Fire free for the tax money-Bazooka: electric cars up to 50 percent cheaper

The car market is facing a new discount shaft. The discount increases for some models to 50 percent, and the average current in the case of Internet intermediar

Fire free for the tax money-Bazooka: electric cars up to 50 percent cheaper

The car market is facing a new discount shaft. The discount increases for some models to 50 percent, and the average current in the case of Internet intermediaries, at 22.5 per cent, calculated by the Center for Automotive Research (CAR) of the car market expert Professor Ferdinand dudenhöffer. "Three effects make up the increase: firstly, the significantly higher average discounts to the 30 best-selling cars, as a result of the reduction of the VAT; secondly, very high discounts on electric cars is because of state buying premiums for electric cars and, thirdly, increased self-approvals," says Duden Bonhoeffer conclusion.

electric cars: 50% on Skoda and VW

How Dudenhöffer predicted a few months ago, there are discounts of up to 50 percent of it. The largest reductions in electric cars and Plug-In hybrids. So the price for the end-user drops according to the current CAR data for the Skoda Citigo E by about one-half of 24.990 Euro on 13.089 Euro. More than 45% discount on an electric Smart or a Renault Zoe. Must mention, however, that not all models are always available. there is currently a order stop for the Smart EQ. Also the 53% discounted electric Golf, which is already replaced by a new model ID3, is still on the VW website listed, but can be configured. CAR electric cars are up-to-date with very high discounts to

Nevertheless, the hunter is bargain for just a extremely good time, if an electric car suits to the personal requirement profile. Manufacturers such as Tesla or BMW, which have relatively short delivery periods, benefit. Insider's tip: Mazda builds one of the more beautiful Passat - what the Japanese can really do? FOCUS Online insider's tip: Mazda builds one of the more beautiful Passat - what the Japanese can really do?

Not quite as strong, but still noticeably cars with gasoline - or diesel-powered benefit. "By the temporary VAT reduction in the discounts on Internet intermediaries for the 30 top-selling new cars in July, have reached a record high of 22.5%, or 6941 Euro. In the same month last year it was 18.7 percent," says car market expert Dudenhöffer. He notes, however, that by the settlement with other discounts is not always the complete estate to arrive at the customer. So the offers of many manufacturers to completely abandon the VAT to be charged already with other discounts. The "gift" of the case, therefore, in the case of cars like the Opel Astra (plus-2.2 points) and Renault Captur (plus 2 points) is modest. An exception is VW, with additional price points, discounts the picture above 5 percent for three of the most common models. 1000 Newton meters of torque, Audi's thickest brunt brumme has three electric motors, PCP 1000 Newton metres of torque, Audi's biggest force grumpy approvals three electric motors

The discount screw rotates more

The car market,-the expert observed yet another phenomenon: More Own. With self-approvals, a car dealership, the particular sales need to meet the requirements of the car manufacturers conceal numbers, sometimes bad sale. Test and demonstration vehicles, and fleet vehicles will be pumped into the market, the registration figures up to drive. A self-admission the proportion of up to 20 percent is still considered to be healthy - is he about it, it is critical. However, it is in Self-approval is not always "air bookings". In the case of Opel, for example, numerous cars in the employees to include-Leasing. Here, the Auto-Newsletter

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However, the car market experts, the rising rates as an alarm signal. The increase in the self-admission rate of nearly 27 percent, indicate underutilized production capacity, according to the CAR study. With an improvement is expected in the coming months, because with the Corona-crisis, the European consumer purchasing power will be withdrawn, said Dudenhöffer. the He expected also for the coming months with increasing discounts for new cars . A "return to normalcy" was not at all recognizable.

The "tax-money-Bazooka" is full

loaded with The consequences of this "new normal" could make the car industry and this is partly dependent on the German economy however, new problems:

  • The massive discounts are only a "tax-money-Bazooka" possible , with which all electric cars will be subsidised. This means: Up to 9000 euros (of which 6000 of taxpayers has to contribute) to Purchase, loss of tax revenue due to tax advantages for electric - and Hybrid-car service, as well as the fact that electric car-driving owner of a quasi "black". Because you do not use the road infrastructure, with numbers, but by the abolition of the Vehicle tax for Stromer. Germany runs on two parallel problems: A growing dependence on subsidies with a corresponding habituation effect and in the medium to long-term financing problem of the infrastructure. The Federal government wants to fill the impending gap in the coming years by the third CO2 tax (according to the Eco-tax and CO2-share of motor Vehicle tax), the more expensive ab 2021 Refueling of Diesel and petrol. But this is especially true of the average earners and low income earners, are still reliant on the car, while electric-car buyers are likely to be better earners. It is, therefore, a measure of the likely social have an undesirable effect.
  • electric cars in spite of the growing sale of only a part of the market to pay cover, worry about some of the politicians already in a crash, other segments of the market. "It might be an idea to recycle cars with poor CO2 values in more climate-friendly vehicles," said Union candidate for Chancellor in spe Markus Söder, the other day in an Interview with the "editors' network Germany". Under the somewhat bulky formulated premium for the "Recycle in more climate-friendly vehicles could" hide an environmental premium for economical gasoline and diesel vehicles, or a new car scrappage scheme . Which would then be linked to the scrapping of old vehicles that have either high emissions or high, as we know, the gasoline consumption projected CO2 values. The Problem is that scrappage schemes can boost car sales and thus the economy. They ultimately lead to Anticipatory but to effects. While the scrappage scheme softening in 2009, a relatively short-term downturn, would not be sufficient, a new premium of this type in the expected long-term recession as a result of the Corona-measures may, in order to bridge the dry spell. Nio share price goes through the ceiling - the first Test of the electric SUV ES6 shows, why FOCUS Online/Wochit Nio share price goes through the ceiling - the first Test of the electric SUV ES6 shows why
the car industry is expanding as a job engine

The car industry as a major job Creator in the country after a few fat years anyway before a completely different Situation. This applies to the manufacturer as well as for trade. With declining Numbers in all three business segments (new cars, Used, Service) would be exposed to car dealerships and workshops in this year, writes the magazine "Car business". "Even if our workshops are now up to the end of the year, full-throttle, we can see the Lockdown is caused by residues of not more catch-up", describes Jürgen Karpinski the Situation. He is President of the Central Association German motor vehicle trade (ZDK). The Association expects for 2020, with a decline in the number of car registrations, up 22 percent. CAR the average age of German cars is increasing to almost 10 years.

buy Now, or wait and see?

For car buyers, the Situation is currently not as easy as it might appear at first sight. In principle, the following applies: electric cars are likely to be so fast not cheaper, here, you can access . But who wants to take advantage of the high electric premiums, is slowed down by some very long delivery times. When purchasing a gasoline or diesel fuel is still a purchase in the year 2020 is to be recommended in principle, because in 2021 the Car tax for most of the new cars is greatly increased. However, it is difficult, the best time of rewarming. Because of the upcoming bankruptcy wave could fuel price drop and discounts in principle. Massive rain: the threat Where the start of the week Floods, Massive rain PCP: the threat Where the start of the week Floods

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Date Of Update: 03 August 2020, 08:27