He is a daily one, the question of what he is allowed to

For nearly 15 years, I am discounted as a result of cystic fibrosis, a hereditary disease that reduces over the years, the volume of the lung, lung transplant.

He is a daily one, the question of what he is allowed to

For nearly 15 years, I am discounted as a result of cystic fibrosis, a hereditary disease that reduces over the years, the volume of the lung, lung transplant. My immune system is driven by medication so that the foreign Organ is not rejected. I am, therefore, more susceptible to infections, and in case of emergency, my body has more of an effort to combat a pathogen. I am a diabetic.

I am, according to information provided by the authorities and experts the same multiple-part of a risk group for the Coronavirus. How could this Virus be for me sensitive, but it is still completely unclear, to me communicated to my doctor. An infection could be harmless lost me for weeks to go to the hospital or to me, in the worst case even bring death. To speculate, is for me completely pointless. Panic is just as out of place as easy.

For many, the headlines about the Coronavirus is a "exaggerated hysteria". If you are right, it will show only in a couple of months. The Outcry was large, as about two weeks ago, the carnival and the day before the FCB Match against Frankfurt were cancelled. The Coronavirus as a Killjoy. Despite warnings by the Federal office for health gathered on Monday morning, hundreds on Basel's streets and celebrated the cancelled Morgestraich. Not all wanted and were able to dispense with "the drey scheenste Däg". Just like at parties, concerts, and sports.

In comment columns or Chats with colleagues, I have to read that for some the fun society is more important than the health. Yes, I can understand these people even. For Healthy the Coronavirus, detected early and treated well is probably harmless. What I can't understand me and also Angers, the make fun of those who warn against the Virus and the fear.

Me in the Bus, at a bar, is out of the question

to read such belustige of the comments made to me during the "non-carnival" and still angry. People like me have to rely on that in such a Situation, all of which are affected only slightly the. "A society is only as strong as its weakest link", is an often cited proverb. In this case, I am not dependent to the weak links, and I'm just to the fact that the Strong are selfish.

I must strongly pay attention to my Hygiene, is nothing New for me. Each Winter brings flu and cold viruses and, for me, is potentially dangerous. In the Bus, Tram or train on a bar, is not for me to question. The buttons to Open the doors, I not be actuated with the elbow or the back of the hand, with which I am sure the face touching, or even the mobile phone don't serve. I hear a cough or Sneeze, so I turn around suddenly and ask me where this came from. I realize that someone close to me acting sick, it can happen that I remove myself.

There are automatisms which have been marked by self-protection, recorded over the years. The disinfectant is my faithful companion – if it did not purchase the Healthy in their panic at the pharmacy just empty. In the Winter, the colleagues don't know that I'll give you a Hand. And four - to ten-year-old nephew and my niece know believe that you should wear in my area of concern. I'm going with this behavior very well and I would say that I am generally less sick than the average Swiss.

The Whole, however, has its price. And this refrain means. And the price increases with the advent of the Coronavirus solid. The threat is new and unknown. As a regular user of public transport I am currently trying, as well as it is to forgo the Bus, the Tram or the train. At events with multiple people in indoor I will leave spaces at the moment completely. My workload as a freelance Journalist, I have shut down – loss of Pay, including.

Every Time I have to ask myself the question: What can, should, and I'm allowed to do and what not? My life partner is a secondary school teacher and every day with dozens of young people in a closed room together. She is at the mercy of possible disease virus vulnerable.

That the Coronavirus shows only after ten days of symptoms, but previously-transferable, makes it difficult to protect myself. She's worried right now about my health and its role as a possible source of Infection for me.

retreat into solitude?

The challenge is currently even more than usual, to protect me as well as possible, without me completely from the outside world to foreclose, and to push fear and panic. The queasy feeling has increased in the last few days, but. I play seriously with the idea to move to Chalet temporarily to my parents, have less contact with other people than my partner, or equal to the Bernese Oberland to the Family and to enjoy the solitude"".

I know that I will not long always make the right decision. Be reasonable is not always easy. If, however, all help from the strong limbs, can also look people like me in spite of Coronavirus optimistic in the future. Hopefully.

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