These movies this week

Cittadini del mondo a Comedy by Gianni Di Gregorio; I 2019, 92 min. loneliness, a barren Board, the Roman heat: in Order to escape these three are not ju

These movies this week

Cittadini del mondo

a Comedy by Gianni Di Gregorio; I 2019, 92 min.

loneliness, a barren Board, the Roman heat: in Order to escape these three are not just biblical, but still depressing Plagues, forging three older men to the daring Plan, to leave the Eternal city, to enjoy in a under-developed country in the evening of Life.

once again, Director and lead actor Gianni Di Gregorio in the role of a sensitive man, not in an unfriendly world slips. A beautiful Film full of melancholy and Comedy, celebrates the existential Overload, as a full way of life would be. (pfb)

Arthouse Piccadilly

Cittadini del mondo by Gianni Di Gregorio. Video: YouTube/Xenix Film

Ema y Gastón

Drama Pablo Larrain, Chile 2019; 102 min.

The dancer Ema (Mariana Di Girolamo) and the choreographer Gastón (Gabriel Garcia Bernal) have no children of their own. So she adopted the little Polo, but the zündelte and burned Emas sister in the face. So you gave him to the Adoption Agency.

The Chilean Larrain (b. 1976) has created excellent films about the past, such as "No" and "Jackie". Now he wanted to do something with the boy on Boy. The Soundtrack to push past and bangs, and it looks cool when a woman set fire to at night with a flamethrower sets of traffic lights and cars. But overall, Ema y Gastón "is" a Film in which, the hairstyles of the figures are more important than their Motivation. (bod)


Ema y Gastón Pablo Larrain. Video: YouTube/trigon -film

Like a Boss Lady Business

Comedy from Miguel Arteta, U.S., 2020; 83 min.

Except each other the best of Friends, Mel (Rose Byrne) and Mia (Tiffany Haddish) have only a struggling cosmetic company. The Head of a cosmetic Empire (Salma Hayek) wants to help you, run over you, but with chauvinistischem turbo-capitalism.

What follows is predictable: strife, waste of the West, a High up on the friendship. The Stupid: The cosmetics boss is not the most just, the most entertaining part of this film, but also of the believe. Salma Hayek plays as a Trump-caricature with an orange wig and set of Golf clubs. Someone calls you once a furious carrot, and it takes more than tired of friendship, expressions of joy and lots of dick jokes. (SZ)

Abaton, Arena, Corso

Like a Boss from Miguel Arteta. Video: YouTube/Paramount Pictures


Drama of Andrea Štaka, CH/Kro 2020; 84 min.

right next to the airport of Dubrovnik Mare (Marija Škaricic) leads a husband and three children completed, but in no way fulfilling life. The desire, of it break out, increases considerably as you learn a Polish worker know.

Marija Škaricic has already played in the previous works of Andrea Štaka, "The miss" and "Cure",; "Mare" is now your Film. The camera usually stays close to your figure off, making your daily grind, your desire, your passion in that special haptic quality, as it is only an analog 16-mm-Film-to-own. A stunningly original Plot, but how Štaka told, he seems very fresh. (jum)


Mare Andrea Štaka. Video: frenetic films

My Spy – The-spy-next-door

Comedy of Peter Segal, USA 2020; 99 min.

Dave Bautista ("Guardians of the Galaxy") plays a CIA man on probation. Has messed up his last job, brachial, now he has to supervise with a colleague, a widow and her daughter, Sophie (Chloe Coleman). The boring Job is then beefed up, but, as Sophie finds out the wiretaps and to appoint Dave your very special agents – the your the Spy to teach. Peter Segal, the Director of "50 First Dates", is Bautista, and Coleman their very natural rhythm to pull in the RUB, and complement, each other on the swings. (SZ)

Abaton, the Arena, standard bearer

My Spy by Peter Segal. Video: YouTube/pulse Movies

Narcissus and Goldmund

adaptation of literature into film by Stefan Ruzowitzky, D 2020; 110 min.

The monk Narcissus (Sabin Tambrea) takes a young boy named gold mouth (Jannis Niewöhner), the father in the monastery has made. But so close the two are, must be narcissistic to see at some point that gold mouth for the life of the monastery much to the world; however, the two are loyal to each other. Sense and spirit in the competition, in different people -- or perhaps even in the same Person, that's why it's in Hermann Hesse's story, the film's Director, Stefan Ruzowitzky ("anatomy") has long been filming wanted. The result is quite conventional and can be of little Inspiration to recognize. (SZ)

the Arena, the Capitol, the cosmos

Narcissus and Goldmund by Stefan Ruzowitzky. Video: YouTube/Sony Pictures Releasing, Switzerland

The Perfect Candidate

Drama from Haifaa Al-Mansour, Saudi/D in 2019; 101 min.

in Front of a Saudi hospital emergency patients remain stuck in the mud. The young Doctor Maryam (Mira And) takes this opportunity to run for the municipal Council. However, the Resistors are large, even within their own family.

It is a simple picture: The mud in front of the clinic is representative of a society, which hardly comes forward. The Saudi Director Haifaa Al-Mansour ("Wadjda") makes this parable of the output location, a charge that can be predictable and somewhat random find, but so light-footed, therefore, that you will willingly join in on the numerous conflicts. (zas)

art house Movie, the cosmos

The Perfect Candidate by Haifaa Al-Mansour. Video: YouTube/DCM

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