Hey, waiter, bring something to drink, I got money

Ronaldinho , former professional football player at PSG, Barcelona and AC Milan, sits in Paraguay in custody. The reason is that the 39-Year-old with a false p

Hey, waiter, bring something to drink, I got money

Ronaldinho , former professional football player at PSG, Barcelona and AC Milan, sits in Paraguay in custody. The reason is that the 39-Year-old with a false passport into the country. Both his Name, his place of birth as well as his date of birth on the document is correctly specified, but according to the Pass Ronaldinho is Paraguayans. Paraguayans? A variety of football connoisseurs should make suspicious. Ronaldinho was finally the one who won with Brazil the world Cup Final in 2002 against Germany? What happened? And what the fuck is Ronaldinho anyway?

It's been almost 15 years since the duel in the Premier class of the FC Barcelona and Chelsea FC. Barcelona's game will be staged by the artists, Deco, Andres Iniesta and Xavi Hernandez, on the Bank of the 17 sits-year-old Lionel Messi – and all the just-world footballers selected Ronaldinho floats. The first leg has won Barça 2:1, back in London but quickly 0:3. The Catalans are in need of goals. A matter of urgency. Ronaldinho answered the wishes. Only a goal by Penalty succeeds, and shortly before the break, he puts a second, an incredible.

"What a terrific goal"

Ronaldinho gets a good 20 meters in front of the goal the Ball. Before him, Ricardo Carvalho, drifted Gudjohnsen and Terry are building. Be swayed, he will not let it. His right foot is nestled first of all on the Ball, then he snaps to the front. Ronaldinho hits the Ball with the tip and sunk it half up in the left corner. Chelsea goalkeeper Petr Cech remains only the role of the admirer. "What a terrific goal," cried the Reporter for the BBC in his microphone, and more: "Wonderful! Wonderful!"

Ronaldinho conjured up with his feet, did miraculous things with them. He did things that controlled other not more than on the Playstation. Probably the footballer Ronaldo de Assis Moreira was, as the Brazilian is a native, the most graceful of in this the current line-uniformity is dedicated to Modern. The goal against Chelsea is just one of many, of which the football fans to remember the world. 239 goals scored by the Brazilians during his career.

Unbelievable. This is the word that describes his skills as a footballer. It is also the word that comes to mind is, if you look at his antics. The Episode with the fake passport is just the latest story. Ronaldinho's history as a foot-ball retired the Story is about a man who has lost.

tourism Ambassador and environment pollution

he had finished in 2015, his career officially and the FC Barcelona sent the words "Camp Nous always smiling magician" afterwards, always with including the attention of made. For example, with bankruptcy rumors. Thus, several Brazilian media reported that in 2018, that Ronaldinho tax have debt in the amount of two million euros, and these could not pay because of his / her accounts, only 25 Reais fittings, the equivalent of about 6 Euro. To what extent is this true of the Bust is unclear.

the fact is, however, the following story: Ronaldinho is currently not in possession of a Brazilian passport, because he has received 2018 a penalty due to environmental pollution. He and his brother were convicted because they had built in a conservation area illegally to fish the event. It was, therefore, imposed a monetary penalty in the amount of 8.5 million dollars. However, the account remained open, which is why the Supreme court of Brazil moved their passports. Curiously enough, The 39-Year-old was introduced in September 2019 however, as a tourism Ambassador of Brazil. He received the Item, mainly thanks to its support for President Jair Bolsonaro.

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To prazer enormous encontrar nosso presidente @jairmessiasbolsonaro ????????????????

A contribution de Assis Moreira (@ronaldinho) divided by Ronaldo on

"For a better Brazil," wrote Ronaldinho to his 18 million followers on Twitter while Bolsonaros election campaign. "For safety and someone to bring us back to the joy." A Problem with the fact that Bolsonaro sympathizes openly with the brutal Brazilian military dictatorship of the last century and prefer to have a "dead than have a gay son" would have seemed to the Brazilians to have. Too often, to be officially the world champion of 2002 and campaigned for him. A lot of Fans irritated the self-Barça distanced himself in an official Statement from your former game Director.

"come On, drink! I'm Single again"

For Irritation Ronaldinho made his Attempt as a Rapper and singer-songwriter. In a live clip with the country musician Wesley Safadão, he sang: "My friends, I'm, I'm almost become crazy. Come on, drink! I'm Single again." And in a Video with the Hip-Hopper DJ Dennis, he rapped: "to drink Hey, waiter, bring what, I've got the money." The message that he is supposed to have married in 2018, two women, could no longer surprise why a lot of people. Also not that both women get every month 1700 euros pocket money and both getting the same gift can get.

but It's not like Ronaldinho did after the end of his career, only next to the place to draw attention. He also had a short appearance in the Indian volleyball League (after two Games he was back on the road). And he tried the new Sport, Teqball to launch a mix of volleyball and foot volleyball. In October of last year, it was said, moreover, that he would celebrate a football Comeback in Colombia. It did not come.

The world champion of 2002 has always stood for anarchy. He hardly kept to the requirements of his Trainer. He had games in the Champions League. Smiling spectators, if the other, the fear of sweat ran down the back. Ronaldo de Assis Moreira made it stand. To were its active time, other laws for him. That the not more so, don't get Ronaldinho. He pass plays failed pass to fail. Currently in Paraguay.

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