Formula 1: in addition to tire wear more thing to blame on Pirelli fiasco

There are images that attracted the attention of attentive Fans memories were suffered: As in the last three rounds at Silverstone in three of the cars damage t

Formula 1: in addition to tire wear more thing to blame on Pirelli fiasco

There are images that attracted the attention of attentive Fans memories were suffered: As in the last three rounds at Silverstone in three of the cars damage to the tyre (all on the left of the front), fell many in the Paddock, the Pirelli compound is added to a die of 2013, as equal to six riders exploded tire, or the Ferrari fiasco of 2017.

in 2013, the IMF sees Pirelli as the cause for the damage to the tyre in to the team. This would have driven, it was said, the parameters such as air pressure or fall over the Limit, and the rear wheels are deliberately installed incorrectly, the wear balance. A tire was used, for example, in Training and Qualifying on the left back, he's in the race, sometimes to the right rear. To be able to tip the sports editors

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In the aftermath of the requested Pirelli to the FIA, the Teams use rules to do what was not permitted until then. The was given instead. And Pirelli no longer responded by building the carcass henceforth made of steel, but made of Kevlar. Consequences of the race seven years ago, which are still in existence today.

in 2017, made by the Italian manufacturer then the edge of the stones as the culprit for the Drama of the two Ferrari drivers Sebastian Vettel and Kimi Raikkonen responsible. With the tires themselves that everything was in order, resulted in Pirelli's investigation. But at the edge of the stone, these had been slashed.

Two possible causes is likely to

And 2020? On Sunday evening, two assumptions were in the room. First: Wreck Parts. Raikkonen was in the 47. Round in Copse brutally over the edge of the stone gebrettert. In the case of Beckett his front wing broke then. The "Iceman distributed" a couple of small parts in the Asphalt, and in that Passage in which the tyre is strongest will be charged.

Secondly, "Because of the early Safety Cars in the second Stint was very long. Much longer than expected," analyzes the Pirelli sport chief Mario Isola. "I don't think the Teams were up to in the 13. Round to change a tire and then through to the end, please. Our prediction was that they would come in round, 18 in.", dpa, Lewis Hamilton bursts just before the finish of the tires.

At the end of the race, the Hard with most of the drivers 39 or 40 rounds it had. Nick 'Sky'expert Heidfeld part, therefore, has doubts as to the Wreck theory: "I Would be surprised. Because it is all in the left front tire was, of which we have already before the race said that this is the one that is most exposed."

Indeed, the suspicion that there could be small parts have been given the anyway already badly worn Pirellis in the last rounds of the Rest hardened in the first few hours after the race. "One of our tires had 50 small incisions. There were just parts," says Red Bull team boss Christian Horner.

And Lewis Hamilton added: "There are many parts there. Kimi has lost his wings, I think. And after the Safety Cars, a lot of stuff was Maggots and Becketts. I think it was not very clean. Because normally we go with this tire, Yes a full race without problems."

it is Clear: "If a tire is going to shut down completely, of course, is the protection of the carcass due to the tread is low," says Isola. "If then, where a part of lying around and the tyre is damaged, is it faster to a tire damage, because there is no protective rubber is more since." It is quite possible that a combination of the two presumptions was the cause.

"We will now perform a 360-degree investigation and no possible cause from the outset to exclude. That would be a big mistake. But we can't say what was the cause," said Isola on Sunday evening. "A lot of the time we don't have." Because in a week's Silverstone 2 increases. Pirelli has carried out, on Tuesday a result.

Isola: tread "100 percent" going down

"It could have been the wear and tear," explained Isola. "After 38 or more laps on this track the tyres are 100 percent down. I'm not saying, however, that this must be the reason. It could also be been around-lying parts, for example, of Kimis wing. Or any other parts. Therefore, we will not look at only the broken tire, but also intact."

The assumption that an edge could have been the stone of the Evil-doer, lets Stand today, do not harden. Although Andrew Shovlin, the chief race engineer of Mercedes says: "Pirelli has been reported [in Training], an edge of stone, in which any parts of the catch had. Where the tire surfaces were cut."

But: "I don't want to speculate at the Moment," dismisses FIA race Director Michael Masi. "I don't think, to be honest. First, we need to wait and see what is the cause of the joint investigation by Pirelli and the FIA out. But from the current point of view, I don't think that is the reason." Reuters Lewis Hamilton is bursting just before the finish of the tires.

Prior to this, had reported some of the drivers that something was unusual at the first Silverstone weekend. "We noticed in Training many cuts. We see it in the Form, usually, never," says Esteban Ocon. "I don't know whether it's driven am is due to the faster made cars, since I 2018 here. But something was different."

"home of Beckett, we now have no edge of the stone more," said the Renault driver. "In the past, it was. As you spin the now often times dust. Perhaps this has also damaged the tire." And: "With all of the high-speed curves and the kerbs, Silverstone is probably the track where the tires are taken on the hardest rank."

George Russell nods: "Silverstone is brutal. So fast. Copse, we travel almost every round. With 280 Cases. I think this was today on the wear and tear of the tires. And because it was a little cooler than on Friday, and because we had tyres the hardest, all of us thought that we can go through to the end. However, it is clear that the tread is getting thinner and thinner."

Russell: Only luck?

The Williams driver reported that he might have had of happiness: "A few laps before the end I had the feeling that a tire is damage. I wanted to bring the car home just yet. But then I thought to myself: 'Sure! Tire damage does not exist anymore nowadays.' In retrospect, I'm glad that I managed the two laps."

Depending on what comes out in the investigation, it could be a real Problem for Silverstone 2. If the construction of the tire should be a security risk, does not remain for Pirelli not enough time to develop to Friday in Milan and new tires to bake this in the Turkey or in Romania and to bring to Friday to Silverstone.

but What would be possible in the short term: "to reduce The number of rounds. Once we know the cause, we need to discuss this perhaps with the FIA", signed Isola, a possible Worst-Case scenario. The Teams at least a two-tire change to impose, nothing would bring. If Cars are two early Safety, it would likely come back to a very long last Stint.

by the Way: Already the round before the dramatic Finish was seen on the TV pictures in several cars so-called "Blistering", i.e. a bubble formation on the running surfaces. Alexander Wurz was in a Live-commentary of the 'ORF', that was not a Problem. As a little later the tire burst, seemed, his statement is refuted. POOL/AFP/SID/FRANK AUGSTEIN Lewis Hamilton wins the race, despite the blowouts.

But: "to do With the bubbles for sure nothing", gives Isola Wurz legal. "The bubbles were right in the front. And the TV pictures fool you. The fact you see a black groove, but that comes across in the TV intensified. True, we Blistering had. But this is normally nothing that Worries us."

now it is Important one thing: "We must draw no hasty conclusions," warns McLaren team boss Andreas Seidl open, with Carlos Sainz self-Concerned. "It is important that we analyze together with Pirelli, what really happened, and the result of the investigation, wait and see. Only then do we need to draw the right conclusions."

This article was Nimmervoll, written by C. Co-authors: A. Cooper, E. Jaeggi, S. Codling tantrum from Tuchel to Reporter: Find "something Negative" for PSG Omnisport tantrum from Tuchel to Reporter: Find "something Negative" in PSG

*The contribution "in addition to the wear and tear one more thing to blame on the tyre drama at Silverstone," is published by Contact with the executives here.


Date Of Update: 03 August 2020, 06:26

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