The million-lie: The Corona-deniers from Berlin to expire in a Trump-pattern

to not see Hardly any distance, masks, practically - the beyond of the regulations and findings have protested on Saturday in Berlin, thousands of people agains

The million-lie: The Corona-deniers from Berlin to expire in a Trump-pattern

to not see Hardly any distance, masks, practically - the beyond of the regulations and findings have protested on Saturday in Berlin, thousands of people against the government measures to curb Corona pandemic. Already, the Demonstration was declared after long hours of failure to respect the hygiene rules by operators was at an end. In the subsequent rally, the police then provided the of Dissatisfaction accompanied. The organizer will not be able to comply with the hygiene measures, said a police spokesman.

pictures and information of the police, do not match

According to police estimates up to 17,000 people joined the March that formed since the morning. Around 20,000 were there then at the rally. On the event stage, the speech was, however, of the 1.3 million participants. Now a heated debate about the participants is flared numbers. Under the Hashtag #b0108 will be discussed, how much the participants were really on the spot. What's wrong?

thousands of Postings in the social networks, suggesting that there are millions of people would have been involved in the protests – including many of the Posts from right-wing radicals and conspiracy ideologists. In some of the contributions, it is claimed, also, even, the police have confirmed a number of participants of 800,000 people. This confirmation, however, there is not.

the reference of some of the Twitter Users on an alleged Tweet by the Berlin police, in the even of 3.5 million people, the speech was, may not be assigned. This Post has been deleted according to the users again. "We have dispatched a Tweet and never, even accidentally," stated a police spokesman in relation to the "Berliner Zeitung".

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pictures of Love Parade and "Black Lives Matter"-Demo including

research by the ARD-facts finders to show that many of the Accounts published pictures from Berlin from last Saturday or shared, are already noticed because of the proliferation of false information. A data analyst has documented 120 Facebook groups and Profiles, the content spread.

in addition, pictures were shared, all of which came from other demonstrations in Berlin, such as the "Black Lives Matter"protests in June, or photos of the Love Parade. Even pictures of demonstrations in other cities such as Zurich, mingle with the Postings to the demonstrations at the weekend.

A Twitter user appreciated a picture of Saturday from the use of the supporters of the Demo, to show that a lot more of the demonstrators in Berlin were, as the police claimed. The user is using a Software to the conclusion that the Figures of the authorities are much closer to reality, as the many Social-Media users.

The reasons why the organizers and their supporters spread far higher Numbers than the authorities, are clear: It is to be awakened to the seem that a lot more people to support the Demonstration "at the end of the pandemic," and their claims, as this is indeed the case. It should create a suction effect so that even more people join the protests. In addition, an enemy is created in the image against the police and the media, to disguise this apparent great interest and minimize.

In conclusion, one point must be taken into account

conclusion: Also with a view on impressions of independent journalists, eye witnesses and the evaluation of photo and video material the Figures of the police are understandable, as the 1.3-million-an indication of the Demo supporters.

it must, However, be taken into account that the police in the afternoon access to the Straße des 17. June on the grounds of an alleged Overcrowding locked. Consequently, numerous participants in front of the Barrier, or to relocate to other places of accumulated, such as in the direction of the Chancellery. If these people were included in the total number of police is not clear.

Manipulated images in Trumps inauguration

The Manipulation of numbers of participants is reminiscent of the inauguration of Donald Trump. As the US President was inaugurated in January of 2017 in his office, appeared on Twitter a picture comparison for the inauguration of Barack Obama in 2009. It was to see that Trump a lot less people on Capitol Hill gathered than its predecessor. This Trump is not pleased apparently.

The day after the inauguration, the then White house spokesman, Sean Spicer, joined with these words to the Public: "This was the largest audience that had ever seen a inauguration beige. Point“. He presented photos from the day before, which showed a lot more people than the pictures, which were first published on Twitter. In addition, Spicer afterwards pushed, the photos gave a different impression of the number of visitors, were faked by the media.

A draftee investigation Committee, however, came of 2018 to the conclusion that the images were later falsified by the employees of the White house, to the effect that Trumps inauguration, more people were present, as in the case of Obama.

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