Augsburg: police use of escalating shots to drunken net-shoplifter (19) | Augsburg

On Friday evening (19. June) there was a police operation in Augsburg. In a net-branch conservation officers shot a thief in a shop. The police confirmed the u

Augsburg: police use of escalating shots to drunken net-shoplifter (19) | Augsburg

On Friday evening (19. June) there was a police operation in Augsburg. In a net-branch conservation officers shot a thief in a shop.

The police confirmed the use of a firearm during an operation in Augsburg, Germany. Six shots met a thief with a knife-armed download. The seriously injured 19-Year-old had previously made a fire.

Update 21. June, 18.19 PM: New Details in Augsburg were now known. It was a seemingly harmless bet that ended with two police officers fired on a suspected shoplifter and him with three shots in a battle set. On Friday evening, shortly before 19 o'clock, was entered into the call the police . A store detective would have made a thief that is acting aggressive. A few minutes later, the police patrol at the net-store at the Augsburg's Royal square.

The officials wanted the 19-Year-olds arrested, but threatened the police officers with a knife . The officials decided to call for reinforcements. The young man himself was by this time in a windowless side room of the super market. the customers or employees of the discounter, he could not compromise this time.

"Because it was now urgent to enter the room"

Suddenly, smoke poured out of the room. The man had started a fire. "Since it was now urgently necessary to enter the room," said a spokesman for the police in Augsburg. the and Again resisted the 19-Year-old the arrest. What happened in the room exactly, is still unclear. The Augsburg public prosecution office wanted to make this information. Sure is at the present time, only that both police attacked officials of their gun, and a total of six shots duties. Three of them met the 19-Year-old and injured him severely. Currently, the man in the Augsburg hospital is treated. He is not in danger of life.

In the case of the 19-Year-old, according to police a German without a migration background. The prosecution yesterday requested a warrant of arrest against him, among other things, for attempted manslaughter. As soon as it let its state of health, he was transferred to a prison, said the police spokesman.

Augsburg: a Young man was under the influence of alcohol

when committing The crime the young man was, apparently, intoxicated . According to the Reports of local media, the 19 runs-Year-old on a regular basis in the alcohol and drugs , which meets at the Royal square. If he's already noticed, due to previous offences, has not communicated to the police so far.

According to prosecutors, the two police officers shot in self-defense. There is no evidence for a unlawful use of firearms . Nevertheless, the sequence of events is reviewed now by the Bavarian state office of criminal investigation. This is in cases where police officers use of your shot gun, the usual procedure.

Beatrice Ossberger

Augsburg police shoot at shoplifter, is seriously injured

Update 21. June, 14.25 PM: The shots the police a 19-year-old alleged thief in Augsburg, Germany, download police have been reported to the public Prosecutor's office as a self-defense classified. There is, from the perspective of the Augsburg Prosecutor's office no evidence that the weapons are unlawful been used, it said on Sunday.

were made of two police officers six shots . Three of the shots hit the with a knife armed 19-Year-old, after he slumped on Friday evening in a supermarket in Augsburg. The exact sequence of events will be determined, police said.

The 19-Year-old was injured on Friday night in a hospital. Once his health permits, he should come to in a prison: A warrant is the particulars according to, among other things, for attempted manslaughter.

use in Augsburg, Germany escalates: police shoots on net-shoplifter (19)

Update 23.15: New background to the police use, it has now been given a police spokesman price. The spokesman reported that the store had become a thief, after he has been caught red-handed, "aggressive".

the one with The knife armed man had threatened the established police officers.

This would have been pulled down, called for support and the man temporarily in a room at the super market locked up.

the investigation into The armed shoplifting has taken the criminal investigation Department in Augsburg . The investigation into the police use of firearms is conducted, as usual in such cases, the Bavarian state office of criminal investigation .

On Friday evening shots* also fell in Ingolstadt. A man died after it had come up in an Internet café to the dispute.

Augsburg: shoplifter shot - He is seriously injured in hospital

Update 21.50 at: for more Details of the operation in Augsburg, Germany, are known Now. A police spokesman said that a 19-Year-old after a shoplifting fire in a room at the super market wanted to put. The young man who had a knife, had previously been a theft in a room at the super market brought to get caught. In the meantime, the police have been notified. The young man was so in custody, as he zündelte.

"With this arrest, it came to the use of a firearm" , said the police spokesman. After the shot the 19-Year-old seriously injured in a hospital. How many shots were fired, is not currently known.

A large contingent of firefighters and police at the Royal square in the use of Public transport has been redirected was.

In Stuttgart, it is in the night to Sunday (21. Come to June 2020) are also violent riots. Several small groups fought street battles with the police. The Situation got out of control.

police use in Augsburg escalated: It was originally, apparently, a net-shoplifting

Augsburg - much is unclear. What is certain is that Currently, there are at Augsburg, Royal court a major police operation. On Twitter, the police informed that it was coming to an arson to a police use of firearms. A danger to the population does not exist but.

The Augsburger Allgemeine wants to know more, according to a police escalated the use against a suspected shoplifter in a net branch . The alleged thief had been questioned by the store detective. Then he had barricaded himself and a fire laid. The Suspect is said to have been shot by the police shot. About his state of health, nothing is currently known.

Video on the topic of shoplifting caught red-handed: caught In the act! - Dedektive in use

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Updated Date: 22 June 2020, 20:34

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