That's why we have drifted into the Mainstream

ladies and gentlemen, in what language we want to conduct this Interview? On German, Italian, or English? Nic Maeder (vocals): I, then in English. I quarrel

That's why we have drifted into the Mainstream

ladies and gentlemen, in what language we want to conduct this Interview? On German, Italian, or English?
Nic Maeder (vocals): I, then in English. I quarrel after nine years in the case of the Gotthard in the Swiss-German.

This is the impression one has, when one sees them on the stage.
Maeder: I cheat myself because I have my learned moderation by heart. I'm a good parrot.

In the documentary "One Life, One Soul" have worked on the Gotthard 2018 the death of your predecessor, Steve Lee. This project was necessary so that the Band could adopt from him?
Freddy Scherer (guitar): The idea for the Film came from Gotthard. For us, the work was something completely New, a real adventure. The film's Director Kevin Merz has done a really great Job. In the case of the Gotthard, there is finally no scandals, and you can build a classic Rock-Doc would have: A television, we have never had from the hotel window, as it should be for rock bands. Nevertheless, One Life, One Soul has become an exciting band portrait.

The Ticino Band Gotthard in the year 2020, from the left: Marc Lynn (Bass), Nic Maeder (vocals), Leo Leoni (guitar) and Freddy Scherer (guitar). Photo: Franz Schepers

a good anecdote you have in stock.
Marc Lynn (Bass): At a concert in Budapest, hit me a Drunk in the first series of the microphone stand again and again in the face. When I showed him a friendly, but determined to cope, he began spitting at me. I then jumped from the stage and beat him. At the next concert in Budapest this Drunk was back and apologized for his former Behaviour.

the new Album "#13" show Gotthard, the whole Division of your Sound. The cover version of Abba's "S. O. S." is an Amalgam of Heavy Rock number and the stadium-ballad.
Maeder: We wanted to bring the whole drama of this song. This meant that we are different than Abba in the chorus to pop. So our Version is as sad as it is, the lyrics in the chorus.
clippers: We carry around the idea of a "S. O. S."-Covers, since 2004, is with us. With foreign Songs you have to deal as a Band, very economical. At the beginning of Gotthard's career, we have played a lot of cover versions, but really to us fit only just "Hush", "Come Together" and "Mighty Quinn".

Abba and hard rock need not stand in contradiction to each other. Lemmy Kilmister of Motörhead was a self-confessed Abba Fan for what he has put in Heavy-again and again in the pillory.
Leo Leoni (guitar): As a rock musician, you can't be against Abba. They were, finally, not a prefabricated Pop-product, but a real Band with complex melodies and innovative Sound, all four members were involved.

"#13" starts with the Song "Bad News", which is not exactly cheerful, therefore.
Leoni: Us to the Album with a firecracker to usher, it was important. It's in the lyrics to the current world situation, which gives us a running job messages, is actually of secondary importance.

"Bad News", the opening track of the new album "#13".

"Bad News" is a collaboration with Eric Bazilian of the American pop band The Hooters. Also in "#13" has contributed to Francis Rossi from Status Quo. How did it come to this collaboration?
Maeder: Leo and I have learned of Eric and Francis in 2018, on the "Rock Meets Classic"-tour know that in 2018, travelled through Europe. So we could hang out for a week with these great musicians and for a collaboration with Gotthard win. As Outsiders, they had a completely different view on our music than we are. This was useful to us when working on "#13".

2018 Gotthard on extended Unplugged tour. It was difficult, after such a long time on electric instruments to upgrade?
Maeder: on The contrary. After the Unplugged tour, we had the urge to write new Songs, and a really dirty hard rock Album. Quite apart from the fact that we were parallel to the Unplugged tour, played again and again, the occasional rock shows.

your drummer Hena Habegger makes just baby break. Can you put that well, if a member has other priorities than Gotthard?
Lynn: You can't really blame a band member but, if he wants to devote time to his family. Hena is not there for the first Time: The tour is the last Studio album "Silver" we contested in 2017, even without him. At the same time, it is not so easy to replace a musician playing for 30 years, when the Gotthard and the Sound to be significantly viewed in terms of figures. For the upcoming tour, we have committed Flavio Mezzodi of Crocus, which itself is a fantastic drummer.

Today, the Gotthard is a Swiss Institution. How do you cope as a band with this Status?
Leoni: A little bit proud I am when I hear something like that. As an Institution we have for other musicians as a role model, to bring it from Switzerland to something. Success at all costs he is, what he wants – it's gone Gotthard but never. First and foremost, we wanted to make good music and the great Camaraderie experience for a rock band essential. Only when one respects each other and understands, you can stand the UPS and Downs of this profession together. Provided that you have an eye on the Business and ensures that you will not be ripped off.

A Swiss Rock Institution 30 Long hair and a long career ahead of you: Gotthard 1994 in the Hallenstadion is. Photo: Keystone

the Gotthard is one of the most successful Swiss rock bands. Not least because of the Ticino quintet by Lead guitarist Leo Leoni white sweeten its classic rock sound with a radio-ready ballads such as "Heaven". 2010 passed away singer Steve Lee during a holiday stay in the USA, for him, the Australia-Swiss Nic Maeder in 2011 increased in the case of Gotthard. The programmatically-titled new album "#13" is a no-frills Rock Album. One way or the other ballad of Gotthard don't like to do without anyway.

Also Gotthard have experienced difficult times. On the first successful Unplugged Album "D-Frosted" followed with the harder "Human Zoo" in 2003, the sensitive popularity slump.
Leoni: One must not forget that the late 1990s were a difficult time for rock music. What the reason was, why we are some years in the direction of the Mainstream spaced. Personally, I would have gone already at that time a tougher approach, but at the same time I wanted to have the Chance to make a breakthrough in other countries, not waste it. After "D-Frosted" goods Management and record company are of the opinion that this jump was possible, so I'm mitgesprungen.

Since the turn of the Millennium has made the music business a particularly turbulent time. How far the creep has affected the end of the decline of the record industry Gotthard?
clippers: , The Budgets that are available to us today, for a new album, the productions are compared with the earlier ones literally broke in. If we want to pull us to Write and Record some months back, we have to consider even very good, as we this time want to Finance. In such moments, we become aware that Gotthard is not a big American, English or Australian Band, which can throw huge sums around.
Gotthard: "#13", Sony Music.

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