idea went by the boards too far. Frederick Kiener (CSU), Deputy care physician in the County, warned: "A Feast is in the Moment." You should look at things "the disease of politically and emotionally". Benjamin Strasser (SPD), advised restraint: "A tent we get will not offset", it is necessary to deal with the risks. CSU Faction leader Stefan Krimmer said the voucher campaign: The Corona-crisis will tear apart in the catering industry "many existences". The city could provide us with around 60 000 Euro a "huge contribution" to the aid.

treat-the weekend is a mixture of folk festival and weekly market

"The time is not yet ripe for a fall," said Böck and brought the treat-days in the discussion. "Since all can benefit." They wanted to ",not Fixed on Bending and Breaking," said Streidl, but stressed: "We should make the population as a whole, offer, not only a small part of it." The CSU application promotes seniors, "but what are we doing for the Rest of it?" Streidl pointed to Munich and Erding, where you can plan a "people's feast to go" with stalls and rides at many places locally. For a treat-the weekend of Pentecost in a number of places could eat people and beer-buy, "with distance, like the farmer's market."

Unanimously, on the voucher action, it was decided that the treat-weekend agreed to be found, with a 7:4 majority, CSU and FDP against it. Both actions were "sporty," said Wolfgang Streidl, "but the administration has so far always managed everything."

New formats for cultural events

not the culture in Unterschleissheim "completely under the table". The Department of culture boss Daniela Benker is a big concern. It proposes an alternative event formats, for the main Committee released a unanimous budget of 35 000 Euro. Live-Streams with schleißheimer artists from the festival hall and small concerts on the town hall square will provide the citizens with culture. The discussion will lead on Wednesday the Committee on culture.

Ten Euro for seniors and people with disabilities

Around 6000 senior citizens and people with disabilities in Unterschleissheim a Ten Euro voucher that you can consume throughout the month of June in the schleißheimer restaurants-Operated by Post. Or you can be a court of one of the local Restaurants for home delivery and charge the ten Euro on the door. In the case of the treat-days on the day of Pentecost, the festival of beer will be served, and was brewed under schleissheimer brewery "Crew Republic" before the Lockdown for the Lohhofer folk festival. At four locations in the city, stands are set up where there is to buy sweet and savoury food such as Hendl, steckerlfisch or roasted almonds. "Reading character" should not have treat days, "but a little Flair can bring," stressed mayor Christoph Böck (SPD), it security are signed distances, and masks are mandatory.

Date Of Update: 23 May 2020, 01:33

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