Slaughterhouse-fight Hard but fair: parish priest compares Clemens Tönnies with a slave driver

more Than 1,500 infected meat workers, there are now in the battle of entrepreneurs Tönnies. The currently largest Corona outbreak in Europe, the world reported

Slaughterhouse-fight Hard but fair: parish priest compares Clemens Tönnies with a slave driver

more Than 1,500 infected meat workers, there are now in the battle of entrepreneurs Tönnies. The currently largest Corona outbreak in Europe, the world reported. And what is the competent state of North Rhine says-Westphalian Prime Minister, Armin Laschet? "There is no significant Jump" in the General population. The affected district of Gütersloh remains of a regional Lockdown for the time being, spared.

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Three times, Frank Plasberg had the statement of the Prime Minister to import. Three times the cautionary Subtext was not hard to miss. And if there is still Karl Lauterbach, who continued his talk-show-Heavy-Rotation on Monday evening at the "Hard but fair" to continue. "Probably the Virus is for four, six, eight weeks in the Region on the road", was the SPD-health expert to its reputation as a top national Corona-doubter alike. "It would be a Surprise if it had not jumped heavily on the population."

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on The question of equality - "mass disease, in the meat factory is a danger for the whole country?" - was tackled right at the beginning. "There is no clear line," attacked Lauterbach, from his point of view, again, hesitant to Act, Armin laschet's. "We run the risk of losing a crucial week." He had spoken recently with many colleagues, reiterated the in the Bundestag seated epidemiologist, his Lockdown requirement for the district of Gütersloh. "No one has said, so you can have the hand." Infected people from the Region would soon be in Germany on vacation, "may be a new pandemic-cooker to develop". Later in the show, it was announced that from Gütersloh stem-end tourists to the island of Usedom, recently, the departure was forced.

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Armin Laschet could not defend against the criticism made in the absence of presence in the ARD Studio. After all, he was represented by a member of the government, the North Rhine-Westphalian health mini animal, Karl-Josef Laumann. In Heinsberg-hardened CDU politician described his new crisis management so convincingly determined, that there has been a credit to the one who is absent NRW-land-in-chief already at a disadvantage. In Laumann, a regular "Tough but fair"-a guest, not believed Frank Plasberg attitude and line to recognize, to the Prime Minister, however.

"Mr Laschet has the Problem that he reacts very emotionally to big problems", was also the Journalist, Michael Bröcker, the CDU-Chairman-seekers with a damning criminal record. "It will not work for him as a stringent strategy." In the case of Tönnies was now "to be the case, it is his state," said former editor-in-chief of the "Rheinische Post". Laschet will be the measure "of it now, if he brings Germany back into a difficult Situation or not".

That it had ever such a precarious position is, condemned the Green parliamentary group boss in "Hard but fair" to be sharp. Since the outbreak at the Coesfeld company West meat, you know how dangerous slaughterhouses for the infection were to happen, reminded, Katrin Göring-Eckardt. "I would not expect Mr Tönnies that he was only waiting until something happens. And I would have expected the state government that they are testing by. We have lost valuable time."

WDR / ARD tele-show, "You can't wait that long, until the people you drop - whether it be with Corona or without the"

The mentioned "Mr Tönnies", was meant, of course, the shareholders and currently in quarantine slaughterhouse-Patron Clemens Tönnies, shone like Laschet with absence, but had also a sort of Deputy in the ARD Studio. Christian von Boetticher stepped up as Vice-Chairman of the Federal Association of the German food industry (BVE), but also as a producer of a food product against the even Green-Mrs Göring-Eckhart, nothing can claim to be: oatmeal. The pillory the battle industry, he jumped in a way, indirectly, as it is effective to the side. Considerably more eloquent than the meat lobbyist, the experienced two weeks ago when Plasberg its medial Waterloo, tried flakes manufacturer of Boetticher to obscure the question of culpability to great effect.

How could it, that the 1,500 workers of a single battle operation with the Coronavirus have been infected? Maybe the health authorities were to blame. Would have to get to the ventilation of this measure may well be the disease-causing aerosols are widely used at all sites in the production. "Mr. Lauterbach will be able to confirm." Could not Mr. Lauterbach. Mr von Boetticher tried it again in a different way: "One really annoys me: the rod is broken about things that are completely unproven, namely that the working conditions are responsible for the outbreak."

The lobbyist should annoy shortly after that, much more. As if on cue, "working conditions" to be turned on Frank Plasberg in the Lengerich parish priest Peter Kosen, the some of the from Bulgaria and Romania, the factory has workers of the slaughterhouses for years. The spiritual raised to a wrath of the sermon that had washed up. The system of Exploitation, which have established the slaughter industry, know a lot of profiteers, but a lot more people would suffer. "The cheap Sausage on the expensive Grill has very high costs."

What do changing sub-contractors with the already poorly paid workers from the East, sneers, quite obviously, any work ethics. There will already be charged 250 euros "rent" for a mattress that is used by multiple people in shifts, reported to the pastor. Even travel money is a means to draw workers to the hard-earned wage Dumping right back out of the bag. That in front of television cameras, of all things Clemens Tönnies swings open to the reformation of his own industry, is Peter Kosen, very bad: "You can't fight with the Mafia the Mafia, you can't talk to Criminals about more legal certainty. The slaves are the victims, the slave drivers are the culprit. It takes, at this point, the prohibition of contracts for work and services. You can't wait that long, until the people you drop - whether it be with Corona or without." A truly peppermint word for Monday - hallelujah!

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While CDU Minister Laumann looked through the descriptions of the priest in a matter of the heart confirmed ("the prohibition of contracts for work must come"), swung food lobbyist of Boetticher for a counter-attack. But not for reasons of content, but for the sake of word choice. "Either there is a Nazi comparison or a slavery comparison. That is not so!", he forbade the clergy to the mouth. You speak about Bulgarians, who sought a voluntary basis, in the framework of the EU-free movement of employment. "And the Lord Pastor comes with a slavery comparison. I'm so against the grain!"

"The Reverend" was the outburst of anger, however, at least not visible - to bring out the rest. "People say: We feel like slaves", he knew to report new switched from talking. A worker gave him gesaagt: "I have to work in Germany so hard, I would have known, But I am humiliated, I didn't know."

So the political reform sounds need. Frank Plasberg will pursue further efforts in the matter but probably in the holidays, instead of in the Studio. The "Hard but fair"host passed as the last ARD-political-Talker to Sandra Maischberger and Anne Will break in the summer.

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